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Why Do French Bulldogs Howl?

Why Do French Bulldogs Howl?

If you own a French Bulldog, you almost certainly have had the experience of hearing the unmistakable sound of your Frenchie attempting to howl. So, why does your French Bulldog howl?

While French Bulldogs can howl, their howl is much different than other dogs, like German Shepherds, whose howl can resemble that of a wolf. Nonetheless, Frenchies howl and will howl for the same reason as other dogs. These reasons can include separation anxiety, excitement, or an attempt to communicate with their owner.

Continue reading to learn more regarding why French Bulldogs howl, whether French Bulldogs are more prone to howling than other dog breeds, how to prevent your French Bulldog from howling and more.

Why Do French Bulldogs Howl?

French bulldogs are one of the world’s oddest and most attractive breeds. Many people adore them, whether it’s because of their appearance or their farts. However, many things might cause French Bulldogs to howl or scream. 

The good news is that this noise usually indicates that your Frenchie is excited. However, howling can occasionally signal a wish to communicate with their owner, and there are occasions when a French Bulldog howls to signify something more severe.

Despite the fact that it is not particularly common, several puppy parents have expressed worry about their puppies squealing like pigs when they are small. Although there aren’t many facts available about the reasons for their Frenchies’ high-pitched howls and squeals, it’s possible that the Brachycephalic head shape and energetic temperament of the breed are to blame. 

Therefore, diagnosing the reason as to why your French Bulldog is howling is the first step to fixing the problem.

Possible Reasons Why a French Bulldogs Howls?

Howling Can Indicate Separation Anxiety in French Bulldogs

Separation anxiety is unquestionably one of the most common behavioral concerns in French Bulldogs. If they are left alone, they may create havoc in the house. When dogs that are very attached to their people are left alone, especially for extended periods of time, they get distressed and may weep or howl.

In the same way Frenchies are prone to separation anxiety, they are also prone to clinginess. They are devoted to their owners. After all, French Bulldogs were raised to be completely reliant on their owners.

Howling Can Indicate Excitement in a French Bulldog

When excited, French Bulldogs, like other dogs, can bark, howl, or scream. This excitement can be sparked by a number of things, including your return home, the presence of other dogs, or even their food.

This howling may begin as barking, but as a French Bulldog’s passion builds, they will learn to hold their bark, culminating in a continuous howl or scream in the case of the French Bulldog.

When your Frenchie accomplishes something or is delighted, it may want to brag about it in order to get attention. If you aren’t paying attention, they may howl, which is a dog’s natural way of vocal communication.

Howling Can Indicate that Your French Bulldog is Attempting to Communicate with You

A French Bulldog is both intellectual and affectionate, a combination that takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. As a result, if your dog does not receive enough mental stimulation or attention, it will begin to howl.

Your Frenchie is bored if they’re howling a lot, chewing on things they shouldn’t be chewing on, or simply acting out in general. So, now that they have nothing else to do, why wouldn’t they start getting into trouble?

Howling Can Indicate that Your French Bulldog is Sick or Injured

Howling is another way for a French Bulldog to communicate. While Frenchie howling or screaming might be irritating, it’s vital to remember that it’s a form of canine-human communication.

As a result, whether bored, aroused, hurt, or even thrilled, your French Bulldog may howl. Because howling can be an indication of sickness, it’s critical to figure out why your dog is howling so you can provide them with the best therapy available.

Will a French Bulldog Bark or Howl at Strangers?

Although French Bulldogs are great watchdogs and will alarm their owners when outsiders approach, it is not their habit to bark without reason. They can be very protective of their home and family, and some will risk their lives to protect them.

The character of French Bulldogs is territorial and protective. They’re good security dogs but not attack dogs. A Frenchie will bark and inform its owners if there is an intruder, but they will not attack the intruder. This is more than logical, given their modest stature.

Despite this, many people consider French Bulldogs to be little dogs with tremendous guarding instincts. While many are kind and polite, some have been socialized to be wary of strangers. As a result, you may teach your dog to bark when a stranger knocks on the door or when the doorbell rings. When they hear a noise or smell something they don’t recognize, many Frenchies will bark or scream.

What Does a French Bulldog Howl Sound Like?

Since French Bulldogs are brachycephalic, their howl is higher-pitched and resembles a scream when compared to other dog breeds. This practically translates to “flat-faced” French Bulldogs. As a result, they, like other breeds including Pugs, Shih Tzus, Boston Terriers, and Boxers, are prone to respiratory difficulties.

These creatures generate high-pitched howl sounds from inside their small bodies due to their Brachycephalic traits, as well as their overexcitement, anxiety, boredom, and other emotional states. If the animal is not hurt or in pain and is expressing itself through these squeals, it might be letting you know that they need your attention.

As a result, these breeds need additional care while they’re outside in the heat or cold since they can’t control their body temperature as effectively as most other breeds.

Are French Bulldogs Sad When They Howl?

Certainly not all of the time. On the other hand, a howl might suggest that your French Bulldog is unhappy, especially if they are alone or terrified, and your Frenchie is no exception. Remember that they prefer hugging and snuggling and that leaving them alone for a lengthy period of time may result in a sad howl. Not all howls, however, signal that your dog is in trouble.

What Are Some Ways to Help Prevent Your French Bulldog from Howling?

Providing Your French Bulldog with Adequate Exercise

Exercising your Frenchie might help him release his pent-up energy and stop howling. Excess energy can, regrettably, be channelled into unwanted behaviors, such as howling.

The amount of exercise required by a French bulldog is modest. They don’t demand a lot of activity, but frequent walks are required to maintain a healthy weight. Every day, take a brief, relaxing stroll. A ten- to fifteen-minute walk around the neighbourhood or a simple stroll around the block should be enough.

Giving a French bulldog puppy full freedom to play as much as possible with toys appropriate for his age is the greatest method to exercise them. Socialization is another kind of exercise for puppies since it is an excellent method for them to burn off some of that puppy energy while also learning new social skills and being socially acquainted with other people, pets, and locations.

Socializing Your French Bulldog

The most straightforward technique to keep your French Bulldog from howling at other animals is to socialize them gradually. Introduce them to other pets one at a time and praise them for good behaviour in a safe environment. If you enhance their socializing skills, they’ll learn to behave around other dogs and stop howling at them.

Resolving Any Separation Anxiety Issues in Your French Bulldog

The majority of your French Bulldog’s howling comes when you or any of your family members leave the house when they have separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can also be manifested by pacing erratically back and forth, howling, biting, screaming or simply acting out of character.

If your French Bulldog suffers from separation anxiety, talk to your vet about how you may make them feel more at peace while you’re gone. Giving your pet lots of exercise and gently promoting crate training will make them feel less stressed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, while French Bulldogs may howl, their howl is very different from that of other dogs, such as German Shepherds, whose howl can sound like a wolf. Regardless, Frenchies howl and will howl for the same reasons as other dogs do. Separation anxiety, enthusiasm, or an attempt to communicate with their owner are all possible explanations.

Despite the fact that howling is a rare occurrence, Several French Bulldog owners have voiced concern about their young puppies screaming like pigs. However, there are few details regarding what causes their Frenchies’ high-pitched cries and squeals. 

Therefore, it’s conceivable that the breed’s active nature and Brachycephalic head shape are to blame. As a result, determining the cause of your French Bulldog’s howling is the first step toward resolving the issue.

Try exercising your French Bulldog, enabling them to socialize more and resolving any separation anxiety worries they may have to keep them happy and healthy and prevent them from indulging in unpleasant behaviours like barking or howling.