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Why Do Beagles Like To Sleep Under The Covers?

Why Do Beagles Like To Sleep Under The Covers?

The beagle is an intelligent canine who sleeps under the covers as a defense mechanism. These loyal hunting dogs have roamed the wild for generations, where they have dug underground burrowed dens to hide from predators two or even three times their size. Even after domestication generations later, this behavior passes down through the beagle’s canine genes. Digging and burrowing can be seen predominantly during your beagle’s evening routine when they curl up under the covers.

Why do beagles like to sleep under the covers? Beagles like sleeping under the covers because it makes them feel safe. Being under covers is similar to the beagle’s natural burrowing instinct! Naturally, they feel safe, and they also enjoy close contact with you.

Sleeping under covers in bed is extra beneficial to your beagle bud. The contact with you while you snuggle through the night tightens your bond and makes your beagle feel safer. However, some beagles can be bed-hogs which makes their humans not want to share the bed. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to accommodate beagles, so there are no hard feelings between the two of you. 

Why Do Beagles Like to Sleep Under the Covers?

Sleeping under covers is like a safety blanket (literally) for your beagle. They feel comforted by the presence of a blanket and sleep better, knowing something is protecting them. Beagles are affectionate dogs who enjoy being loved by their humans. It is not uncommon to find them getting cuddle time. While under the covers next to their best bud, they are in the arms of a protector and someone who can give a super great belly rub!

There are several other reasons why beagles like to sleep under the covers. This intelligent and curious hunting breed has its nighttime routine down to do more than stay safe and survive through the night.

Safety – Sleeping under covers makes beagles feel safe. Covering themselves while sleeping was a behavior related to pre-domestication when beagles slept in burrowed pits they dug for themselves. These dens ensured protection from larger predators like wolves who could not enter the dens. 

Beagles are non-aggressive, medium-sized dogs that have little way to protect themselves against large predators. After becoming domesticated, beagles continue burrowing behavior by sleeping under covers and cuddling next to their human owners.  Beagle owners highly recommend purchasing fluffy hypoallergenic soft blankets your beagle can cuddle under safely. Remain aware of any root or destructive behavior that may cause your beagle to react defensively.

Bonding – Beagles love spending time with their human companions. They love to form deep connections with their humans that will last long times. When you let your beagle cuddle you at night, this makes them extra happy. It is a bonding experience that brings your dog joy. 

The more you and your beagle bond, the more your beagle will trust you. Added trust means that your beagle will be more comfortable with its environment. Not that it will take long for them to warm up! Beagles open up and form connections easily. 

Trust also means that your beagle will listen to your commands and obey you. An obedient dog creates a prosperous household and can be the foundation of a strong home. When using a dog as a medium to teach your child responsibility, an obedient dog is critical.  Beagles are known for obedience, and this valuable trait helps them learn things more easily. A dog who listens to your children and family members is more likely to create a peaceful environment.

Why Does My Beagle Sleep Between My Legs?

There are several reasons why your dog sleeps between your legs, like protection and affection. Dogs have strange habits, beagles included, and not all behavior is predictable. When your beagle cuddles up between your legs, take note of their overall body language. 

The body language they exhibit may indicate the reason why they are curling up between your legs. For instance, a beagle who gets separation anxiety around bedtime around larger dogs might be seeking comfort from you. There are many other reasons why your beagle will sleep between your legs.

Bonding – One-way beagles bond with their owners is by sleeping between their legs. Every moment you spend with your beagle, they will appreciate you more.  Similarly, you will get to appreciate them too! In time, the two of you will grow inseparable. If there is one bond you cannot break, it is the bond of the beagle and its companion.

Warmth – Beagles may cuddle between your legs for warmth because of their lack of body fat. These dogs are relatively small and love to use their human companion as additional sources of heat. In the wild, beagles slept in huddles to keep warm. The beagle is just as cunning tame as it was in its wild days, so it utilizes huddling tactics with its humans nightly.

Sense of security – An anxious beagle will seek out its human’s protection by curling up between your legs. When they prop themselves between your legs before sleeping, this may indicate that they are feeling threatened around your household.

Observe your beagle for any signs of red flags and use your instincts to find the root of the issue and provide some extra security. If the problem is your multi-pet home, find a way to alter the sleeping arrangements so everyone feels the most comfortable.

A beagle’s natural instinct is to bunker down, hide from threats and avoid being in a vulnerable position. If you do not mind your beagle cuddling between your legs, go ahead and let them continue. But still, address the underlying problem that is causing their fear for safety.

Pack Animals – Beagles are natural pack animals. Sleeping between your legs is your beagle’s pack mentality at work! Depending on when you adopted your beagle, they may have a different view of you. The differing views of you can cause them to react differently. For instance, they may cuddle close because they see you as their paternal figure.  Similarly, a beagle who has a kinship to you and sees themselves as a paternal figure may also cuddle you close. 

Is It Okay for Dogs to Sleep Under the Covers?

It is perfectly fine for dogs to sleep under covers if the dog can breathe. Beagles like to burrow by instinct. If your beagle can breathe and is kept cool enough, there is no reason to stop this behavior. Things to consider when letting dogs sleep under the covers: 

  • Avoid suffocation
  • Keep your furry friend cool
  • Consider their comfort
  • Choose hypoallergenic options

Beagles require hypoallergenic fabric choices, so they do not develop any skin conditions. Skin conditions and other health problems require treatment. 

How to Stop your Beagle from Sleeping in Your Bed

Stop your beagle from hogging your bed by providing them a bed of their own or retraining them in new sleeping behavior. Beagles are intelligent, obedient breeds who are good at learning new things.

Create a Beagle Bed – Create a beagle bed for your pup if you do not want to share the bed with them. Soft, hypoallergenic bedding is the best for your beagle because it decreases the risk of an allergic reaction.

Beagle beds are incomplete without a blanket. Find material that your dog enjoys and make them a bed to their standards. Without a blanket of their own, they will not have anywhere to tuck themselves in. Their bed should have an extra blanket readily available that you may want to visit and reset frequently.

Retrain Your Beagle – A more challenging method than creating a beagle bed is retraining your beagle. Retraining requires your beagle to be given alternative sleeping methods during bedtime. Use a reward for positive behavior when training your beagle how to sleep on their own. Pairing this training method with beagle beds is often a wonderful pair.

Finding the Solution for Sleeping Behavior – Sometimes, beagles sleep with their human companions because they feel unsafe. Get to the root cause and find what makes your beagle cuddle close to you at night. For instance, if they are cold, add something to their bed to keep them warmer.

Maybe not a  Beagle – When adopting a new pup into the family, keep in mind that beagles love cuddling, and they make great sleeping buddies. Beagles love to curl up next to their human companions and snooze. If you are uninterested in a sleeping buddy, the best way to stop a beagle from sleeping in bed with you is to avoid getting one.