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Why Do Beagles Bark So Much?

Why Do Beagles Bark So Much?

If you’ve recently brought a beagle home, you may notice they bark a lot more frequently than other breeds of dogs. Most dogs bark when there’s a knock on the door or if they need to go outside. Beagles, on the other hand, will bark over almost anything and everything. Once you get to know the beagle breed, you’ll realize this trait isn’t anything to be alarmed about. A lot of people grew up watching Snoopy believing that beagles were quiet dogs. While the famous cartoon beagle may be silent, the real dogs have a lot to bark about. 

Who do beagles break so much? Beagles are hunting dogs, so it’s their natural instinct to bark when they spot something moving. This is their way of alerting you of potential threats. Beagle barking because that’s what they are bred to do.

Alerting you of possible danger is the main reason why beagles bark a lot, but it’s not the only one. It’s no secret that beagles are more talkative than other breeds. On this page, we’re going to discuss the reasons why beagles bark a lot and what you can do to get them to bark less often.  If you’ve been wondering why beagles bark a lot, you’ve come to the right page. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about barking beagles.

Why do beagles bark so much? 

Beagles have a unique ability to control their voice, which leads them to bark and howl frequently. These dogs can bark so much that many owners believe they are just barking for the sake of making noise. One thing you should know about beagles is that they were bred as hunting dogs, which usually come in packs. It’s in their nature to howl at the other dogs in the pack. 

Your beagle dog may not have other beagles in their pack to go hunting with, but they consider you part of their pack. This means that when you’re around, they are more likely to bark frequently as a way of communicating with you. Beagles will likely bark or howl to alert you of everything from a car driving by to a neighbor walking their dog.

A beagle is likely to always alert you when someone or something has arrived on your property. (Actually, they’ll probably even alert you when someone/ something is passing by your property too.) Even if there is no danger present, they still want you to be prepared. 

Other reasons why beagles bark so much

There are many reasons why a beagle barks a lot. It’s in their genes to bark a lot, so they’re going to let you know every time they are hungry or have to go outside to relieve themselves. Some other reasons why they will bark a lot include:

  • Boredom
  • Playfulness
  • Fear
  • Displaying dominance
  • Wants attention
  • Lack of exercise
  • Strange person, animal, or object
  • Territorial barking

Why do beagles bark at night?

The main reason a beagle will bark at night is that they are bored. Beagles are very social dogs, so when they are left by themselves for several hours at a time they start to seek attention. This goes back to beagles being bred to be part of a pack. It’s in their nature to want to be around their companions. 

This is very likely to happen when the beagle is part of a one-pet household. When you and the rest of your family go to bed at night, the beagle may not be tired. If they are up and awake with nothing to do, they will start to howl in an attempt to wake someone else up. They believe this will give them someone to socialize with.

Many dog owners put their dogs in a crate at night. If you have recently started doing this with your beagle, they may be barking because they aren’t used to the crate yet. While this may keep you up throughout the night, it’s important not to cave and let the dog out. They will only continue to bark more next time you attempt to crate train them.

Why do beagles bark at other dogs?

Often dogs get stressed out when they see other dogs that they don’t recognize. Beagles are no different. If you are out on a walk with your beagle and stroll past another dog walker, there is a good chance your beagle will start howling. This is simply fear of the unknown. 

This leads people to wonder if their beagles will become aggressive with these unknown dogs they are barking at. This will depend on where your beagle is. If you and the beagle are away from your home, on a walk or at a park, then it’s very unlikely that they will become aggressive with another dog that doesn’t pose a threat. 

Once they see and sniff the other dog and realize it’s not a threat, they may even become really friendly with the new dog. However, the same can’t be said when they are on your property. Beagles are protective over the property they are familiar with and they may act aggressively if they feel like another dog is invading it. 

How do I get my beagle to stop barking?

Beagles do bark a lot, but you can train them not to bark excessively. Your beagle has an internal alarm clock and they know exactly when feeding time is. Get in the habit of feeding them at the same time each day to stop them from barking before they start.

Beagles also have a lot of energy, so you’ll need to make sure they are getting an adequate amount of exercise. Making sure they get enough exercise and playtime during the day can help to prevent excessive barking at night. However, this will only help and it won’t solve the barking problem. Here are some great tips for getting beagles to stop excess barking:

Ignore them – Beagles love attention. Every time they bark, they are trying to get your attention. Beagles don’t care if the attention is positive or negative, they will bark simply to receive it. This is why should ignore them once they start. Every time you pay attention to their constant barking, you’re giving in to what they want. 

Eliminate triggers – Are there certain things that are causing your dog to bark that could be removed or even hidden? This could be putting curtains or blinds over a window where the dog has a view of a busy street. It could even be closing the door to a room with a window facing things that cause the dog to bark. Getting rid of temptation could help them stay quiet.

Train them – It will take a lot of patience, but it is possible to train your beagle not to bark so much. This can be done by teaching them commands, such as “speak” and “quiet”. Of course, you will always have more success with the process if you use treats as motivation for the beagle. 

We recommend teaching furry friends the “speak” command first because it’s easier to follow with the “quiet” command. When teaching your beagle these commands, always look directly at them and speak in a firm voice to assert your dominance. However, you should never start to yell.

Condition beagle to the unknown – Many beagles have a fear of the unknown, which is why they bark so much. If a beagle is always confined to one area, it will bark a lot when they see new people or animals because of the unfamiliarity. This is why it’s important to take your beagle out on walks to different places and allow them to come in contact with other people and animals. 

If a beagle is used to seeing new things, they won’t be as alarmed when a random person passes by your property. While it won’t completely stop them from compulsive barking, it will condition them not to bark as much.

Final thoughts – Beagles bark a lot because it’s in their nature to alert you of anything that could be a potential threat. If something or someone new approaches, they want you to be aware. They also bark a lot because they are very social dogs. Beagles want your attention as often as they can get it, causing them to howl more than other dogs.