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What Do Cane Corsos Eat?

Big dogs often come with big appetites, and the Cane Corso is absolutely no exception. These dogs build up some hearty appetites, especially after running around in the backyard all day or going on a hike with their pet parents. To keep these giants satisfied, what do Cane Corsos eat?

Cane Corsos need a diet with a substantial amount of protein, healthy sources of fat, and some nutritious vegetables, all of which can be sourced from dry kibble. You can treat them to some wet food with their kibble on occasion, and you should limit treats and samples of human food to very little to keep their weight in check. 

Their dietary needs will differ as they get older, and there are recommended parameters for how much you should feed your Cane Corso and how often you should feed them. These guidelines can help you play an active role in your Cane Corso’s overall health. 

What Do Cane Corsos Eat?

Your Cane Corso’s diet should consist of mainly dry kibble. Dry kibble is recommended over other types of food because it’s more nutritionally dense, more satiating for your dog, and tends to have healthier ingredients. Kibble is also easy to digest for most dogs and helps to clean a dog’s teeth as they chew. 

You’ll likely be feeding your Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso quite a few treats when you’re training them, which can add up fast in terms of calories. Treats and foods outside of their daily kibble should be accounted for when adding up their daily calories, especially if you’re watching their weight. 

Your Cane Corso should also always have access to water. They should be encouraged to drink after they’ve been active so they stay hydrated. If you’re worried that your Cane Corso doesn’t drink enough water, you can mix in some wet food with their kibble to add some moisture to their meal. 

Dietary Needs Of Cane Corso

A solid source of animal-based protein is ideal for a healthy and happy Cane Corso. Since these dogs have a lot of energy they burn off through physical activity and exercise, adequate-protein will support their bodies through all of that activity. Some fat is important in their diet, but too much can lead to obesity, which you want to avoid with these big pups. 

Since Cane Corsos are known for developing issues with their joints, food with some fish or omega-3 fatty acids will help support joint health. Some dog-safe fish oil can be added to their kibble to meet this need otherwise. 

Cane Corsos are also prone to issues with gas and bloating, so avoiding foods with common allergens is ideal. This would include things like corn, soy, and wheat. If you can find a suitable kibble that doesn’t have grains, that’s recommended, but not always necessary. 

How Much Do Cane Corso Puppies Eat?

A growing Cane Corso puppy needs to be adequately fed, as they will likely have a pretty big appetite. You want to ensure their food is healthy to encourage that much-needed growth. As a puppy, they will also develop their eating habits as well as their exercise habits, so make sure you support them in eating right and keeping active. 

Whether or not you choose a puppy stage formula or all-life stage formula for kibble is really up to you. As long as you’re able to meet a growing puppy’s nutritional needs within an all-life stage kibble while feeding them enough, it doesn’t matter what you choose. Puppy food is made to make sure a puppy grows as required, so just keep that in mind. 

You might also notice that once you have your Cane Corso spayed or neutered, their appetite might change. They will likely eat a little bit less than they did before getting fixed. Not all dogs will have a noticeable change, but it’s something to be aware of so you don’t grow concerned if they don’t eat as much as before. 

You’ll have to slowly increase the amount of food your Cane Corso eats within the first two years of their life. This will ensure they eat enough for their growing bodies without feeding them too much. After about a year, you can switch to adult food. Speak with your vet for how to increase their food over their first two years appropriately for their individual health. 

How Much Do Adult Cane Corsos Eat?

Adult Cane Corsos can eat a lot of food. These big dogs have big appetites, and you’ll likely be feeding them between six and nine cups of dry kibble a day. This amount will vary depending on their caloric needs, their weight, as well as whether or not you are encouraging them to gain or lose weight with the guidance of a veterinarian. 

When measuring out your Cane Corso’s food, a good rule of thumb is to opt for 20 calories per pound. Going by calories per cup alone will make it immensely difficult to know whether or not you’re overfeeding or underfeeding your dog. Once you know the amount of calories they need based on their weight, you can measure their meals appropriately. 

It may be worth opting for a kibble made for senior dogs when your Cane Corso reaches that life stage, since they have the right nutrients to keep them healthy in their older age. They will also have less calories while sustaining their appetite so they don’t overeat and become overweight. Getting excess weight off a Cane Corso when they’re older is really difficult. 

What Shouldn’t Cane Corsos Eat?

All human foods that are generally bad for all dogs are also bad for Cane Corsos. That includes things like chocolate, caffeine, garlic and onions, fruit seeds, and tomatoes. You should always know what foods are toxic to your pet so they can’t get anywhere near them. 

Foods that have been fried or cooked in a lot of oil, have been seasoned, or have a lot of sugar aren’t good for your Cane Corso either. A little bit of this food can make them sick or give them excess gas. Foods with artificial sweeteners, additives, or overly processed chemicals shouldn’t be shared with your pup either. 

It can be hard to resist a Cane Corso’s beady eyes when they’re caught wind of what we’re eating. A little sample of your food here and there is fine, so long as it’s safe for dogs to eat. Just be cautious of how much you share with them, as human food has way more calories than a Cane Corso needs. 

Tips For Feeding Cane Corso

Navigating through all the choices of dog food can be very overwhelming. For Cane Corsos, you should look for a kibble that’s made specifically for large dogs. This will ensure they’re able to meet their caloric needs for enough energy, while also supporting the unique health needs of a big dog. That said, a regular kibble with adequate nutrients is fine if it’s what they like. 

You should split up their daily amount of kibble into at least two meals a day. Feeding them only once, even if you fill their bowl with enough food, can cause them to overeat and likely won’t satisfy them for the entire day. Two feeds, one in the morning and one in the evening, is standard, but you may have to be flexible depending on your particular dog. 

If you notice your Cane Corso gobbles up their food way too fast, you may want to try splitting up their meals into smaller amounts more frequently. If they eat too fast, they can get gassy and bloated which can be very uncomfortable for them. Feeders that encourage slower eating may also help with this issue. 

Dietary Concerns For Cane Corso

As mentioned, Cane Corsos can have issues with bloating. You should monitor the frequency of their bloating and gas, as you want to ensure it doesn’t lead to a health issue down the line. This might also mean you should have a chat with their vet to discuss sensitive stomach foods or prescription diets that won’t bother their stomachs as much. 

Too much calcium isn’t ideal for a Cane Corso’s diet either. A little bit of calcium is fine to support dental and bone health, but an overabundance can actually have a counterintuitive impact on a Cane Corso’s fragile joints. 

Final Thoughts 

As to be expected with any large dog, Cane Corsos enjoy their food. But what do Cane Corsos eat? This might vary with age, but generally speaking, dry kibble with healthy sources of protein, essential vitamins, and fats is the best option for Cane Corsos. 

Feeding a big dog as a Cane Corso comes with its challenges, as you want to find a balance between feeding them enough to keep them happy and keeping their health a top priority. Occasional treats are fine but should be monitored. Along with proper exercise and quality foods, your Cane Corso will grow into a strong, happy, healthy dog.