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How to Stop Whippet From Biting?

How to Stop Whippet From Biting?

Whippets puppies are very sweet and friendly, but they have an awful habit of biting and nipping people. While these bites aren’t malicious, they are still pesky and lead owners to wonder how to stop Whippet from biting.

A Whippet puppy does like to bite, but this habit can be stopped once you know why the dog is biting. Some of the easiest ways to get a Whippet to stop biting are to redirect the bite or practice social withdrawal. Since these bites typically aren’t out of spite, it’s easy to make them stop.

While a Whippet may be a lovely dog, its bites aren’t so much. On this page, we’re going to give you some insight as to why your Whippet puppy is biting at you and some great tips on how to get them to stop. Keep reading to learn more.

Why is My Whippet Biting?

Before we discuss how to stop Whippet from biting, we should discuss why they are biting. For the most part, it will be Whippet puppies that bite. As the Whippet ages, it will grow out of this habit. While most adult Whippets don’t bite, one that hasn’t been trained properly could still take a nip at someone.

Every Whippet will have a different reason for its bites. Knowing why they are biting is important because it will help you find the right solution to get them to stop. These are some of the main reasons why a Whippet dog will bite.

Whippet Puppy is Teething

A Whippet puppy will typically begin teething at 3 to 6 months in age. During this stage of their life, the dog goes through a lot of changes. Teething is a new and uncomfortable feeling for them.

The Whippet is likely to start biting and chewing at what’s in reach as a way to relieve the discomfort. If your hand is nearby, it will seem like the perfect solution for your puppy.

The Whippet is Learning

Dogs and humans are different in the sense that if a human wants to learn about something, they will touch it with their hands. A dog will use its mouth. As a Whippet puppy develops, it will become more curious about its surroundings and the world. During this stage, you may notice the Whippet biting at more than just your hand. 

Biting also helps Whippet puppies learn about limits. When your Whippet reaches this stage, it’s very important that you begin training them. This will prevent them from continuing the habit of biting at people. A young Whippet isn’t aware that its bite could be causing pain.

The Whippet Wants Attention

Whippets would be happy if they received attention from their owners all day every day. As many Whippet owners know, there is no bad time to give these dogs attention. When a Whippet wants attention from its owner, it will use measures that it knows work. The dog knows if it bites or nips at you, it will receive attention. 

This is a habit you as the owner can stop from the start. When your Whippet is nipping for attention, don’t give it to them. It won’t bite if it knows biting isn’t going to give them the results it wants.

The Whippet is Overly Excited

Young Whippets are likely to bite if they are overly excited. This is because they still aren’t fully in control of their emotions. If your Whippet puppy is having a really good time and there is a lot happening, it will have a lot of built-up energy. The dog is likely to start quickly nipping and biting at you as it releases some of this energy.

The Whippet is Being Protective

Older Whippets that are properly trained will only bite if they have a valid reason. A Whippet may be quite territorial at times, so will bite if they are protecting or guarding something. Whippets can become protective of people, areas, and their food. If another animal or person they aren’t familiar with comes in contact with something the dog is guarding, it may bite at them.

The Whippet is Hurt

An injured Whippet is more likely to bite or nip at someone. This is the dog’s instinct when it is scared or hurt. It’s strongly recommended never to approach an injured dog for this very reason. 

The Whippet Just Wants To Play

A Whippet who is being playful may gently nip at you. These bites are harmless and generally just enough to touch your skin and let you know the Whippet is there. Dogs use their mouths for playing, so a Whippet touching you with its teeth to signal playtime isn’t much different than a child touching you with their hands.

How to Stop Whippet From Biting

Some Whippets bites are friendly while others aren’t so much. Biting is a habit that you don’t want any dog to have, especially if they redirect those bites towards others. The first step is determining why the Whippet is biting. Once you know the reason, you can use any of the following tips to get the dog to stop.

Keep Chew Toys Handy

One of the most effective solutions to getting a Whippet to stop biting you is to redirect its bite. Dogs have the urge to bite, but it is not comfortable when it’s your hand they are chewing on. Redirecting the dog’s bite to a chew toy is a win-win situation. The Whippet can continue releasing energy through biting and they will have an appropriate object to chew on.

Social Withdrawal

In order to stop the dog from biting, you will need to show it that biting bothers you. Never use physical punishment with a Whippet because they can become scared of you. You should also refrain from yelling at the dog, as it won’t understand. The best thing to do is temporarily leave the situation. 

How this works is, if you are petting your Whippet or playing with it and then get a bite, leave the room. Do this calmly so you don’t frighten the puppy. Return after a couple of minutes and return the game. If the Whippet bites again, do the same thing.

It may take a few times for the Whippet to catch on. However, every time you leave the room, the fun stops. Eventually, they will associate the biting with the fun stopping. This helps the dog realize it shouldn’t bite.

The Whippet Needs More Activity

A busy Whippet is less likely to bite. Biting is a destructive habit, and Whippets who are destructive usually aren’t having their needs met. If your Whippet is getting enough physical activity and has toys for entertainment, they won’t feel the need to bite. 

Keep in mind, Whippets are intelligent dogs. They do need toys that provide mental stimulation and challenges. Some dog owners set up games outdoors to keep their Whippet entertained. Whippets also enjoy spending time with people, so make sure you play with your dog and take it for long walks. 

With enough physical activity, your Whippet will be very relaxed indoors. It won’t feel the urge to all of a sudden bite at you.

Whippets Need Time With Other Dogs

Sometimes dogs just need to bite. While it may bother you, it won’t bother other dogs. Whippets and other breeds know their limits which prevents them from hurting each other. Dogs enjoy play-fighting, so allowing your Whippet to have playdates with other dogs will let them get this out of its system.

Whippet puppies who don’t get to play fight with other dogs are more likely to develop a habit of biting at humans. This is why it’s important to make doggy playdates early on. 

Be Consistent With Training

When you’re training a Whippet, you need to be consistent so it learns. It’s recommended to teach them a drill command word, such as no or stop. Use this word in a strict tone when training the Whippet. Every time it bites at you uses the same drill command word. 

Don’t pick and chose the times you use a drill command or else the dog will have a difficult time learning. Being consistent is one of the most important parts of training.

Seek Help

Some dogs are more active than others. If your Whippet won’t stop biting, you may need expert help. Dog training classes are an excellent start. Additionally, you can also ask the vet for advice. 

Final Thoughts

Are you curious how to stop Whippet from biting? Generally, only Whippet puppies bite at people, so your dog should grow out of this phase. As long as it has been trained, an adult Whippet won’t bite at people. If you do have a dog that likes to nip, you should try to redirect the bite. 

It’s also important to make sure your Whippet is getting enough activity. The dog may start biting as a way to release energy, so making sure it gets time to run and play will prevent the biting. Knowing why your Whippet is biting makes it easier to find the right solution.