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How To Stop Rottweilers From Barking? 

How To Stop Rottweilers From Barking? 

Despite being perfect guard dogs, perception can lead to dogs barking uncontrollably. In such a situation, how can one stop dogs, particularly Rottweilers, from barking?

The easiest way to stop Rottweilers from barking is by telling them to “stop” and rewarding them with a treat once they do. This reward mechanism is the most effective method to get the dog to quiet down and obey. 

Even though some reasons for the barks are boredom and separation anxiety, the barks usually are to alert their owner. Read on to know more about the Rottweiler’s bark, including the do’s and don’ts of taking care of them in disturbing situations.

How To Stop Rottweilers From Barking? 

Simple positive steps exist in your quest to learn how to stop Rottweilers from barking. The do’s include: 

Develop familiarity with that bothers them 

This method is based on developing familiarity and trust in the dog. In order to do this, first, identify what aspects of the day get them triggered. 

If for example, you notice your Rottweiler barks uncontrollably when they hear claps, get someone to clap from across the street. If the dog doesn’t bark, give them a treat, then try to get the claps to come closer to your dog. Each time they don’t bark, reward them with a treat until the claps are ridden from their system as threats.

Teaching the “Quiet” command

This could be literally using the word “quiet” or some other cue word of your choice. Firstly, get them excited for something until they begin barking at you. Once this happens, use your cue word or “quiet” until they stop barking. Once they do, reward them with a treat. 

Over time, the dog will learn to associate the word with a treat, allowing you to control the barks when needed. Keep in mind this is a slow process, so be patient for the best results. 

Setting up a personal space

Rottweilers can easily develop separation anxiety, and this can lead to uncontrollable barking as mentioned above. To solve this problem, setting up a safe space for your dog is crucial. This area is small, cozy, and just for your dog to sit and relax especially when you’re away. 

Use a crate that can allow the dog to leave as per their wish. Place their favorite toys (we recommend brain teaser toys) and some blankets to allow them to feel comforted and safe. You can also install a white noise machine to help them relax if you are unavailable for a few hours.

Occupying their mouths

This is a simple way to engage your Rottweiler, or particularly their mouths when they bark. To do this, teach your dog to fetch a soft toy that they like and give them a treat once they do. Once the stimulus for uncontrollable barking sets in, command them to fetch the toy and again treat them. With a few trials, they will start associating the toy fetching as a reward mechanism and will be busy working for a treat instead of barking. 

Check their external environment 

As a dog owner, you need to keep a check out for what is actually bothering your dog. Notice why your Rottweiler barks uncontrollably during what might seem like a normal day. To keep your dog’s sanity, its best to immediately change the surrounding so as to not cause them unrest. 

If you notice your dog barking at something they see outside the window, try closing the curtains. If they hear a sound that sets them off, physically remove them from that situation and keep them in a quieter place, or turn up the TV to block the sound out. 

Ignore the Barking

If you do consider yourself a dog parent, then you must consider your Rottweiler a child of yours. Understanding the mind of a child means you’ll know sometimes the dog will bark for a little while and then stop. It’s important, though, to keep an eye on them to make sure no real danger exists.

Indulge in Training Programs

Sometimes a professional hand is what you need to solve a ton of problems. Instead of wasting time trying to find a solution while your Rottweiler goes crazy barking, seek help from those with experience. If it fits your pocket and schedule, you can hire a professional, or take part in active dog training classes. 

Sometimes a simple solution exists right in front of our eyes yet we fail to see it. Discussion helps overcome these problems quickly and peacefully.

Entertain them

Boredom can cause uncontrollable barking in dogs. Three simple tricks can help you out here:

Allow them to socialize: It’s important to familiarize your Rottweiler with other beings, particularly other humans and dogs. This works well if you start off young i.e. when your canine is a puppy. As they grow up, the thought of new people and dogs is welcomed by them instead of scaring them and setting their barking off. 

Physical exertion: since excess barking is caused by pent-up energy, physically draining this energy out in a healthy way can remove the emergence of this problem altogether. These include hiking, running, tug of war, hide and seek, and swimming. This also allows your dog to bond and experience exposure to open and fresh air. This will help them sleep well, and of course, will stop the barking as well.

How To Stop Rottweilers From Barking? What not to do!


This will do more damage than any good. When triggered, for a valid reason or not, Rottweilers tend to get aggressive and easily irritated. The last thing you want is for them to take your high-pitched belligerent counseling as a threat and attack you instead. 

Don’t give them undue attention

Sometimes uncontrollable barking is a way to get attention. If the Rottweiler gets the impression that unhealthily barking will gain them your attention, they are most likely to do it repeatedly. 

Don’t get physical with them

Even if worst comes to play, getting physical is not the solution with any pet. It makes them lose trust in you, and there exists a possibility of them attacking you in the future.

Done be physically absent for long periods

Being social animals, Rottweilers look forward to having company around. If you’re away from them for an excessive amount of time, they’ll show signs of depression and stress. Over time, these can turn into aggression that you will not be able to control. Don’t leave them on their own for more than six hours a day.

Why do Rottweilers bark uncontrollably?

The bark of a Rottweiler is caused, apart from their natural tendency, by internal needs or external threats. The most common reasons for this bark include:

Overexcitement: Socializing is something that comes naturally to dogs. When meeting new people, they tend to get over-excited and hence let it out in barks. Do remember, it takes time for this excitement level to go from zero to a hundred, so spot this rising energy and control it before it gets out of hand. 

Fear/Threat: Many canines will bark at any individual, different creatures, or articles that frightens them. This is fear-based conduct and may be easily managed by giving them comfort and physical security.

Anxiety: Particularly separation anxiety is something many dogs, of course, Rottweilers included, feel often, especially when owners are working throughout the day. This situation required professional care, and can’t be reversed instantly. 

Protective instinct: Rottweilers are personal and family protection dogs. It is natural for them to bark to scare off unfamiliar beings when seen in their zone as threats.

Territorial Threat: To a dog, their territory is theirs to keep. Even the smallest breach in their territory sets off alarms all around them. It is best to train them when it’s okay to stop, but of course, you don’t want this bark to be diminished entirely.

Excess energy: Being high-energy beings, Rottweilers can sometimes not know what to do to let out all this built-in liveliness, so they bark as a relief. A simple fix is to make your dog more physically active. 

Boredom: Rottweilers are savvy and sharp canines. They require a lot of mental excitement and development to challenge and tire their brains. Weariness is one of the fundamental drivers of many canine conduct issues including irritation barking.

Medical problem: Sudden out-of-tune barks indicate a need for medical attention. Consult your vet immediately if you Rottweilers make such sounds.

In all of these, do keep in mind the age of your dog. Mature Rottweilers usually don’t have the need to bark unnecessarily. Their young, however, are new to feelings of protection and often don’t know what to do with these new emotional states, so they instead. It is best to deal with them accordingly and train them timely.


Care and attention is the best way to stop Rottweilers to stop barking. They have emotions and demand love, like any living creature. Simple steps with patience and attention can help put your worries aside, as long as you do them safely and timely.