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How Much Exercising Do Samoyeds Need?

How Much Exercising Do Samoyeds Need?

Samoyeds are working dogs with sled pulling and herding in their heritage, so they need a lot of exercise to keep them healthy and out of trouble. When Samoyeds have too much energy or suffer from boredom, they are prone to cause problems by digging up the yard or chewing on whatever they can find.

How Much Exercising Do Samoyeds Need? Samoyeds need a minimum of two hours of exercise daily. A long walk is a great place to start and plenty of playtime with their owners and other dogs to satisfy their social needs. 

Keep reading to learn more about just how much exercise Samoyeds need depending on their age and some ideas of activities they love to help tire them out. 

How Much Exercise Do Samoyeds Need? 

Exercise is essential for a Samoyed to be healthy and entertained. Samoyeds are brilliant dogs, so it’s not only physical exercise that is crucial but also mental stimulation. 

You will want to take your Samoyed out for physical exercise for at least two hours a day. In some cases, one hour is fine, but it shouldn’t be the norm. A long walk or hike with active play with you or other dogs is a great way to start. 

How much exercise for Samoyed puppies?

Young Samoyeds need a different level of exercise as their joints and muscle are still developing. Over-exercising such as an overly strenuous walk can cause harm, so you can limit how long your puppy is engaging in physical activity.

Young Samoyeds benefit most from free play with appropriate toys. As they get older, you can introduce short walks that allow them to explore and discover new things in their environment. Keep in mind that your puppy should have the proper vaccinations before you start taking them for walks. You can always discuss it with your vet.

Are Samoyeds really active?

Samoyeds tend to be very active dogs, thanks to their breeding to be working dogs. They love training as it involves both physical and mental work, and they will happily pull weight, sleds, and engage in herding activities. Getting them a sled to pull around is an excellent way of keeping them busy and entertained. 

Can you take a Samoyed running?

Samoyeds are excellent running partners because they have impressive stamina and speeds that help them keep up with you while running. They do exceptionally well in colder climates since their thick fur coat protects them from the cold. 

However, be mindful of that fur coat when running in warm or hot climates and let them drink water and rest regularly. They are prone to heat stress, so make sure you understand the signs and avoid exercising too long in hot weather.

Best Exercises for Samoyed Dogs

Now that you know how important it is to exercise your Samoyed daily, here are some different exercise ideas that you can use to keep your dog healthy and happy. 

Daily Walks

Daily walks are so essential to keeping a Samoyed healthy. Not only do they help get rid of pent-up energy, but they also allow your dog to explore their surroundings and stimulate their minds. It’s also an excellent opportunity to bond with your Samoyed and spend some quality time with them.

Ideally, these daily walks will be somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes long. Feel free to either have one long walk or break the time into two walks to fit your schedule and personal stamina, as long as you stick to the same routine each day. 

Digging Areas

One of the behavioral issues Samoyeds have is a tendency to dig when they are bored or simply because digging is fun for them. Rather than dealing with the frustrations of finding holes all over your yard, consider making a digging area for them where they can dig as much as they like. 

You can purchase a sandbox and fill it with either sand or loose soil and then train your Samoyed to dig only there to save the rest of your yard. If you choose sand, be aware that sand gets quite hot than in direct sunlight, so you might want to put it somewhere with shade or cover it when it isn’t in use. 

There are also indoor digging options like the iDig Go if you don’t have much outdoor space or want to protect your Samoyed from hot weather conditions. These toys let you hide one of their favorite toys underneath and let them dig to try and get it. 

Playing Fetch

Fetch is a classic way of burning your dog’s energy while you get to take some resting time for yourself. Most Samoyeds love playing with balls, but you can also use a frisbee or any of their favorite toys. Be prepared to throw hundreds of times as your dog enjoys playing with you.

You can also consider an automatic ball launcher if you want to allow your Samoyed to play by themselves. Since Samoyeds are so trainable, you can efficiently train them how to use the launcher. 

Playing with Other Dogs

Samoyeds love to socialize and will want to interact with other dogs. Taking them to a dog park close by will let them play with other dogs in the area while also giving them a different environment to play in besides your backyard. This is also a great option if you have limited outdoor space. 

Running and Jugging

If you enjoy going for regular runs or jugs, then consider taking your Samoyed along with you. As already discussed above, Samoyeds have great stamina and speed, so they can keep up with you while on your runs. However, make sure you introduce this activity slowly, so they don’t over-exert themselves. 

Weight or Sled Pulling

Samoyeds love pulling sleds and other weights as it makes them feel like they are working. You will need to make sure you are using a proper weight-pulling harness to distribute the weight correctly. 

You will want to start slow and take frequent breaks before increasing how long they pull the weight or sled and how much weight they are pulling. A general rule is to keep the weight under 10% of their body weight, as this is enough to tire them out without causing injury. 

Backyard Obstacle Courses

If you have a decent-sized yard, then you might want to get your Samoyed an obstacle course. You can build your own with items in your backyard or around your house, or you can purchase agility sets online. 

However, if you have little outdoor space, you might find an obstacle course in your area. Since obstacle courses are part of dog shows, there’s a chance you might find a practice course that you can rent or get a membership for. 

Playing on the Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, you already have all you need to take your Samoyed’s exercise up a notch. Start from the bottom of the stairs with your dog beside you. Then throw a ball or other toy to the top of the stairs and tell your Samoyed to fetch. Remember to train them to decent the stairs slower than going up to avoid injury. 

If you don’t have stairs in your home, you can search for some while out on your walks, or you can use a hill to have a similar effect. Either way, you will be building up the strength of your Samoyed’s legs and burning a bunch of energy. 

Flirt Pole

If you’ve ever had a cat, then you probably know what a flirt pole is, but there’s no reason these cute toys on a string should only be for felines. Moving around in circles or running around with this toy will tap into your Samoyed’s natural prey instinct and give them plenty of mental stimulation. 

Samoyeds are very active dogs and will need at least 2 hours of daily exercise to keep them healthy and use up their energy (these dogs are not lazy). A bored Samoyed is likely to get into trouble as a way of entertaining themselves, so you will want to take them for a walk at least every day. 

There are plenty of activities that can keep your Samoyed busy but remember to participate in some of those activities as they are amiable dogs and bond closely with their owners.