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How Long Do Cane Corsos Live?

One of the hardest things about being a pet parent is knowing that our beloved animals can’t be with us forever. When you adopt a Cane Corso, you adopt a best friend who dedicates their life to you. Since you’ll likely fall in love with your new Cane Corso instantly, you might wonder, how long do Cane Corsos live?

A healthy and happy Cane Corso is able to live a fulfilled life for between 10 and 12 years. While that’s the average lifespan, dogs are known to surprise us all the time by defying the odds. Making a consistent effort to keep your Cane Corso healthy both mentally and physically, while educating yourself on potential health issues they can experience, can ensure they live the longest life possible. 

While the average lifespan of these doting companions may seem bleak, there’s hope that with your love and attention, your Cane Corso can beat those odds. 

How Long Do Cane Corsos Live?

A Cane Corso that is taken care of and showered with love can live at least ten years or more. This is a fairly short amount of time compared to some other breeds. As a big dog, a Cane Corso has a host of potential health concerns that they may experience as they age. You want to do as much as you can to prevent these problems from occurring.

Giving your dog adequate care and meeting their needs can do wonders for their health, both mentally and physically. Remaining consistent with their level of care is worth its weight in gold in terms of how it can nurture a long, fulfilling life in dogs, including your Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso

What Determines A Cane Corso’s Potential Lifespan 

There are a few facets of a dog’s life and level of care that can influence their lifespan, both positively and negatively. One such facet would be their lifestyle. A Cane Corso likes to be active through physical exercise and mental exercise. There are several ways you can implement this, but you have to be sure you have the free time to do so appropriately. 

A Cane Corso’s diet will also play an active role in their lifespan. These dogs need to eat a lot of premium, high-protein kibble made with healthy ingredients and no additives or chemicals. A Cane Corso’s stomach can also be sensitive, so understanding the ingredients of the kibble you feed them is going to be important. 

Cane Corsos are also very people-oriented. These animals have always been companions to humans, whether through working for them or being a pet. Cane Corsos aren’t right for pet parents who want a low maintenance dog that is fine to be on their own for extended periods of time. 

You also shouldn’t underestimate how much you and your family can have an impact on your dog’s lifespan. Of course, you can’t perform miracles, but dogs can be incredibly resilient when they know they are loved. 

Cane Corso Health Issues 

One major health concern for Cane Corsos is hip dysplasia. It’s not uncommon to see this in big dogs, since they put so much weight on their hips and legs to move around. You’ll be able to tell if your Cane Corso has this by the way they walk, as their hind legs will appear lame and hard to move. This is a very treatable condition, thankfully.

Cane Corsos are also susceptible to bloat, which may lead to further health issues down the line if not managed. Taking care to feed them the right food and avoid potential trigger foods can help you navigate this efficiently. A Cane Corso can develop gastric torsion, which is a dangerous condition. Diet can help prevent this to a degree. 

Some Cane Corsos can also develop epilepsy, a seizure disorder which can not be predicted or prevented. That said, making their health a priority can still be beneficial in trying to mitigate epilepsy from occurring. Some epilepsy conditions are genetic, while others are induced by infections or illness. 

There are also two eye issues that some Cane Corsos can develop. Ectropion is one, and can be detected if you notice their lower eyelids drooping. Entropion is another, where the eyelids will roll inwards. These two conditions can be very unsettling and uncomfortable for your pup. 

What Cane Corso Health Issues Are Preventable?

Dental issues are also common issues for most dogs, including Cane Corsos. You should start a dental hygiene routine with your Cane Corso early on. This needs to include frequent brushing and dental chews.

Skin issues are also common for Cane Corsos. These may not impact their physical health directly, but they can be very uncomfortable and could potentially pose a threat if not treated. Keeping your Cane Corso well groomed and giving them baths with appropriate products can help keep their skin and coat healthy. 

Keeping your Cane Corso at a healthy weight is also a priority. These dogs love eating, but they also have a solid amount of energy. Finding that balance between keeping them active and keeping them well fed comes with time, but that time is well spent. Maintaining a healthy weight can help circumvent a lot of potential health issues, especially as they get older. 

How To Care For A Cane Corso 

A Cane Corso needs a pet parent and/or human family members that will be able to dedicate time to keeping them happy and healthy. Your Cane Corso will have to undergo training and socialization, and all members of the family should be involved in this to keep them consistently well-behaved. 

Your Cane Corso would also benefit from at least two to three walks a day. They like walking in neighborhoods, but also enjoy trails, hiking, and walking on the beach. You can also play fetch or frisbee with them in an enclosed area without other dogs. Toys in the home that require them to solve puzzles or overcome obstacles can support their physical and mental health. 

You should also take the time to learn your Cane Corso’s behavior, what they like and dislike, as well as how they interact with people and things. Since dogs can’t tell us when something is wrong, we can only tell by subtle cues they give us. When you get to know your dog, you’ll be able to tell when something is abnormal. 

The Best Diet For A Healthy Cane Corso 

Diet and exercise are going to be two things that, when managed, can help give your Cane Corso a long and happy life. When it comes to a Cane Corso’s diet, quality is everything. You should be in the position that you can purchase them quality food; while not all quality food is expensive, the cheap stuff won’t work well for your Cane Corso

You should also avoid foods with ingredients that dogs are known to be sensitive to. This can include wheat, grains, beans, corn, and soy. The protein should be animal-based, and the amount of fat in their diet should be minimal but present. Having vegetables in the formula can be good, but just be sure they aren’t gas inducing vegetables like broccoli, peas, or corn. 

Ask your vet if you can include an omega-3 supplement in their meals, as this is known to be very good for Cane Corsos. They won’t need this if it’s already in their kibble. You should seek out a vet that is familiar with this breed, and other large breeds, as they should be able to give the best advice on food options for them. 

Tips For Keeping A Cane Corso Healthy 

There’s a lot you can do to keep your Cane Corso healthy when it comes to meeting their everyday needs. This includes healthcare, exercise, diet, structure, and love. Having a trustworthy vet that you can rely on for advice will go a long way as well. They can also help find health issues that you may not see so they can be detected early and dealt with. 

Some information about your Cane Corso’s lifespan could be hard to find depending on where you adopt them from. Be sure to ask as many questions you can about your Cane Corso’s parents, and any health issues they may have been known to have. This can be tough if they were raised in a shelter, but it’s worth asking. 

Final Thoughts 

Anyone who has had the honor of having a Cane Corso at home knows these dogs are dedicated, affectionate, and doting. If you’re interested in adopting one, one of your concerns could be how long do Cane Corsos live, as we want to make sure we prepare. Cane Corsos can live at least ten years, and maybe more, with the appropriate love and care. 

The Cane Corso can experience their fair share of health setbacks, some which can be prevented and treated, and some which can’t. As long as you ensure your home is suitable for their needs, you will benefit greatly from having a Cane Corso at home for as long as possible. 

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