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How Long are Whippets Pregnant For?

How Long are Whippets Pregnant For?

Whether you’re breeding or merely suspect your Whippet female is pregnant, you may be wondering how long Whippets can be pregnant?

Whippet dogs remain pregnant for the same duration as most dogs. From the time your Whippet female conceives, she should be birthing puppies within 62-48 days, unlike humans, which can take nine months. While an average litter size is approximately 6, some Whippet females can carry up to 9 or more puppies per litter. 

Continue reading to learn more regarding how long Whippets are pregnant, how many puppies a whippet can have per pregnancy, how to tell if your Whippet is pregnant, and more.

How Long are Whippets Pregnant for?

The gestation period of a Whippet is generally shorter than that of a human, lasting only about 62-64 days. However, this time frame may vary depending on when your Whippet conceives, as dogs do not always conceive right after breeding.

Fertilized eggs are typically transferred to the dog’s uterine horn during the first four weeks of pregnancy and remain there for 15-18 days. Then, throughout the first several weeks of pregnancy, fetal growth is often rapid. Surprisingly, a veterinarian may record a fetal heartbeat from your pregnant Whippet by the end of the fourth week, and by the eighth week, the embryo usually has matured into recognizable puppies.

When the third month of your Whippet’s pregnancy arrives, they’ll most likely be ready to give birth.

How Many Puppies Can a Whippet Have Per Pregnancy?

Whippet litter sizes range from 5 to 7 puppies, with an average of 6. This is a typical litter size for most dog breeds, and because whippets sometimes have lower litter sizes at first, you will need to be financially prepared to deal with this. 

This implies that, while litters are typically 5 to 7 pups, more or fewer can occur, and you should be prepared if your litter is unusually large.

While having more Whippet pups may initially result in a higher profit when selling them to new owners, it also entails more labor, time, and devotion in caring for them during their first few weeks of life.

How Can You Tell if a Whippet Female is Pregnant?

Knowing if your Whippet is pregnant can be difficult, especially for those who are experiencing dog pregnancy for the first time. A dog’s pregnancy is not like human pregnancies, which may be tested using a variety of rapid procedures. In most circumstances, you must consult a veterinarian to determine whether or not your Whippet is pregnant.

If you want healthy pups, you must be aware of whippet pregnancy indications and optimum whelping time. It is also good to note that aside from a vet examination, you can tell whether your Whippet is pregnant by the way she behaves. 

Watch for Signs of a Swollen Belly and Weight Gain in Your Female Whippet

Pregnant dogs gain weight, and their stomachs expand as their babies develop within them. An expanded abdomen is one of the most obvious signs that your dog is pregnant, especially if she hasn’t gained weight unexpectedly.

When you observe your Whippet’s big tummy, she must be many weeks into her pregnancy, which is generally around 40 days of gestation. At this stage, taking her to the vet is the best course of action.

Watch for Nipple Changes in Your Female Whippet

Teats in dogs are typically tiny, but they grow larger and deeper red when they get pregnant. The deeper red nipples indicate a strong blood flow, and they grow owing to the creation of milk for her puppies. Your Whippet’s teats may begin to leak milk in her late pregnancy days.

Watch for Appetite Changes in Your Female Whippet

Most pregnant whippets have a larger appetite than usual. However, it can also be the polar opposite, especially in pregnancy’s early or middle stages. Pregnant dogs have morning sickness at this period, so your female may lose her appetite and vomit a lot. During pregnancy, the dog’s appetite usually varies with her hormonal fluctuations.

Watch for Increased Nesting Behaviors in Your Female Whippet

Nesting behavior reflects the desire of pregnant mammals to provide a secure and pleasant environment for their forthcoming newborns. Dogs, too, have this tendency. During the latter weeks of your Whippet’s pregnancy, she may begin shedding garments and blankets to construct a nest for her babies. During this period, a pregnant whippet may become irritable and withdrawn. 

Watch for Signs of Inactivity in Your Female Whippet

When pregnant, whippets are prone to becoming sedentary and weary. If your Whippet is napping more frequently, becoming weary sooner, and acting sluggishly than on previous days, she might be pregnant.

It might be challenging to determine whether or not your dog is pregnant based on this characteristic, especially if your dog is ordinarily lethargic and enjoys resting. Instead, you may keep an eye on how quickly such dogs tire out on walks.

Watch for Signs of Panting or Pacing in Your Female Whippet

Before your dog starts pacing and panting, you’ve undoubtedly seen some early indicators that she’s pregnant. However, since a dog’s gestation time is so brief, keep in mind that pacing or panting might signal labor and the arrival of puppies. You have around 24-48 hours to prepare yourself for the new arrivals when your female Whippet starts panting or pacing.

What Are the Health Concerns to Watch Out for If Your Whippet Is Pregnant?

Health problems during pregnancy can afflict any female, although some breeds are more susceptible than others. It is, however, good to note that birthing difficulties afflict Whippets less frequently than other breeds.

However, you must be informed of the potential complications that may arise throughout pregnancy and delivery in order to give the assistance that your female requires. In the event of an emergency, it’s usually a good idea to have a veterinarian you can call at any time of day.

Your Whippet May Need a C-Section

If the mother does not pass a puppy past the regular time period, this is something to be wary of. Something is amiss if no puppy arrives after half an hour of severe contractions, the puppy may be in an uncomfortable position, and the mother is straining to get them out. 

Be aware that it could also be something more catastrophic, such as a chord wrapped around a puppy’s throat, which prevents delivery and puts the puppy’s life in danger. These situations may need a C-section.

Remain Aware of Heart Arrhythmias

An arrhythmia is a heartbeat abnormality in your Whippet. It’s possible that their heartbeat is too rapid, too sluggish, or that it skips or adds beats. Arrhythmias are caused by a change in cardiac tissue and can be caused by injury or heredity. When your dog is affected by an arrhythmia, they may feel dizzy or short of breath until the arrhythmia resolves.

Since your Whippet’s body is working tirelessly to create healthy puppies during pregnancy, their heart health can be jeopardized. Your vet can use an EKG to identify cardiac rhythms in your Whippet if you suspect it.

How To Care for A Pregnant Whippet

Taking Your Whippet for Veterinary Consultations

During a Whippet’s pregnancy, they will need to be taken to the vet on a number of occasions in order to determine that your dog is producing healthy pups. However, before you decide to breed your Whippet, take her to the vet for a prenatal examination. Before mating, your Whippet’s feces will usually be taken to see whether she has intestinal parasites or is dewormed with proper medicine.

Vaccines for your dog should be current as well. Deworming pregnant dogs between 40 days and two weeks before delivery is thought to minimize the number of hookworms and roundworms in her puppies, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Providing Proper Nutrition to Your Pregnant Whippet

A healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for a pregnant whippet to prevent obesity after.  During the last few weeks of your Whippet’s pregnancy, she’ll continue to gain weight and demand more food. It’s best to gradually increase her food intake until she’s consuming 35 percent to 50 percent more than she usually does. 

Owners should split their pregnant Whippet’s feeding times so that she gets smaller amounts of food more frequently. Large meals generally induce pain in pregnant dogs.

Is it Safe to Exercise a Pregnant Whippet?

It’s not a good idea to overwork your pregnant Whippet during the first 14 days of her pregnancy. This improves the implantation of your dog’s embryo. Your dog is safe to exercise after this period, as long as her tummy does not expand.

In her third trimester, excessive exercise and exhausting activities are not recommended for a pregnant dog. Shorter, more frequent walks are the greatest workouts at this point.

Final Thoughts

Whippet dogs, on average, stay pregnant for the same amount of time as other dogs. Unlike humans, which can take up to nine months to conceive, your Whippet female should be able to give birth to puppies between 62-48 days of conception. While the typical litter size is six puppies, some Whippet females can have litters of nine or more.

It might be tough to tell if your Whippet is pregnant, especially for individuals who are unfamiliar with canine pregnancy. Pregnancy in dogs differs from human pregnancy, and in most cases, you’ll need to contact a veterinarian to find out whether your Whippet is expecting. However, if you learn to care for and attend to your pregnant Whippet properly, it may turn into a memorable and thrilling experience.