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How Long Are Rottweilers Pregnant For?

How Long Are Rottweilers Pregnant For?

Despite our best efforts to fix our pets or keep our eye on them, they still find ways to mate. With a Rottweiler, it’s less likely that they can wander off and get pregnant, but you may bring one home that is pregnant without realizing it. Whatever the case may be, you might wonder; how long are Rottweilers pregnant for?

Rottweilers are pregnant for a period of about 63 days before they are ready to give birth. Their pregnancy cycle is split up into three trimesters, similar to how a person is pregnant. Their trimesters last for 21 days each. 

Below is everything you need to know about what to expect when your Rottweiler is expecting so you can navigate pregnancy along with them and keep them healthy throughout the process. 

How Long Are Rottweilers Pregnant For?

Rottweilers are typically pregnant for 63 days, at which point your pup will be at full term and will be ready to give birth. When a female Rottweiler reaches about six months old, they will be able to get pregnant. Around this time, they are also able to get spayed. 

Thus, if you are not in the position to take care of and raise Rottweiler puppies, it’s best to get them spayed as soon as it’s safe to. You’ll likely know when female Rotties are old enough to get pregnant. 

If they aren’t spayed, they’ll go into heat, which will usually be followed by several behavioral changes. You might notice your Rottie has more frantic energy, and she might even get her period. She will go through a few stages of heat, with a period of time where she will mate if given the opportunity. 

When your Rottweiler is in heat, be prepared for them to potentially act out should they be around other dogs. They won’t necessarily be aggressive, but they might try to give into their natural urges. Even if your Rottie is the most well-behaved dog, their training will go out the window if approached by a male dog during this time. 

What To Do If You Think Your Rottweiler Is Pregnant

If you have any suspicion that your Rottweiler could be pregnant, take them to the vet. This is the only way you’ll be able to confirm your suspicion. Then, you can make a plan and have everything necessary to take care of your Rottweiler during this time. 

Your vet can also give you some great advice about how to help your Rottweiler through the pregnancy. There are some changes you’ll likely have to make to their diet and other behavioral changes to expect. They can also walk you through how dog pregnancy works and help you develop a birth plan that will keep your Rottweiler as happy and calm as possible throughout. 

Caring For A Pregnant Rottweiler

Your goal during your Rottweiler’s pregnancy is going to be to keep them as healthy, comfortable, and happy as possible. You want to ensure you’re feeding your Rottie an adequate diet with enough nutrition for her to pass off to her offspring. 

You also want to keep her hydrated, so some healthy wet food may be good to have around in case she becomes more picky with her food. 

You should also make sure she has a soft, clean bed to rest on. She will also benefit from as much love, comfort, and pets that you can give her. Your Rottweiler will likely need to get a lot of rest, but if she feels up for walking, you should take her on some short walks to keep her active and get her some fresh air. 

Pregnancy can be tough for your Rottweiler, as it can be for humans as well. Some days, she might be moody, as her body is changing every day and this could be painful and uncomfortable for her. It’s recommended you give her some gentle massage throughout her pregnancy to help ease her pain. 

The Rottweiler’s First Trimester

It might be difficult to notice that your Rottweiler is pregnant when they are in the early stages of pregnancy. During their first trimester, they might gain some weight, but it may be hard to see. 

A Rottweiler’s appetite can change during their first trimester as well. They may either want to eat more or want to eat less. At this point in time, you want to make sure her diet has a solid amount of protein and fat, as these two components are going to help her keep her puppies healthy while also making sure she doesn’t go without adequate nutrition. 

You should follow your Rottweiler’s lead when it comes to how much or how little she wants to eat. Her appetite might fluctuate in her first trimester, as well as throughout her pregnancy. Even if you think some days she is eating too much, she won’t be a happy or healthy dog if she doesn’t get food when she wants it. 

They could be nauseous during the middle to end of their first trimester. They might occasionally throw up, so be sure they are getting enough water during this period of time so they don’t get sick. 

The Rottweiler’s Second Trimester

By the time the second trimester rolls around, you’ll possibly be aware that your Rottweiler is pregnant. However, the beginning of their second trimester is typically when pregnancy becomes more physically noticeable. That said, you might not know until this point in time. 

At this point, your vet would be able to tell whether or not your Rottweiler is pregnant through a physical exam. It’s very important that you don’t attempt to do an exam on your own. Your Rottweiler’s tummy is very fragile, and any slight mishandling could be bad for the puppies. You’ll have to remain extremely gentle with your dog during this time. 

When the second trimester is coming to an end, there will be no mistaking that your Rottie is pregnant. Their bellies will grow and their nipples will begin to change to adapt to feeding. They will also start producing milk. 

The Rottweiler’s Third Trimester 

Your vet will likely have discussed with you whether or not they’d like to examine your Rottweiler during their final semester to ensure the puppies are progressing well and mama is still doing okay. Your vet will also help you determine whether or not your Rottweiler will be able to give birth naturally or if they’ll have to have a c-section. 

Your vet can also give you advice regardless of your Rottie’s birth plan for how you should prepare at home to help care for newborn puppies. They will also help you feel confident supporting your Rottweiler through the process of giving birth, should they deem it safe to do so at home. 

Towards the end of her pregnancy, try not to leave your Rottweiler alone as much as possible. She’s going to need you to care for her and offer her comfort as much as possible. 

The Birthing Stage For Rottweilers 

When your Rottweiler is ready to give birth, you should be prepared accordingly. Follow your vet’s advice as carefully as possible. If you don’t feel comfortable guiding your Rottweiler through birth on your own, be sure you speak up at your vet’s office. If you are stressed out, your Rottweiler will be stressed out too, which isn’t a good state of mind for giving birth. 

Whether or not you get assistance during her birth, do not leave your Rottweiler with others during her birth. Your presence, as someone she trusts and relies on, will be crucial to help her get through the birth. 

The Importance Of Spaying And Neutering Your Dogs

If you don’t have the resources to freely accept as many litters as your Rottweiler can produce, you shouldn’t allow them the ability to keep reproducing. Spaying and neutering is safe, affordable, and quick, and can help to prevent so many puppies being born without homes to go to. 

Sadly, so many animals are surrendered to overcrowded shelters because they were born without a proper plan in place to take care of them. With domesticated dogs that stay indoors unless on a leash, it’s easier to prevent pregnancy before they are fixed, but things happen. 

Final Thoughts 

Pregnancy is quite the beautiful thing to watch your Rottweiler go through, though that’s not a good enough reason to allow them to freely get pregnant when they want to. It’s the responsible choice to get your dog fixed. However, if your Rottweiler does manage to get pregnant before you can get them fixed, how long are Rottweilers pregnant for? Only about two to three months. 

Caring for a pregnant dog feels overwhelming at first, but with the help of a trusted vet, you and your Rottweiler can get through the pregnancy as calmly and healthfully as possible. When you have all the tools you need in place to care for a pregnant dog and their puppies, it really is magical to experience pregnancy with your Rottweiler.