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How Long Are Cane Corsos Pregnant For?

As responsible pet parents, we all know the importance of getting our pets spayed or neutered. That said, it’s also good to know how to take care of a pregnant Cane Corso and their pups in case nature end up running its course before they become fixed. One important thing to know: how long are Cane Corsos pregnant for?

A Cane Corso is usually pregnant for just over two months or about 63 days. Their pregnancy can go quite quickly, and they will need even more love and attention to get them through this time. While you’ll likely try to stop them from getting pregnant before they have a chance to try, accidents happen, and you want to be sure you know how to handle a pregnancy. 

You shouldn’t encourage your Cane Corso to get pregnant if you don’t have the resources to care for the puppies, either through life or until they can be adopted from you. One Cane Corso is a lot to take care of; a litter can be a challenge if you’re not prepared for them. 

How Long Are Cane Corsos Pregnant For?

A Cane Corso’s gestational period is a lot shorter than a human’s. It usually takes about two months for your Cane Corso to finish their pregnancy and give birth, or about nine weeks. Some dogs, just like humans, can give birth earlier or later than the typical nine weeks. Before the nine weeks, you should have everything in place to help your Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso give birth comfortably. 

When Can Cane Corsos Get Pregnant?

When a female Cane Corso reaches ten months to a year old, she may start to experience heat. Some females will have their first heat earlier or later than what’s typical. A dog’s heat is her body’s way of preparing to become pregnant, and cannot be avoided in any other way other than having her fixed. She can safely be fixed before she gets to this age. 

Just because your Cane Corso is in heat, it doesn’t mean she’s automatically getting pregnant. Heat will attract male dogs to gravitate to your Cane Corso, which can make your Cane Corso want to try and mate with dogs she sees outside. You’ll have to monitor her behavior closely to ensure she can’t sneak off and get pregnant if that’s not what you want. 

Your Cane Corso will have a period when experiencing heat, but the bleeding won’t last for her entire period of being in heat. A typical phase of heat lasts around one to twenty one days. There’s about ten days in that period that she is more likely to get pregnant, but which ten days within that cycle isn’t guaranteed. 

How Many Puppies Do Cane Corsos Usually Have?

The average Cane Corso litter is between four to six puppies. Your vet will be able to conduct a series of exams, including physical exams, x-rays, and ultrasounds to help you keep track of how many puppies are growing in your Cane Corso’s belly. They’ll also watch how puppies progress throughout the pregnancy. 

How To Tell A Cane Corso Is Pregnant 

It’s likely going to take you some time before you notice any changes, as when your Cane Corso first gets pregnant, her hormones are the only thing that tends to change during the first few weeks. Your vet will be able to confirm the pregnancy through an ultrasound. 

There could be some changes in their energy levels that you may pick up on that make you take them to the vet, thus finding out they’re pregnant early. Their appetite could change, as could their sleeping patterns. They could show either subtle or obvious behavioral changes when they become pregnant, all depending on your particular dog. 

Once she progresses a few weeks, there are some fairly obvious physical signs that your Cane Corso is pregnant. You’ll notice that they start putting on some weight, especially around their midsection. Their nipples also tend to swell up when they become pregnant in an effort to prepare for feedings. 

How To Care For A Pregnant Cane Corso 

As soon as you suspect your Cane Corso might be pregnant, you should be booking an appointment with the vet. If they are pregnant, your vet is going to want to check up on your pup frequently to ensure she’s progressing well and everyone is healthy. They’ll also be able to update you on how many puppies your dog is having. 

You also want to be sure your Cane Corso is eating well and drinking their water. You don’t have to change their food, but you may notice she’s a little hungrier than usual. Feed her based on what she wants, as you want to avoid her eating too little and losing weight while she’s pregnant. 

Typically once she’s approaching the end of her pregnancy, you’ll have to pump up the amount of food you give her so she has appropriate nutrients to get her through birth. It may be more difficult to get her to eat, as she might be uncomfortable. You may have to implement wet food into their diet, or see what your vet suggests. 

What To Expect When Your Cane Corso Is Expecting

You should help your Cane Corso have an area set up at least a couple of weeks before she’s expected to give birth. There should be a soft space, an area for her puppies, food, water, and a puppy pad in case she’s too tired to go outside. This will assist her with her nesting, which she’ll likely want to do a couple of weeks before birth. 

When your Cane Corso is ready to give birth, you’ll want to be in the room you’ve designated for her or the area she’s chosen to nest in. You want to give her some space so she doesn’t get too nervous or feel like she doesn’t have room. She likely won’t need much help; her body knows what it’s doing.

It’s also recommended that you have a whelping box set up for the puppies. This is a box with an area low enough for them to walk through, and should have adequate space for the puppies to move around. It also needs to be big enough for your Cane Corso to fit in, as she’ll go in there when she’s taking care of her pups too. 

You can purchase these boxes or make one yourself if you’re able. You should have newspapers or puppy pads laid down in the box, so you can lift them out easily after the birth. Afterwards, you can put in soft blankets and low beds for the pups and mom to be cozy and warm. 

How To Know When Cane Corsos Are Ready For Birth 

The most accurate way to determine if your Cane Corso is ready for birth is to check their temperature with a rectal thermometer. A temperature reading below 100 degrees Fahrenheit will indicate that the puppies will be coming within the next day. If this doesn’t happen after she’s been pregnant for 70 days, call the vet to let them know in case she needs to be examined. 

Your Cane Corso will also likely be uncomfortable, and may pace around or fidget. You should offer her as much care and kindness as you can through this time. Try not to overcrowd her, but give her some occasional pets and tell her what an amazing job she’s doing. You should be there to support her and make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Each puppy will be born separately, and there’s usually a period of about 45 minutes to an hour between each puppy being born. Once all puppies are born, your Cane Corso will take over, cutting the cords and encouraging her babies to nurse after cleaning them off. If babies don’t go right to the nipple, you may have to put them there. 

Some dogs may be tired after giving birth and aren’t able to break the membrane sacs around the puppies. Be prepared with scissors in case you need to help. Keep your eye on everyone, make sure puppies nurse as soon as possible, and check mom frequently to make sure she isn’t in pain. When in doubt, call the vet. 

Final Thoughts  

If your Cane Corso manages to get pregnant, how long are Cane Corsos pregnant for? It seems like their pregnancies fly by very quickly, usually lasting just over two months. There’s a lot of preparation and extra care you will need to fit into that short time frame. You’ll also want to get her adequate veterinary care to confirm that all parties are healthy. 

It’s important to get any household pet fixed, as puppies can overburden shelter systems that are already burdened. You shouldn’t allow pups to be born without a secure home already in place. Be sure that, if you don’t get your Cane Corso fixed right away, you’re prepared to help her avoid getting pregnant, and can take care of her should something happen. 

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