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How Long Are Beagles Pregnant?

How Long Are Beagles Pregnant?

There is nothing more enjoyable than puppies, especially the overly-affectionate Beagle puppy! The joy and life these excited animals bring to your life is nothing short of beautiful. It is easy to become anxious around the third month of waiting for your new furry family member to be born. Whether you are a breeder or the parent of a pregnant pup, you are bound to be excited to bring home your new furry family member! 

How long are Beagles pregnant? Beagles are usually pregnant for roughly 63 days, give or take. When your dog goes into labor, it is common for her to display reclusive behavior, like burrowing themselves somewhere in preparation to have their pups. 

Although 63 days is the average gestation period for a Beagle, a puppy’s development is complete at 58 days. Puppies spend the remaining days traveling through the birth canal as the mother prepares for livebirth.

Keeping your Beagle in prime health is key throughout their pregnancy. Pay attention to her daily food intake, weight gain, and physical changes throughout the pregnancy. It is also important to monitor her social behavior throughout the pregnancy. It is normal for a Beagle to become more affectionate in her pregnancy. If your dog suddenly becomes affectionate, this is one sign that she might be pregnant. 

All Beagles have different lengths of pregnancies based on their size, health, and more. It is normal for the length of a dog’s pregnancy to vary. However, if you think there is something wrong, you should always take your dog to the vet for an examination.

How Long Are Beagles Pregnant For?

Beagles are pregnant for around three months, for a total of roughly 63 days. However, some Beagles have been known to go through a longer or shorter gestation period than others.

There is no definite reason why the length of a Beagle’s pregnancy varies. Several things can impact why the length of a Beagle’s pregnancy. Generally, the most common reason a Beagle may have her pups earlier is that the male Beagle’s sperm fertilized her eggs early on. Before the gestation stage, there are only a few days for the egg to implant itself.

The length of a Beagle’s pregnancy may differ for many other reasons, such as the number of puppies that the Beagle is having. Small litters that take the minimal 58 days to develop fully might be born in only 60 days if they move through the birth canal quickly.

Do Beagles Go Through Three Trimesters? 

Beagles go through three trimesters, and they are surprisingly similar to the trimesters of human pregnancy. The fetus starts with physical development until finishing its mental and psychological growth in the final trimester.

The development of Beagles is similar to many other mammals, but they are shorter. Each trimester of the Beagle’s pregnancy lasts 21 days, totaling at least 63 days of gestation.

How Do I Know If My Beagle is Pregnant?

Several signs can help identify if your Beagle is pregnant, such as morning sickness or a lack of appetite. In addition to physical symptoms, many obvious and subtle behavioral signs identify your dog is going through a maternal change.

While it is always important to phone your vet in emergencies, knowing the signs of labor can help avoid unnecessary emergency room visits. Every dog’s pregnancy is different. Recognizing the signs of pregnancy helps determine how long a Beagle has been pregnant. As a breeder or dog owner, you can use this information to track your Beagle’s expected due date.

Decreased Appetite  – When your Beagle becomes pregnant, it is common for them to lose its appetite. Appetite loss does not last for a long time. Still, it is certainly noticeable, especially if your beautiful Beagle has a large appetite! After a few weeks, your Beagle should have an increased appetite.

“Morning Sickness” – Morning sickness is a common term for a sick stomach. This term illustrates pregnancy sickness in all mammals -including humans. Despite the name, it is not limited to morning time and can happen for no reason.

Beagles will experience morning sickness in the first month of pregnancy. The constant feeling of nausea is one of the main reasons your dog has a decreased appetite. Luckily, the two symptoms go away together after a few weeks.

Unfortunately, it may appear again before labor. Look out for unexpected vomiting in the last few days of your Beagle’s trimester as an indication of labor!

Modest Weight Gain – Modest weight gain occurs most often in the second trimester (second month) of pregnancy. During this stage, Beagles accumulate an additional 20% to 50% body weight, depending on the size of the litter. The weight gain Beagles put on is directly related to the weight and size of her puppies.

The second month of pregnancy is the most critical because of the essential development of the Beagle pups inside the mom’s womb. If there is a lack of physical growth in your Beagle, stay relaxed, but you may want to reach out to your vet. Ensuring you give your Beagle enough protein is important to guarantee positive growth for your pups!

Nesting Behavior – As your Beagle prepares to birth their litter, you may notice them crafting a nest for their future puppies. The nest is often in a quiet and remote location. Sometimes, these nests can be difficult to find for owners, which makes the first few days after birth difficult if you are not monitoring your dog closely. 

If you live in a house, your dog’s nesting area will be far from high-traffic places like the living room or kitchen. She may choose somewhere like the laundry room or a closet due to the infrequent visiting and warmth.

Positive Hormone Test – The most definite sign of pregnancy in a Beagle is a positive hormone pregnancy test. This home test (which uses blood) measures the hormone relaxin, which appears during implantation. Hormone tests detect as early as 22 days after implantation. 

If you do not want to take a hormone test, several other diagnostic testing options are available to test for pregnancy.

Diagnostic Exam (X-Ray, Palpation, Ultrasound) – If you suspect that your Beagle is pregnant, the best thing to do is take them to the veterinarian. Veterinarians will perform a diagnostic pregnancy test to see if your dog is pregnant. These diagnostic exams include X-Rays, Palpation, or Ultrasounds. Typically, veterinarians recommend ultrasounds for dog owners. Meanwhile, they reserve x-rays for breeders.

Visiting a veterinarian for a consultation is highly recommended due to the advice your veterinarian can administer. If your Beagle is pregnant, your veterinarian can provide a strict diet plan to begin immediately. Veterinarians can also recommend important multivitamins and follow-up visits to continue best health practices for your Beagle!

How Many Puppies Do Beagles Have in Their First Litter?

The average litter size of a beagle is six puppies. Litter sizes vary based on the size of a female’s womb, and they tend to stay consistent even as she ages.

Just because a Beagle gives birth to small litters does not mean there is anything wrong with her. Small Beagles are incapable of carrying large litters. Similarly, dogs with larger frames are likely to have larger litters. To date, the largest known litter of Beagle pups recorded was 13 pups. 

Although it is typically normal for litter sizes to vary, a large litter can lead to dystocia. Dystocia is a birthing complication resulting from an improperly positioned fetus. Any type of birthing complication is dangerous to the survival of your Beagle and your pups. Because there are so many complications that can occur, supervising the birthing of your pups to assist in delivery is ideal.

How long are Beagles pregnant? The gestation period for a Beagle is typically around 63 days long, but the length of your Beagle’s pregnancy can vary. How quickly implantation occurs and the number of pups are major factors in how quick the female dog’s pregnancy is.

Beagles undergo a series of physical and emotional changes during the gestation period, resulting in more affectionate behavior with their owners. Mother Beagles may also get “morning sickness” during the first month of the pregnancy, a common pregnancy symptom among most mammals.

It is important to learn the signs of pregnancy so you can give your Beagle the prenatal care they need. Many studies have proved that puppies whose mothers were provided prenatal care grow up healthier and happier than those who do not. The size of your Beagle will impact the number of puppies she birth. 

The health of your dog impacts the health and well-being of her puppies. Monitor your Beagle carefully through her entire pregnancy for the best outcome.