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How Fast Can Rottweilers Run? [Answered]

How Fast Can Rottweilers Run? [Answered]

Rottweilers are dependable, loving, and hard-working dogs. Because of their working and guarding backgrounds, Rottweilers are great at many things. Some are even service dogs and military dogs as a result. That being said, Rottweilers aren’t particularly the fastest breed.

Most Rottweilers can only run between 18 and 25 mph. Although these speeds are fast in comparison to a human, they aren’t fast in comparison to other big dog breeds. Rottweilers don’t have great endurance either, but they are still super athletic and healthy.

To learn more about how fast Rottweilers can run, scroll down and keep reading.

How Fast Can Rottweilers Run?

On average, Rottweilers can run 18 to 25 mph. This speed range includes most healthy, adult, and untrained Rottweilers. Some Rottweilers may run slower or faster, depending on their health and abilities. Trained Rottweilers, for example, can almost always run faster due to their training.

It can sometimes be hard to conceptualize how fast a creature can go just by hearing the speeds. Let’s put the Rottweiler speeds into perspective to better understand how fast Rottweilers can run.

If you compare the 18 to 25 mph range to humans, the Rottweiler can run really fast. The average human can only run 5 mph. This means that most Rottweilers are at least three times faster than the average human.

Although Rottweilers are super fast in comparison to humans, this isn’t necessarily true when comparing the Rottie to other dogs. Some of the fastest breeds easily run over 25 miles per hour. German Shepherds, Greyhounds, and other species, for example, routinely run faster than the Rottweiler.

What Is The Fastest Speed A Rottweiler Can Run?

It can be difficult to find the fastest speeds for any breed. Dog speed is not necessarily kept track of in the way that human speed is. Even so, there are some races where you can track the fastest of each species. When it comes to Rottweiler specifically, the fastest speed is a little under 30 mph.

This means that well-trained, fast Rottweilers aren’t much faster than their untrained brethren. Still, 5 mph can make a huge difference in a race or emergency situation.

Are Rottweilers Faster Than Other Dogs?

Rottweilers aren’t necessarily the slowest dogs, but they are far from being the fastest dogs too. Instead, these athletic dogs are better for pulling and hard work, not running. This includes both sprinting and long-distance running.

Some examples of dogs that are faster than Rottweilers include Border Collies, Dalmatians, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Greyhounds, Poodles, and even Jack Russell Terriers. All of these breeds can run as fast as 30 mph, with the greyhound topping the list at 45 mph.

There are some dogs that are slower than Rottweilers as well. Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Pugs, and other similar breeds are almost always slower than even the slowest of Rottweilers. Bulldogs, for example, almost always run under 15 mph.

Why Are Rottweilers Slower Than Other Dogs?

Because Rottweilers are so muscular and athletic, it’s sometimes confusing to find out that this breed is slower than other dogs. However, a closer look at the dog’s anatomy further explains why this breed is not necessarily the fastest. Let’s take a look at the Rottweilers body.

Rottweilers are athletic with short legs and big muscles. Their short legs mean that they have to take more steps in order to run the same distance as a dog with longer legs. It’s the same for humans. People with shorter legs have to take more steps. Because Rottweilers have shorter strides and need to take more steps, they simply are slower than most breeds with longer legs.

At the same time, Rottweilers have very muscular builds. Although this muscular build helps Rottweilers take off faster, it means they have to carry more weight while running. This excess weight weighs the Rottweiler down while running. This is also the same in humans. The best runners are very lean but muscular, whereas bulky muscular people tend to be slower.

In comparison, fast breeds typically have deep chests, lean bodies, and long legs. Think of the Greyhound! This creates a running machine that can run at top speeds and great distances. Because Rottweilers have short legs and muscular bodies, they simply can’t run as fast as other dogs.

Can Rottweilers Run Long Distance?

Just as Rottweilers are not the fastest dogs around, they don’t have the best endurance either. In fact, Rottweilers are actually better in sprints than long-distance runs. A Rottweiler is much more likely to win a sprint than a race that requires extreme endurance.

The Rottweiler’s body is largely to blame again for its inability to run for long distances. Its short legs require more steps, which require more energy. On top of that, their heavy bodies weigh them down and make them expend even more energy on the run.

Once again, it’s probably helpful to think about human runners instead of dog runners. Human long-distance runners are very slender so that they can expend as little energy as possible while running long distances. The same is true of dogs. The less weight they weigh, the better.

Can You train Rottweilers To Run Faster?

Just like humans, Rottweilers with training can run faster and longer than Rottweilers without. If you need your Rottweiler to be a better runner, it’s your responsibility to train the dog safely. You will have to go slow to build up the dog’s strength and endurance, but the Rottweiler will eventually improve.

Start Slow

It’s best to start walking your dog at the beginning of training. This makes sure that you don’t overwork the dog too fast. Eventually, build up to a jog and then run. Increase the running time until the dog reaches its maximum limit. More than likely, you will reach your limit before the dog reaches its.

Focus On The Dog’s Health

You will also need to think about the dog’s health and diet. Keep the dog on high-quality dog food that matches its age and weight. Do not overfeed your dog and do not feed it junk food. Once you start working out with your dog more often, you will likely need to increase the amount it eats. Provide your dog with constant access to water too.

Through training and adjusting the dog’s diet, your Rottweiler should be able to build endurance so that it runs faster and longer as desired.

Watch The Dog Carefully

If you start training your dog, it is critical to watch it carefully during the training process. Overworking the dog is incredibly dangerous for its health. You want to challenge the dog without overworking it.

Pay special attention to the dog’s body. If you notice that the dog is becoming excessively thin, increase the dog’s food. While you are running, pay attention to the dog’s legs and mannerisms. If your dog appears to be limping or showing any signs of pain, don’t force it to run.

Be careful about the weather too. Rottweilers have a lot of muscles and thick fur. This can make them overheat easily. Never make the dog run in extreme temperatures, and always keep water on hand.

Simply put, listen to your dog. If your dog is refusing to run or showing signs of irritability and pain, take that message to heart. In the same way, it might be time to challenge your dog and up the activity levels if your dog is able to do the current jogs without any issues or challenges.

Do Rottweilers Like Running?

Just like any other dog, Rottweilers love being active and playing. This includes playing with the ball outside, going for walks, and a number of other outdoor activities.

Because Rottweilers love to play, most love running whenever they play. For example, Rottweilers may get the zoomies, and they will certainly chase after balls and toys when playing outside.

If you want to go running with your Rottweiler, the dog might not be as anxious to run at first. You will have to slowly introduce your Rottweiler to running in this way. Eventually, the dog will look forward to the activity because the Rottweiler gets to spend time with you and exert some of its energy in the process.

Final Thoughts

Rottweilers are athletic, hardworking dogs, but they aren’t particularly fast in comparison to other athletic breeds. Most Rottweilers can run between 18 and 25 mph, which is slightly above average when you compare the Rottweiler to other dogs.

The Rottweiler’s slow speed and short endurance are largely because of its body type. Rottweilers have short legs and muscular bodies. This makes Rottweilers great for pulling and guarding, but it slows them down when running.

Even though Rottweilers are not the best runners, they still like running, and you can train your Rottweiler to become a better runner. Train your dog by slowly integrating running into its routine. Pay attention to the dog’s health and fitness carefully to make sure your Rottie is not over-exerting itself. More than likely, it will grow to love running with you!