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How Fast Can Cane Corsos Run?

A Cane Corso is known to be a strong and agile dog, being able to keep up with their active pet parents. But how fast can Cane Corsos run?

The Cane Corso can run pretty fast; a well-trained Cane Corso can run up to 32 miles per hour. Not all Cane Corsos can run this fast, though. A working dog and/or one that has been trained to run may be able to run that fast. Otherwise, some Cane Corsos will only be able to run about 10 miles per hour, or somewhere in between. 

There are some factors that may impact how much a Cane Corso can run. Exercise is a very important part of keeping these dogs healthy for the longest time possible, as they can run into issues with their joints later in life. 

How Fast Can Cane Corsos Run?

Your Cane Corso will be able to keep at pace with you with extreme ease when you run with them. Most Cane Corsos will be able to run anywhere between 10 and 32 miles per hour. This is a dog breed that is naturally athletic and built for endurance. They are one of the fastest dog breeds, with only a few breeds being able to outrun them. 

In order for them to be able to run fast for a long time, they will have to train just like any human would have to train. Their natural ability to run fast will assist them, but they would need some encouragement to keep going. There’s also some anecdotal evidence that female Cane Corsos can run faster than males. 

Something to keep in mind is that you should train them to run alongside you at your pace, and not theirs. A Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso can easily outrun even the fastest human. You should be keeping them on a strong leash when you take them for a run with you to make sure they don’t get away. 

You also have to start off slow and increase speed as your Cane Corso gets used to running with you. Cane Corsos also aren’t ready to run right away. There’s a risk they could get injured or learn to dislike running if they are pushed to do it too soon. 

How Far Can Cane Corsos Run?

Not only are these pups very fast, but they have a solid amount of endurance. This can help them run far, though they might have to take breaks occasionally to control their body temperature and have some water. Young Cane Corsos likely won’t be able to run as far as adults can. 

Based on anecdotal evidence, a Cane Corso can comfortably run between three and five miles before they may need a break. Again, this is dependent on weather, since they can overheat when temperatures are extreme. If the weather is cool and the sun isn’t too strong, they’ll likely be able to keep running for quite a long time and make it far before they want to slow down. 

A Cane Corso’s preference is to sprint as opposed to running and running for as long as possible. Their speed is able to be seen more clearly when you watch them sprint. This doesn’t mean they can’t run far; they would just prefer not to. 

Do Cane Corsos Like To Run?

Cane Corsos like to stay active, especially when they’re young and don’t know how to focus their energy. This activity should be encouraged, and you should continue to make physical activity a priority. One such activity you can do with them is run. If you’re not a runner you can encourage them to run after a toy and fetch it for you if you have a yard. 

Running will also be enjoyable for them if they’re doing it with you. This breed is known for building strong relationships with their human families. They love being with you as much as possible, and enjoy being a part of a pet parent’s activities. Taking them with you on a run, a hike, or even a casual stroll will make your Cane Corso incredibly happy. 

While Cane Corsos can enjoy running and can run well, they are also prone to getting very hot very quickly. Be cognizant of the weather before you decide to run with them, and have some water and a bowl with you every time. 

Cane Corsos with extra weight on them may not enjoy running, and they might not be able to run for very long. They will need to lose some weight through less intense exercise and diet management before you can train them to run. They could get very sick and it could end up being very dangerous to push an overweight Cane Corso to run. 

Prepare To Train A Cane Corso To Run

There isn’t much training you’ll have to do to get them to want to run with you. Training to prepare them to run will involve ensuring you have established a relationship of trust, as well as ensuring they have a solid understanding of commands. Command training should involve having them stay and sit so you can encourage them to rest when either of you need a break. 

The best way to have your Cane Corso become a running companion is to have them run in intervals with you. This will ensure you give them the breaks they need to rehydrate and regain their composure. The last thing you want to do is make your Cane Corso sick because you’ve pushed them too far. 

Cane Corsos usually require between one and two hours of exercise per day. This can be a combination of walking, running, and play. Be sure to split up exercise so they don’t get overwhelmed or risk getting injured. These dogs benefit from a couple of walks a day at minimum, as opposed to one long walk. 

How To Train A Cane Corso To Run 

You should start off slow when training your Cane Corso to run. Start taking your pup out when they reach four months, as this is the age they’ll be ready to become socialized. They can be taught not to react to sounds, other people, and other dogs. Take them for short walks, and slowly build out how much time you take them out. This will help them build endurance. 

You’ll be able to observe how your Cane Corso is progressing with their walks as you increase the amount of time you’re out for. If you notice they get tired or hot, give them a break then head home. Keep up with walking for a couple of months, slowly increasing the length of your walk and the pace of your walk. 

Once your Cane Corso is between six and eight months old, they should be able to start running with you. Once again, start slow, and observe how they react so you know when they need a break. Slowly pick up the pace, and integrate walks in with running. They do best with intervals so they don’t overexert themselves or overheat. 

With all of this, be sure you’re implementing positive encouragement. Give your Cane Corso a lot of praise for successfully walking and running with you. Reward them with a nice treat or a dental chew once you’re home so they can positively associate physical exercise with a reward. 

Keeping A Cane Corso Healthy 

Without a solid diet that meets their nutritional requirements, a Cane Corso may not be able to run as efficiently as possible. Cane Corsos need a lot of protein in their kibble to help keep their muscles healthy and give them adequate energy. These dogs can eat a lot, and will need to eat a lot if you want them to run with you. 

With diet comes their need for mental and physical stimulation, which includes exercise and engaging activities. Your Cane Corso loves things like puzzle toys, obstacle courses, and exploring new environments with their pet parent such as trails, beaches, and natural landscapes. 

Your Cane Corso needs to remain active to keep their naturally athletic physique sustained, and so they don’t become complacent, leading to muscle weakness and low mood. Moreover, activity helps to even out a Cane Corso’s temperament. As much as these dogs enjoy laying around with you, they need exercise to balance out their lifestyle. 

Final Thoughts 

So how fast can Cane Corsos run? It’ll truly depend on the individual dog, as well as if or how they’re trained to run. Naturally, they tend to be fast runners who can run for long periods of time before needing to slow down. This is one of many reasons Cane Corsos have worked in so many industries. 

Running with a Cane Corso can be a very enjoyable experience, helping you bond with them through engaging in positive physical activity together. There’s nothing in the world that your Cane Corso loves more than being with you, regardless of how fast they can run. If they’re running with you, they’re happy.