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How Fast Can Boxers Run?

How Fast Can Boxers Run?

Boxers are athletic dogs that enjoy going for a good run. If you’re considering adopting a Boxer, one question you may have is “how fast can Boxers run?

Boxers can run very fast, with the average Boxer being able to reach a speed range of 38 to 45 miles per hour. Since these dogs have an athletic build and a lot of energy, it’s easier for them to reach a fast speed. However, every Boxer dog should be judged individually as some may have health conditions that prevent them from running fast.

If you’ve adopted a Boxer, you may be curious to know how fast the dog can run. You’ve come to the right page because we’re going to discuss how fast Boxers can run and everything else dog owners should know about their running habits. Keep reading to learn more.

How Fast Can Boxers Run?

The average Boxer dog will be able to run at top speeds of 38 to 45 miles per hour. These athletic dogs are known as one of the fastest running dog breeds. If you’ve ever seen a Boxer dog romping around or playing, you’ve likely noticed how energetic the dog is. When the dog focuses that energy on running, it can take off in a hurry.

Often, when a dog has a very strong trait that it excels that, it can be traced back to the breed’s history. Boxers are an interesting breed because they were bred for many purposes. One of the reasons people bred Boxers in ancient times was to hunt large game.

Since Boxers are very fast, they had the right level of speed and strength to catch larger animals like deer and boar. A modern-day Boxer dog typically isn’t used for hunting larger animals. Even though most Boxers these days are bred as house pets, they are still capable of running very fast.

Can You Keep Up With a Boxer?

Many Boxers are capable of running so fast that you will need a vehicle to catch up, that doesn’t mean they need to run that fast every time. If you’re an active person that likes to go out for a jog or run, or maybe looking for someone to motivate you to run more frequently, a Boxer could be a great companion for you.

One of the most important things to consider when adopting any breed of dog is to match its energy levels with your lifestyle. Boxers are athletic dogs, so they aren’t content to lay around the house all day. In fact, Boxers need at least 90 minutes of physical activity every day. 

The physical activity doesn’t have to be 90 minutes all at once. This can be broken down into several fragments of activity to keep both you and the dog happy. While your Boxer may be able to go fast, it’s just as happy to go for a nice walk as it is to go for a fast run. As long as you are exercising the Boxer, it will be happy.

Exercise is essential for a Boxer’s lifestyle. These dogs have a lot of energy that they need to release. If a Boxer doesn’t get enough activity, it will become destructive inside your home. It may also show signs of aggression or refuse to obey commands. 

Why You Should Run With Your Boxer

Running is a great form of exercise that is fun and can keep you in shape. However, running alone can be boring, so you should bring your Boxer along. Boxers love to spend time with their owners, so your pooch will be just as happy to hit the trails running by your side as it is to curl up on the sofa by your side. 

Boxers aim to impress their owners, which makes them trainable. While it will take a great deal of patience, you should be able to teach your Boxer a variety of commands. This can come in handy when you want to train your Boxer to run by your side. Boxers are capable of learning how to maintain your pace, avoid getting under your feet, and not cut across your path. 

A lot of dog owners feel safer when they bring their Boxer along for a jog or run, especially if they enjoy hitting the trail. If anything presents a danger to you, such as an aggressive animal or violent person, the Boxer will come to your defense. These dogs are very protective of their owners. They will fight to make sure you’re protected.

Is Running Safe For Boxers?

Boxers love to run and they are very good at it. However, some Boxers may be prone to health problems that can be triggered by running too often or too long of a distance. Before you make running a daily activity for your Boxer, there are some things that you should be aware of.

Boxers Need to be Fully Grown

It’s important to make sure your Boxer is fully grown before you start taking it running. When a Boxer is a puppy, its joints are still forming and growing. Since running is a repetitive activity, it can cause damage to the dog’s joints if it isn’t fully grown. 

Boxers are slow growers as well, so your boxer may not be ready for a regular running routine until it is at least 2 or 3 years old. If dog owners start running their Boxer before its body is ready, there could be problems with its joints in its adult years. Boxers that run at an early age are prone to arthritis and other joint issues.

Don’t Let Boxers Run After Eating

Boxers should not participate in any physical activity after eating. After giving your dog a meal, it’s okay to take it for a light walk but you shouldn’t allow it to run. If a Boxer runs too close to the time it has eaten, it will be at risk of gastric dilation–volvulus or bloat. If this happens, it can be very serious and the dog will need emergency medical attention.

Additionally, you shouldn’t feed a Boxer directly after running either. Always give the dog at least an hour to cool off and relax before it has a bite to eat. 

Boxers and Heat Exhaustion

When it’s hot outside, you need to be careful about taking your Boxer for a run. Boxers are a brachycephalic breed, so their short nasal structure affects how they breathe. When it’s hot and humid, the dog will have a more difficult time breathing. When Boxers are too active in the heat, they are at severe risk of heat exhaustion. 

Exercise can’t be avoided just because it’s hot out. For this reason, it’s recommended to walk the Boxer instead of allowing it to run during heatwaves. You should also try to change the exercise routine so the dog is physical during the cooler peaks of the day. Many dog owners have had success taking their do out early in the morning and later in the evening. 

If you take your dog out for a walk or playtime while the sun is out, try to find a shaded area to go to. This will help drastically as it prevents the sun from beating down on the dog. On really hot days, try to include more mental activity in the dog’s routine so it doesn’t have to move as much.

Boxers Prefer Grass and Trails

One thing a lot of dog owners don’t consider is how the ground impacts the Boxer’s run. Dogs don’t wear running shoes, so they can feel the ground beneath them.  For this reason, you should avoid taking your Boxer for a run on concrete, cement, and bitumen surfaces. It is too hard on their paws while they run and can get very hot during the day.

Your Boxer will be safer and happier when it runs on grass or a dirt trail. Grass and dirt may result in messy paws, but it won’t leave the dog’s paws hurting. Not only are grass and dirt a lot softer than concrete, but these surfaces are also cooler on the dog’s paws. This way, they aren’t uncomfortable while enjoying a run.

Final Thoughts

How fast can Boxers run? Boxers can run very fast. As long as the dog doesn’t have a medical issue or injury that slows it down, a Boxer can reach speeds between 38 and 45 miles per hour. These dogs are considered one of the fastest dog breeds in the world as they have enough energy to keep that high speed for a long distance. 

Boxers love to run, so if you adopt one of these dogs, you’ll have an excellent exercise companion. Even though Boxers love running, the activity can present some dangers. Always make sure your Boxer is physically ready for the run and that the temperature is right. Try to avoid running your Boxer dog during heatwaves and at peak times of heat during summer days.