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Do Whippets Smell?

Do Whippets Smell?

If you love being around dogs but hate the way some of them smell, you may want to consider spending more time around Whippets. One question a lot of people have is “do Whippets smell?”

Whippets make wonderful housepets and one of the several reasons why is that they don’t smell. These dogs have very short hair, which is easier to keep clean. If a Whippet is sleeping on your sofa, you don’t have to worry about any lingering odors being left behind.

Are you interested to learn more about how a Whippet smells? You’re in the right spot. Today, we’re going to discuss the odor of a Whippet and how owners can keep them clean. Keep reading to learn more.

Do Whippets Smell?

One of the advantages of owning a Whippet is that they don’t have an odor. These dogs are very low maintenance when it comes to the level of care they need. Owners don’t have to worry about keeping up with a high-maintenance grooming routine to keep their Whippets smelling good. 

Whippets don’t have an odor because they have a coat that is short and sleek. Not only is this short coat easy for owners to maintain, but it also doesn’t hold onto things, like oils or urine, that make a dog stinky. Whippets have even been mentioned on several lists as one of the least smelly dogs you could own. 

Since Whippets are practically odorless and very calm dogs, they are great housepets even in smaller places, like apartments. These dogs do tend to get cold easily, so they like to snuggle up on furniture and in blankets. While many dog owners would have to worry about the stench afterward, that’s not something a Whippet owner has to worry about. 

If your Whippet was sleeping in your bed during the day while you were out, you won’t be able to tell by smelling it.

Why Do Some Dog Breeds Smell Bad?

If you have spent time around dogs before, you’ve probably noticed that some breeds smell worse than others. This isn’t a sign of poor care from the owners. Certain breeds have heavier sebaceous gland secretion which causes them to retain more oil. The odor occurs when yeast and bacteria on the dog’s skin begin to break down the oils.

A dog with sensitive skin may have more of an odor because it is prone to skin infections from yeast and bacteria. Dogs with allergies are more likely to suffer from this issue. 

Additionally, there are some hygiene issues that can make a dog smelly. Often dogs with longer coats tend to smell bad quicker because their fur retains more oil. When a dog poops, there are oils in its anal sac that get released. With long-haired dogs, this oil can stick to the fur. 

If a dog owner doesn’t keep up with their pooch’s hygiene, it’s more likely to smell bad. Dental hygiene is very important because a dog can get tartar buildup, which has a foul odor. Another smelly thing on dogs is when they have earwax buildup. 

How Often Does A Whippet Need Bathing?

When we say Whippets are odorless, we mean it. Whippets generally only need a bath once they get dirty. While other breeds require regular bathing, most Whippets owners are able to keep them clean with a weekly brushing. Giving your Whippet a thorough brushing and wiping it down with a damp cloth once a week will keep it clean.

It is recommended to groom the Whippet every 4 to 8 weeks. This includes clipping the nails, checking the coat, skin, and anal sacs, and cleaning the ears. During the dog’s grooming, you may choose to give them shampooing as well to ensure they are thoroughly clean. 

When you do bathe a Whippet, it’s recommended to use a hypoallergenic shampoo. Whippets typically needed to get a double treatment when they get a bath that is catered to their skin type. The hypoallergenic shampoo will be the first part. Then it will be followed up with a conditioner for Whippets without skin sensitivities and a medicated shampoo for Whippets with skin sensitivities. 

Do Whippets Fart?

While body odor isn’t something you have to worry about with Whippets, they don’t smell fine all the time. When a Whippet eats something that they have trouble digesting, they may get gassy. Anyone who has been around a farting Whippet knows it doesn’t smell pleasant. 

Whippets are typically sensitive to dairy products, eggs, and food that contains corn products. It’s strongly recommended to feed your Whippet foods that contain natural ingredients and are free of chemical preservatives and fillers. 

If you notice that your Whippet has been eating food with a lot of filler, it’s recommended to switch them to a better quality food gradually. The dog’s gas will become worse if you throw out the food they are used to eating and give them new food. 

Their stomach needs to adjust to the new food, so it’s best to add small amounts to what they’re currently eating and gradually add more.

Do Whippets Have Bad Breath? 

Most Whippets don’t have bad breath. Keep in mind, it’s important that the dog’s owner ensure that it gets dental care during its grooming sessions. If the Whippet’s dental care gets ignored, then you could end up with a dog who has stinky breath. If your dog does come down with a case of stinky breath, a change in its dental hygiene is recommended.

It’s important not to let your dog’s dental hygiene go downhill because plaque or tartar can begin to build up. Not only does this make their breath smell worse, but it is also more difficult to remove. This can also present dental problems for the Whippet because plaque and tartar allow bacteria to multiply.

If dental hygiene isn’t taken care of properly, further problems could affect your dog’s dental health, such as gum disease. Too much bacteria in the mouth can also create a risk of infection. 

Why Does My Whippet Smell?

Whippets typically don’t stink, but there are occasions when one can develop a smell. There are a few reasons why a Whippet may smell foul. To figure out why and provide a solution, you will need to determine what particular area of the Whippet’s body is smelly.

For example, a Whippet that’s smelling bad because of dental issues will smell differently than a Whippet with gas. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why a Whippet may be stinky.

  • Poor dental hygiene: ensure dental care if part of its regular grooming routine to prevent bacteria from building up and creating problems in its mouth.
  • Gas: if your Whippet is eating poor quality food or a food they have trouble digesting, they will become gassy.
  • Allergies: if the Whippet has allergies, its skin may become inflamed which will give off a slight musky odor. 
  • Skin infection: if the Whippet has sensitive skin, it may get a skin infection that requires medical ointment. A skin infection may also have a musky odor. 
  • Eye drainage: allergies or spending time outdoors on windy days can lead to a buildup of mucus around the Whippet’s eyes. This can have an awful smell if the eye area is not kept clean.
  • Anal sacs: the Whippet’s anal sacs have oils that need to be released. If the dog has an infection, the anal glands may be full and need to be expressed. 
  • UTI: a urinary tract infection can make a Whippet’s urine have a stronger odor. 

What to Consider When Keeping a Whippet Clean

Whippets are typically a clean breed of dog with no odor. Most Whippet owners will only need to clean their pooch when it shows signs of being dirty. While these dogs don’t require a lot of work, there are things owners can do to make sure they don’t develop a smell. 

Other than arranging to have the dog groomed every 4 to 8 weeks, there are a few tips that Whippet owners should know to prevent smells.

  • Whippets love to be brushed and brushing at least once a week will keep them cleaned up. (Most Whippets will love being brushed more than that)
  • Brush its teeth at home 1 to 3 times a week.
  • Wipe its eyes daily to prevent buildup.
  • Clean ears regularly with a cotton pad or gauze.
  • Schedule an appointment with the vet to ensure the odor isn’t a sign of a medical problem.

Final Thoughts

Do Whippets smell? Whippets typically don’t smell and are very easy to keep clean. Whippets are odorless, but if their owners ignore their hygiene needs, they may develop a smell. However, keeping up with a Whippet’s hygiene needs are very basic and they don’t require a full bath to stay odorless.

In some cases, a Whippet may smell because it is gassy. This can usually be caused by the food they are eating. Always ensure that the Whippet is being fed good quality food and is not eating human snacks.