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Do Whippets Run Away?

Do Whippets Run Away?

Whippets were originally bred for hunting small animals, so they can run incredibly fast when chasing a target. The question that’s on every dog owner’s mind is “do Whippets run away?

If a Whippet gets loose it could run away from the area. Since Whippets are very fast dogs that are always determined to catch what they are chasing, it could be miles before the dog stops running. By this time, the owner will have no idea where their dog went.

Before you bring home a Whippet, you should be prepared for what their behavior will be like outdoors. Since Whippets are fast and smart, they are highly likely to run away when they spot a target to chase. On this page, we’re going to talk about the reasons why a Whippet will run away and how you can prevent it.

Do Whippets Run Away?

Do Whippets run away? It’s very easy for a Whippet to escape and run away because these dogs were bred for hunting small animals. If it spots a squirrel or cat, the Whippet will be tempted to go for the chase. This is no laughing matter for dog owners because these dogs can run as fast as 35 mph.

It won’t take long until a determined Whippet is completely out of sight. Whippets are very intelligent dogs, so when they set their minds on the chase they are determined to catch the target. If the Whippet hasn’t been trained to listen to commands or its determination is too strong to listen, the dog will run away.

A well-trained Whippet is also likely to run away. Even if the dog is familiar with the command “stop”, its instinct is very likely to take over. While a Whippet may obey all the commands when you are indoors, it’s a different story when they are outside and temptation is around.

In most cases, the Whippet won’t stop until it catches the target or tires out. By this time, it could be miles away from where it took off. Most breeds of dogs that run off to chase something don’t make it very far, so they can easily return home. The problem that Whippets have is that these dogs end up far away from home and end up getting lost.

Can You Prevent a Whippet From Running Away?

Teaching your Whippet commands is a very important part of its training. These dogs are very obedient and mild-tempered, which makes training them easier for owners. One area in that you will have to put in extra work is the stop command.  However, this doesn’t mean that the Whippet will obey when outdoors.

For this reason, you need to make security a priority when your Whippet is outdoors. If you are prepared before you take the Whippet outdoors, you will minimize the chances of the dog running away.

Only Allow Whippets To Play in Fenced-In Areas

If you have a Whippet dog, you’ll learn soon that it loves to play and run around outdoors. This is why they are happiest when they have an outdoor area to romp around on. If you want to let your Whippet run around outdoors unleashed, then it’s important that it has a fenced-in area to play.

Ideally, the fence should be at least 5 or 6 feet high. A higher fence is optimal because it eliminates any chances of the Whippet jumping over to chase something. Whippets are very fast and determined, so if the fence is too short, it won’t stop them from chasing a target.

One type of fence that Whippet owners should avoid is underground electric fences. Not only are the shocks cruel, but they aren’t strong enough to stop a Whippet. A Whippet’s instinct to chase is a lot stronger than the shock of an electric fence.

Always Keep Your Whippet on a Leash

Whippets love to go on long walks with their owners and visit places like the dog park. When you bring your Whippet on an outing, it’s important to keep it on a leash the entire time. Whippets are very friendly and obedient. These dogs will easily make friends with strangers and other dogs. Your Whippet’s excellent behavior may trick you into thinking it’s okay to unleash them at the park.

While you can let your Whippet interact with everyone and everything in sight, you shouldn’t allow them off the leash. Whippets have a strong sense of smell and great sight. They can spot a small animal in the park that humans wouldn’t notice is even there. In an instant, they will be off on the chase and this is how they get lost. 

Why Does My Whippet Keep Running Away?

Chasing a target is the main reason that a Whippet will have the urge to run away. However, there are several other reasons this can be happening. If your dog isn’t neutered, it may be making an escape because it has sensed a mate in the area. Sometimes dog owners have the same problems that parents of teenagers deal with.

This is a habit that’s more commonly picked up by male Whippets. When female dogs are in heat, they release pheromones and the scent will attract male dogs in the area. Your Whippet could be running off because he is attracted to that smell and wants to find the female. 

Additionally, if your Whippet isn’t being fed a balanced diet, it may escape on a hunt for food. This can happen when the owners aren’t home often and not keeping up with the dog’s needs. It will escape to go find food or water on its own. Whippets may also escape if their mental and physical needs aren’t being met. 

A bored Whippet will need a mental and physical activity or else it will become destructive. This can cause the dog to look for escape routes so it can find something to do. 

In some cases, the dog might not be bored at all. Something may have scared it, which caused it to run off on instinct. This could have been another animal, loud vehicle, fireworks, neighbors fighting, or any loud disturbance. 

How to Stop Whippets From Wanting to Run Away

Creating an enclosed area is important to stop the Whippet from running away. However, dog owners can also take steps to make sure their beloved Whippet doesn’t want to run away in the first place. While you won’t be able to erase the urge to chase down a target, you can make sure they want to stay where they are.

Physical And Mental Activity

Boredom is a reason why Whippets will attempt to run away. Whippets are low energy and are quite content to spend the majority of the day relaxing and napping. However, if they don’t get some activity in their lifestyle, they won’t be content to relax indoors. A Whippet needs at least 1 hour of physical activity every day. This doesn’t have to be all at the same time.

Since Whippets are smart dogs, they enjoy being challenged. If your Whippet has toys indoors, they will be able to find things to do while you’re out. Many pet stores have dog toys that stimulate their minds. If your Whippet has the right toys, they will not get bored at home.

Balanced Diet

New Whippet owners are often skeptical about how much they should feed their dogs. Whippets have very slender frames and don’t hold extra weight well. For this reason, it’s very important not to overfeed a Whippet dog. A full-grown Whippet should have between 1 and 1.5 cups of food each day.

It’s important to feed your Whippet high-quality food that features lean protein. Whippets should eat multiple times a day. Instead of starting the day off by putting the entire 1 or 1.5 cups of food in its dish, split this into portions. Your Whippet will get too hungry if it only eats once a day. Instead, break it into 3 separate portions. 

Show Affection

If a Whippet feels rejected by its owner, it will be tempted to run away. Make sure you greet your Whippet when they greet you, especially if you have been gone for the day. Whippets love to cuddle and show affection, but they feel insecure if their owners don’t give it back. By showing your Whippet affection, it will know you love them.

Limit Escape Routes

One of the easiest ways to prevent your Whippet from running away is by making sure there aren’t any escape routes. Do an inspection of your home and property to see where your Whippet is escaping from. When you know where they are escaping from, you will be able to find a way to stop it.

Final Thoughts

Do Whippets run away? Whippets are very fast dogs who love to chase. This instinct can take over any training they have received, so it’s very easy for a Whippet to run away. Additionally, if its needs aren’t met at home, it will attempt to run away to find what it needs.