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Do Whippets Need A Lot Of Exercises?

Do Whippets Need A Lot Of Exercises?

Are you wondering if your new Whippet needs a lot of exercises, and just how much?

Whippets are well known to be speed demons. They love to run, and they can do so at a pace that can shock most onlookers. However, these dogs actually get their energy in small bursts. This means that a Whippet will actually not need as much exercise as you might think. About one hour per day will do the trick.

The rest of this article will go into detail about just how much exercise your Whippet needs, what the most effective ways of getting them that exercise are, and how to make sure that they are being mentally stimulated as well as physically.

Do Whippets need a lot of exercises?

Although Whippets are dogs who are bred to run—and run fast—they actually do not need as much exercise as you might think. This is because Whippets are sprinters rather than long-distance endurance runners. Their energy may come in bursts throughout the day, and when you do take them to exercise, they may tire out quickly.

In fact, you may need to take your Whippet to get more exercise than they may seem to want! Left to their own devices, some Whippets can actually be little couch potatoes. You may need to encourage them to get out and run to make sure that you are keeping them healthy.

How much exercise do Whippets need?

According to the PDSA, a veterinary charity in the UK, Whippets need at least one hour of exercise every day. They suggest that you should divide this hour into a few different walks in order to account for your Whippet’s varied bursts of energy.

It is also helpful to allow your Whippet to have some time each week to be able to run off-leash. Make sure that if you are going to let your Whippet off-leash, you do so only in a secure area where there is no chance of your pup running into danger.

In addition to physical exercise, you should also be sure to provide your Whippet with sufficient mental stimulation.

What is the difference between mental and physical exercise?

Do Whippets need a lot of exercise? Well, mental stimulation is just as important for your Whippet as physical exercise. 

If your Whippet is not getting enough physical exercise to tire out their body, then they are going to become hyperactive and poorly behaved. 

Unfortunately, the same can happen if your Whippet becomes bored. Mental stimulation is keeping your pup’s mind occupied just as much as their body.

How can I get my Whippet physical exercise?

Physical exercise is, of course, making sure that your pup is getting enough of a workout to tire out their body. You can do this by taking them on walks or allowing them to run off-leash in a secure area.

Other ways to physical exercise your dog are by playing games such as fetch or tug-of-war. A few short sessions of playtime per day can be both mentally and physically stimulating for your dog, helping you knock out two birds with one stone!

How can I get my Whippet mental stimulation?

To work out your Whippet’s brain, you can try things such as providing them with puzzle toys. These are toys where your dog will have to work to figure out how to get a treat out from the toy, such as a Kong or puzzle cube. 

Puzzle toys not only test your dog’s problem-solving skills, but they also provide something to keep them occupied! These toys are also known to reduce anxiety, which is a bonus.

You can also try training your Whippet new tricks to keep them occupied mentally. This keeps their brain working and can provide fun for both you and your dog! New tricks can also provide confidence boosts for your dog, leading to less stress and anxiety.

Does my Whippet puppy need more exercise than an adult?

If you are wondering do Whippets need a lot of exercise, you may wonder if the same applies to puppies and adult dogs. Although you may think that your high-energy puppy would need more exercise than an adult, it is actually important not to overdo it when it comes to exercising a puppy’s developing body. 

Some sources suggest that a Whippet puppy should only have about five minutes of physical exercise per day for every month of age. That means that if your puppy is five months old, he should only be exercising for about twenty-five minutes per day. Some others actually suggest even less.

The important thing is to let your puppy listen to their body. When they seem exhausted, don’t keep pushing!

How can I exercise my Whippet puppy?

Puppies love to play in ways that mimic the types of play they experienced with their siblings and mother before coming home with them. This means that activities such as wrestling and tug-of-war (gentle, of course!) are sure to be hit.

You can also take your Whippet puppy on walks, just like your adult Whippet. However, be sure not to overdo it, and keep in mind the guidelines for how much exercise your puppy should be getting.

How do I know if my Whippet is getting enough exercise?

It should actually be fairly simple to tell if your Whippet is getting enough exercise or not. Learn to listen to your dog and your dog’s body. They will definitely tell you if they are not getting enough exercise! If your dog is hyperactive and poorly behaved, consider whether he is getting enough opportunities to walk, run, and play. 

Here are some signs that your Whippet may not be getting enough exercise:

  • They are bouncing off the walls inside the house
  • They refuse to listen to commands which they usually follow
  • They become destructive, chewing or breaking furniture or clothing
  • They bark excessively
  • They seem anxious, pacing around the house or making unusual sounds

If your Whippet is hyperactive and not behaving well, but you are definitely taking them on walks and providing plenty of playtimes, then consider whether they are getting enough mental stimulation. It is possible that you simply need to provide more opportunities for brain workouts for your pup.

Is it safe to let my Whippet run off-leash?

Yes, provided you are responsible for it. When you let your Whippet run off-leash, be sure that you are doing so safely. This means that you should always make sure to provide your Whippet with a large enclosed area for off-leash runs. You should never, ever let your dog off-leash in an open area where they could run into danger.

If you do not let your Whippet run in an enclosed area, then you run the risk of them running into traffic, other unfriendly dogs or people, or getting lost and out of your control. 

What if I don’t have anywhere safe to take my Whippet out to run?

It is very important to provide your Whippet with the opportunities to do what they were bred for! If there is not a large enclosed area near you, consider driving a little bit to find one. Areas such as enclosed sports fields, tennis courts, and dog parks are excellent options for providing your Whippet with some off-leash run time. 

If there is absolutely nowhere near you to allow your Whippet to run, consider purchasing a long-line lead. This is a very long leash that you can use to allow your pup to have plenty of room to run while still remaining ultimately tethered to you.

Can I train my Whippet to come back to me off-leash?

Yes, it is possible to train your Whippet to walk off-leash and to come back to you when called. However, it is important that even if you do so, you still do not allow your dog to run off-leash in a large unenclosed area. Even if your dog has perfect recall, this can still be dangerous.

You never know what dangers your dog may run into if they are not completely within your view. Factors completely out of your control, such as a wild animal, another loose dog, a dog-napper, a rogue vehicle, or any of countless other scenarios could occur in which your dog could run into danger.

To ensure that your Whippet is as safe as possible at all times, make sure that you are a responsible dog owner and do not allow them the opportunity to run into danger beyond your control. Always let them run in an enclosed area or using a long line lead.

What if my Whippet is a couch potato?

Ultimately, every dog is different. Your Whippet may be one known as a “couch potato”—in other words, they may not want to exercise! If this is the case, you may not need to allow your Whippet quite as much time to run and play as some others. 

However, even if you happen to own a couch potato Whippet, it is important to make sure that they are getting enough exercise to remain healthy. You may need to take your dog on a couple of walks per day even if he does not seem to want to go!


Although Whippets are bred to run, they usually need less exercise than you might think. However, it is still important to make sure that your pup is getting the proper amounts of mental and physical exercise—otherwise, they could become hyperactive or bored, making them rowdy and poorly behaved.