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Do Whippets Fart?

Do Whippets Fart?

Whippets are very sweet dogs, but sometimes they don’t smell that way. If a foul-smelling odor is coming from your pup, you may be wonder “do Whippets fart?”

There are certain foods that can trigger digestive problems for Whippets. If the dog is eating foods that its stomach doesn’t agree with, then it could become gassy. When a funky smell fills the room, your Whippet could be the one who let out that fart.

While Whippets aren’t known for having a lot of health issues, they are guilty of letting out the occasional toot. As Whippet owners know, these farts are powerful enough to clear a room. On this page, we’re going to discuss what causes Whippets to fart and how dog owners can prevent their pooch from stinking up the room.

Did My Whippet Just Fart?

Every Whippet owner has been there at one point. You sit down to enjoy a coffee and all of a sudden the room fills up with a stench that can only be one thing, a fart. The thing is, it’s only you and your beloved Whippet in the room, and you know you weren’t guilty of that smell. 

According to the American Whippet Club, Whippets aren’t known for experiencing food allergies and digestive problems. However, this doesn’t mean that everything they eat will be easily digested. While Whippets are able to easily digest various different dog foods on the market, there are still foods that will cause them to be gassy. 

In some situations, it may not be the food that’s causing the Whippet to fart. If your Whippet is lazy or eats too quickly, it’s more likely to be gassy. 

What Food Makes a Whippet Gassy?

There are several reasons why your Whippet’s cutting the cheese, but let’s start with the most common culprit. Your Whippet’s diet could be the reason it is farting. Even though Whippets aren’t known for having digestive issues, there are still foods that the dogs’ stomachs don’t agree with. 

When the Whippets eat food that their stomach has trouble digesting, bacteria break down in its intestinal tract which leads to hydrogen sulfide becoming trapped. In order for the Whippet to release this hydrogen sulfide, they will need to fart. If this is happening with your Whippet, it’s time to take a look at what you’re feeding it.

This is where you will have to do some pinpointing to find out the real culprit. If you feed your dog table scraps or any type of human food, this could be the problem. Dairy products, foods high in fat, eggs, and many other foods humans can easily digest, cause digestive problems with Whippets. 

If you only feed your Whippet dog food and dog treats, take a look at what ingredients are being used. Try to avoid feeding your Whippet foods that contain any type of corn product or ash. You should also avoid feeding them foods that contain soy and wheat. 

Can Changing Foods Make a Whippet Fart?

If your Whippet’s farts are a recent thing, then there is likely a recent change in its lifestyle that has caused this. The number one reason a Whippet suddenly becomes gassy is that they have been introduced to a new food. Even if the new food is better for its digestive tract, the dog’s stomach still needs time to adjust to it.

When a Whippet is used to eating one type of food all the time but then starts eating a brand new food, farting is likely to occur. The dog’s stomach is not used to digesting this new type of food, so its body will fart as a way to reject it.

Keep in mind, this is very uncomfortable for your dog and a good reason why a sudden change is never good. If you are planning to switch out their food, it’s recommended to do it gradually. Start by doing a small ratio of 15 % new type of food in their bowl and 85 % regular food. Gradually increase the amount of new food for a week before completely switching over.

What Foods Prevent a Whippet From Farting?

If you want to keep your Whippet’s farting to a minimum, you need to focus on feeding it high-quality dog food that doesn’t contain fillers. Whole foods are key to preventing digestion issues with your dog as they don’t contain ingredients with chemical preservatives. 

When checking out the ingredients on dog food, it’s important that the main ingredient is meat. Ideally, a lean protein like chicken or lamb is best suited for a Whippet’s digestive system. These dogs also require a source of healthy fat in their diets, such as fish oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, or flaxseed oil.

Whippets also require a source of carbohydrates and fiber in their diet. The best sources to achieve these are rice, barley, sorghum, and certain fruits and vegetables. Certain grains are responsible for causing a Whippet to fart. If your Whippet is sensitive to grains, it may be best to look for high-quality grain-free food.

Does Eating Too Fast Make a Whippet Fart?

Eating food too quickly can make a Whippet fart. This isn’t much different than humans. When too much air is consumed with food, it turns into gas. This will pass through the body in the form of a fart. If you notice that your Whippet eats its food very fast, then it’s most likely the reason they are farting. 

There are two reasons why a Whippet may be eating its food too quickly, it doesn’t want other pets in the household to touch the food or the dog is too hungry by the time it has been fed. 

If there is more than one pet in your household, you will need to ensure they feel safe and comfortable while they eat. It’s best if you can set up a separate area for each pet to eat where they are not right beside one another. This will help the Whippet and other pets feel calmer about their food and eat at a normal pace.

In the event that other pets aren’t the problem, your Whippet is likely eating fast because of how hungry they are. This doesn’t mean you aren’t feeding them enough, it just means they are waiting too long between feedings. If you are currently feeding the dog twice a day, take that same amount of food and split it into 3 smaller portions to see if they eat slower.

Does Lack of Exercise Make a Whippet Fart?

If you have a lazy Whippet on your hands, you’ll likely have a gassy one as well. This is because a Whippet that doesn’t get enough exercise is more likely to put on weight. Exercise plays a key role in helping a dog digest its food. So, if your Whippet isn’t getting enough activity in its daily lifestyle, its digestive system will act slower, causing more gas.

Whippets enjoy spending time with their owners, so you may have to get involved to get your dog moving more. Try to encourage more activity so your Whippet is getting enough exercise each day. You should also ensure the dog is being taken for a walk daily to prevent laziness. Once it begins exercising regularly again, the gas should stop.

Is Gas a Sign of a Whippet Health Problem?

There are some cases where gas is a sign that your Whippet may have a health problem. If the dog’s diet, eating habits, and exercise are up to par, the gas could be a sign of another problem. While an occasional toot usually isn’t something to worry about, excessive gas could be.

When your Whippet is often gassy without any explanation, it’s strongly recommended to take them to the vet. This gas could be a sign of a much bigger problem, such as:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Inflammation of the pancreas
  • Stomach infection
  • Inflammatory bowel disease 
  • Cancer

If the farting is something new, we also recommend having a vet check out your pup. Even if the gas isn’t caused by a health problem, your dog’s vet will be able to give you the best advice based on your dog’s current health. Your Whippet may have a food sensitivity that you weren’t aware of.

Final Thoughts

Do Whippets fart? Whippets are not known for having digestive issues or food allergies, but that doesn’t mean that aren’t guilty of farting. If a Whippet dog eats the wrong food or doesn’t get enough exercise, it will begin farting. Since this is a smell that nobody wants to deal with, Whippet owners should ensure that their dog is being fed a nutritious diet. 

If you are not able to pinpoint the exact cause of your Whippet’s gas, it’s recommended to make an appointment with its vet. A qualified vet will be able to give the dog a full checkup to look for any health problems and give you the best advice to treat the dog’s gas based on its health.