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Do Whippets Drool?

Do Whippets Drool?

Whippets are fascinating dogs to observe, given their unique appearance and incredible abilities. Despite them being unique dogs, you might not know much about how they relate to other dogs in terms of behavior. For instance, do whippets drool?

Whippets don’t tend to drool very often. If you notice your whippet drooling, it may be worth exploring whether or not something else is going on. There are other typical dog behaviors that whippets tend not to exhibit very often. 

Many factors can explain why your whippet is drooling, and there are also things to look out for in case their drooling habits start to increase. Knowing how whippets typically behave can help in understanding your dog thoroughly, to make sure you care for them and train them properly. 

Do Whippets Drool?

Whippets can drool, but they don’t tend to drool very often. Most of the reasons that you’ll find your whippet drooling are quite innocent. For example, if you put down one of their favorite meals for them, they might start drooling in anticipation of their upcoming feast. It’s also possible that your whippet might start drooling a little when they get excited. 

Because of the way their faces are structured, they have a lot of skin around their mouths and muzzle. Thus, even if they were to drool, you wouldn’t really see it much. 

When whippets are in heat, they might also drool because they are overstimulated during this time. When they haven’t been fixed yet and they see another dog, they might get excited and start to drool. It’s important that during the time before you get them fixed, you keep them close when on walks so they don’t wander off and start flirting with another pup. 

Why Do Dogs Drool?

Dogs drool for many reasons. Some dogs also drool more than others depending on the way their face and skull are structured. Many dogs drool for the same reasons that whippets do, and may also drool when they are fast asleep and in a dreamworld. Drool isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as their saliva assists dogs in being able to break down and digest food properly. 

For most pet parents, drool is nothing but a nuisance, as it requires a lot of cleanup. If your dog drools a lot, having them wear a kerchief around their neck can help keep some of it off of your couch or bed. 

If your dog’s drool seems excessive and you are concerned, knowing some of the reasons your dog might be drooling can help you help your pup. This is especially important with whippets since they aren’t prone to drooling as much as other dogs. You’ll also know whether or not you need to take them to the vet or if you can help them yourselves. 

Do Whippets Drool When Anxious?

Dogs might start drooling when they are feeling stressed out. If you notice your dog is drooling while also showing signs of stress, such as a change in posture or panting, you should remove them from that stressful situation as soon as possible. Stress is not good for anyone, including dogs. Be sure to give them some comforting pets as well. 

Whippets are also prone to separation anxiety. This won’t necessarily cause them to drool, but drooling could be a more physical sign of the change in behavior your whippet could exhibit. There are a few tried and true methods you can implement if your whippet starts showing signs of this type of anxiety. 

Be sure that before you leave home, you take some time to play with them so you can tire them out. Taking them for a walk before heading to work helps as well. When you get home, you should also give them some extra affection. Make sure you reassure them you will be home to see them as soon as possible. 

When you have no choice but to leave, you can try placing a garment or a blanket with your scent on it in their bed or somewhere they enjoy, so they feel comforted by your scent when you’re gone. 

Do Whippets Drool When They Are Hot?

Some dogs also drool when they are panting, usually because they are getting hot or they have just exerted a lot of energy. For whippets, it’s not common that they’ll pant and drool because they get overheated. Whippets tend to run quite cold since they don’t have a lot of body fat to insulate them. 

Just because whippets can get cold easily, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t sensitive to heat as well. If you notice your whippet panting and drooling outside, be sure to give them some water or (safe) frozen fruit to get hydrated and cool down. If that doesn’t work, bring them into an air-conditioned area. 

Do Whippets Drool During Car Rides?

Whippets might drool during car rides because they can get very anxious. If they have a lot of energy before getting in a car, they might get overwhelmed which could cause them to get sick. Taking them for a stroll before a car ride could help tire them out a bit. 

Your whippet might start to drool, among other behaviors, if they are uncomfortable in the car or they are starting to feel sick. Most whippets don’t like car rides whatsoever, so avoid making them get in the car unless absolutely necessary. 

When Can Drooling Be Bad?

Outside of stress, dog drooling can also be a sign of some health problems. If your whippet is drooling much more than normal, or outside of the above situations, it may be their way of communicating that something is wrong. Drooling will usually be accompanied by some other type of behavior, so be sure to keep your eye on your pup. 

For instance, if your whippet is experiencing issues with their teeth, they may be drooling because they are in pain or uncomfortable. They might also drool because their stomach is upset, or because they ate something that they shouldn’t have and it’s making them feel sick. In worst-case scenarios, drooling can be a sign of more serious issues. 

You don’t need to immediately panic if your whippet starts drooling more than normal. They will usually show you other signs that they aren’t feeling well, such as lack of energy, change in appetite, and behaviors like vomiting. In any case, if anything of concern happens, a trip to the vet is always worth it to make sure your pup is okay. 

What To Do About Abnormal Drooling

If you notice your whippet drooling, the first thing you want to do is check their mouth to see if anything is obstructing their tongue, teeth, or gums. You should also check to see if they have anything caught in their throat.

If your whippet, by chance, ate something they shouldn’t have and they start drooling, your best bet is to take them to the vet or call poison control to get an expert to take care of it. We all know dogs love to get into things they shouldn’t. 

If you have a thermometer, you should take your whippet’s temperature as well. This will help you determine whether or not they are sick. Moreover, you should monitor their temperature every hour or so. The ideal body temperature for a whippet is around 39 degrees Celsius. If their temperature gets any higher than that, take them to the vet right away.

Can Drool Be A Sign Of Dental Issues?

One reason your whippet could drool is because of dental issues. Dental issues and diseases are very common in dogs, and whippets unfortunately aren’t immune to these issues. Thus, taking care of your whippet’s teeth will help prevent them as much as possible from having dental issues, which could cause them to drool. 

You should brush your whippet’s teeth on a regular basis, and be sure you examine their teeth and gums for any signs of tartar. These issues can start when your dog is young, so getting them used to have their teeth cleaned is ideal to avoid any health issues down the line. 

If you notice your whippet drooling and their teeth or gums seem tender or sore, they should be taken to the vet for further inspection. If dental issues aren’t taken care of immediately, your whippet could end up losing their teeth. Infections can also spread, which can be dangerous. 

Final Thoughts 

Whippets are very easy dogs to fall in love with. They are well-behaved, calm, and kind dogs who don’t require a lot of maintenance or heavy training. They are smart dogs who love playing and walking, and cuddling up to you when they’re tired. They also don’t have a lot of unsavory habits, such as drooling all over you.

However, if you do notice they start to drool, pay attention to whether or not they are acting differently. Sometimes, they are just excited about something and you can just laugh it off. Otherwise, they might be drooling because something’s wrong. It’s always worth a second opinion, as your whippet is precious and you don’t want the drooling to get excessive.