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Do Whippets Dig? – Dog Digging Explained.

Do Whippets Dig? – Dog Digging Explained.

Whippets are well-behaved dogs that are very easy to get along with. If you’re concerned about how a Whippet will act on your property, you may find yourself asking “do Whippets dig?

Like all dogs, Whippets are known to love digging. It’s a natural instinct and some Whippets will dig more than others. Typically, younger Whippets are more likely to dig and likely to simmer down on this behavior once they get a bit older. 

Has you Whippet started digging up your backyard? On this page, we’re going to discuss if it’s normal for a Whippet to dig and what dog owners can do about it. Keep reading to learn more. 

Do Whippets Dig?

A Whippet will dig when the opportunity presents itself. After all, they are dogs, so it’s in their nature to dig. There are many reasons that a Whippet enjoys digging, such as:

  • Discovered a new smell
  • Having fun while playing
  • Burn off energy
  • Bury a toy, stick, or other belonging

One thing that dog owners should be prepared for it they adopt a Whippet is that these dogs love to play. They get very excited as they romp around outdoors. One of the activities that are in their nature while playing is to dig. While sometimes there is a specific reason for the digging, other times it is done just for the sheer fun of it. 

If you have a Whippet dog that is digging the years every time it goes outside, there could be a reason why. Whippets need to burn off energy in order to be well-behaved. If the dog isn’t getting enough exercise each day, it is more likely to pick up destructive behavior. One habit that you may notice that is a sign of this is excessive digging. 

Spotting the difference between playful digging and excessive digging can help you tell if your Whippet’s physical activity needs are being met. 

Will a Whippet Always Dig?

If you bring home a young Whippet, you may notice it has a strong urge to dig. Young Whippets are naturally more playful and more curious. This will cause them to seek out more opportunities to dig when they go outdoors to play. Dog owners with a Whippet under the age of 2 are more likely to notice frequent digging than older dogs.

Many Whippet owners have noticed that when the dog reaches 5 years, it loses its interest in digging every time it goes out. If a Whippet over the age of 5 is digging, there is usually a reason for it.  While many Whippets will lay off the digging once they pass 5 years of age, some will continue the habit.

When it comes down to it, Whippets are dogs. It’s in their nature to dig when the opportunity presents itself. Some Whippet dogs will simply dig because they enjoy it. Others will dig to blow off steam or for mental stimulation. This is why a Whippet who isn’t getting the right level of activity daily is more likely to dig.

Can You Train a Whippet Not to Dig?

While occasionally digging is completely natural, it’s understandable is dog owners don’t want their Whippet digging up their yard. Luckily, Whippets are very obedient dogs. If they are doing something that you don’t approve of, like digging, you can train them to stop.

Before training your Whippet to stop digging, it’s important that you understand why they are doing it. The most common reason a Whippet digs a lot is that it needs more exercise.  Once you let it outdoors to play, the Whippet will go full force with releasing the pent-up energy and start digging. The best way to prevent this is to make sure the Whippet gets enough exercise daily. 

If your Whippet is getting enough exercise each day but still continues to dig up your yard, you will need to work on training. The most effective way to get a Whippet to stop digging is to teach it commands. Use drill words such as “stop” or “no” to get them to stop doing something. 

To ensure the dog understands the commands you are teaching it, reward the Whippet with a treat every time it stops what it’s doing. This will help them pick up on the command. You can then proceed to use the drill word when the Whippet starts digging your yard. 

Can You Curb a Whippet’s Digging Habit?

Something that you need to consider about your Whippet’s digging behavior is that the dog is not aware that it upsets you. In most situations, the Whippet is not digging to be a menace. Digging can be very stimulating to a Whippet because they also crave mental activity along with physical exercise.

As long as your Whippet’s mental and physical needs are met, they are less likely to show signs of destructive behavior. Dog owners can get creative with their Whippet’s activity routine to create ways to distract the dog so it doesn’t have the urge to dig up their yard. An easy solution to curb this habit is by purchasing dog toys that keep the Whippet’s mind active.

If your dog is a digger, it’s recommended to take it for a long walk or jog instead of allowing it to romp around freely in the backyard. This way, your Whippet will be focused on moving and burning off its energy. By the time you return home, the Whippet will no longer have the energy to dig up your yard.

The main thing dog owners need to consider when curbing a Whippet’s digging habit is to distract the dog with a new activity. When the Whippet has something to focus on during playtime, it will less likely feel the urge to dig. 

What Should Whippet Owners Do If They Have a Digger?

When it comes down to it, some dogs love to dig and there is nothing their owner can do to make them not enjoy it. If you have a Whippet who finds the most joy out of digging, then you are going to need to find a way to work together to keep both you and your pooch happy. 

One of the best solutions that have worked for many Whippet owners is to have a specific zone on their property where the dog is allowed to dig. You will need to create physical boundaries so your dog will understand that this area is okay for digging, while the rest of the yard should not be touched. 

Once you establish an area where your Whippet can freely dig, you will need to let them know. Try to find ways to encourage them to visit this spot. Some dog owners will place treats, food, or their Whippet’s favorite toys in this spot to get them to go play there.

There are some ways that you can also encourage your Whippet to use this area of your yard to dig. When they do dig, reward them with positive praise and possibly a treat. They will be to associate digging in this spot as something positive. However, you will have to be persistent and always use drill commands (stop or no) when they dig away from this area.

For this reason, it’s strongly recommended to monitor the Whippet’s outdoor activity until it has learned where it’s appropriate to dig. This will prevent your yard from turning into a dug-up mess.

Will a Whippet Dig if it’s Left Unattended?

If you are leaving for the day, it’s best to keep your Whippet indoors. Even if your dog is in a caged area outside, it may still dig up the yard. The Whippet may dig simply for fun or to bury its toys. However, in other cases, your Whippet could dig up your yard in its pursuit to chase a small animal that went underground. 

This can happen if a mouse or rabbit got into the yard and went underground to get away from the Whippet. These dogs have a strong sense of smell so they will be able to sense what direction the animal went in. When this happens, the Whippet’s natural instinct is to dig until it finds the prey. 

Final Thoughts

Do Whippets dig? Whippets are a breed of dog, and like most dogs, they are naturally attracted to digging. From a Whippet’s point of view, digging is the perfect way to have fun while burning off energy. It gives them something to focus on and a spot to hide their favorite toys and objects from everyone else. While digging is natural for Whippets, it can be annoying for dog owners.

While most Whippets grow out of digging with age, dog owners may need to put some work in to train their Whippet not to dig anymore. Always ensure your Whippet is getting enough physical and mental activity to prevent digging. These dogs enjoy spending time with their owners, so you can prevent digging by playing with your dog or taking it for a long walk.