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Do Whippets Bark a Lot?

Do Whippets Bark a Lot?

When considering adopting a Whippet, many potential dog owners wonder if these dogs are extravagant barkers? 

While Whippets are slim canines with the look of a Greyhound. They don’t tend to bark much since they have quiet and reserved personalities. This, in turn, makes them lousy security dogs since they may or may not bark at people approaching your house. Take note however that while Whippets are considered, quiet dogs, they are still K9s and can bark and react just like any other dog.

Continue reading to learn more about Whippets, whether they bark a lot, why they don’t make good guard dogs, reasons why your Whippet may be barking, and more.

Do Whippets Bark a Lot?

Whippets aren’t renowned for being particularly talkative. While they may bark if there are animals outdoors or the doorbell rings, they often keep their voices to themselves. Owners usually only notice noises coming from their Whippets when they are having fun or when they’re indicating a need. As a result, Whippets may occasionally whine, sigh, or even howl, although growling is uncommon.

Barks are frequently elicited by the sheer thrill of playing or the prospect of play. Some Whippets will bark while enthusiastically chasing a flying tennis ball, while others will bark just because the ball is in the owner’s hand. It depends entirely on the particular dog and his current degree of enthusiasm.

Whippets Are Considered a Quiet Dog Breed

Whippets are good companion dogs and maybe taught for agility contests. They don’t bark much and are better company dogs than sentry dogs. It’s critical to keep your Whippet on a leash in any outdoor, unfenced scenario because of the tremendous prey drive for which they were developed. As a result, if they take after a squirrel, catching them will be extremely tough.

The whippet is the least vocal and obedient of the real sighthounds, making it a perfect pet for individuals looking for a peaceful home dog and a devoted friend. The whippet is a wonderful companion for youngsters and is incredibly gentle with them. It is quiet indoors but enjoys running and playing outside. It is exceedingly sensitive and cannot withstand strong treatment or adjustments.

What is the Personality of a Whippet Like?

The Whippet is a dog that is both gentle and docile and energetic and athletic. The same dog that would cuddle up beneath the blankets and sleep for hours will race around the yard with abandon, darting, dodging, and turning on a dime without stopping.

Whippets like running games and need daily bursts of rigorous exercise. This speedy breed is considered the fastest dog of their weight, capable of speeds of up to 35 mph; thus, the region must be enclosed.

The Whippet should be socialized with strangers from an early age and should get used to people and noises. He is calm among other dogs, but he has a high hunt drive and should not be trusted around small animals.

Adult Whippets are peaceful, undemanding, and inconspicuous inside, trotting around with a light-footed effortless elegance and rarely makes a peep. They also insist on having the luxury of getting up on the furniture, so if this bothers you, a sighthound is not for you.

Do Whippets Make Good Guard Dogs?

Whippets aren’t good watchdogs since they don’t bark much and are nice to everyone they encounter. Whippets are also not naturally aggressive. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. Whippets are affectionate and gentle dogs. Keep in mind that they can easily become too enthusiastic, resulting in rough play and barking, although they will seldom bark in other settings.

Whippets are quiet inside pets, but they require regular exercise and like romping and running in a fenced yard or on a leash.

Will Whippets Bark When Left Alone?

Unfortunately, when left alone for lengthy periods of time, Whippets might experience separation anxiety. This breed is extremely people-oriented, with a great yearning for friendship. Separation anxiety can lead to annoying barking and destructive behavior, so try to spend as much time as possible at home to avoid these problems.

What Does a High-Pitched Bark from My Whippet Mean?

A high-pitched bark is normally a good thing, used to let others know they’re not a threat or to invite them to play, but it may also be used when they’re suddenly scared. A low-pitched bark or growl indicates that a dog is threatened, may be violent, and would want to be left alone.

Why Does My Whippet Bark?

Protective Behaviour

Although they are known to be mostly quiet, reserved dogs, when someone or another animal enters your Whippet’s area or location, he or she may bark excessively. As the danger gets closer, the barking may frequently get louder. After all, your Whippet is a dog, so expect dog-like behavior.

Your Whippet May Be Lonely or Bored 

Whippets, like other domestic dogs, are pack animals. When dogs are left alone for extended periods of time, they might get melancholy or bored, which can lead to depressed barking.

Your Whippet May Have Anxiety

Some Whippet dogs may bark at anything that has the potential to shock them, be it noise or an object.

How to Stop a Whippet from Barking at Other Dogs?

There are a variety of reasons why your Whippet could be barking at other dogs. Playfulness, enjoyment, territorial hazards, fear, under socialization, and more are all examples of this. While any of these circumstances may cause your Whippet to bark at other dogs, the solutions are simple.

The easiest way to keep your Whippet from barking at other animals is to gradually socialize them. Gradually introduce them to other pets in a secure atmosphere, rewarding them for good behavior. They’ll learn how to behave around other dogs and quit barking at them if you improve their socialization abilities.

How to Stop a Whippet Barking at Night?

Your Whippet may be barking at night for a variety of reasons. Boredom, alertness or terror, loneliness, attention-seeking, insufficient exercise, and other factors contribute to this. While any of these circumstances might cause your Whippet to bark at night, the solutions are rather straightforward.

If your Whippet sleeps outside at night, the only real option may be to bring them inside. If you leave them outside alone, they may bark out of boredom or solitude, or they may be exposed to a sound that triggers barking.

If your Whippet sleeps indoors but reacts to barking from other dogs outside, consider using a white noise machine in their sleeping area to drown out the outside noises.

What Other Dog Breeds Are Known for Their Quiet Dispositions?


This Russian breed may demand exercise and regular walks, but in exchange, they provide some peace and quiet because they are less likely to bark than other dogs. They, like the Whippet, are not good guard dogs since they are not territorial. When properly socialized, they are exceptionally gentle dogs who are well behaved around people.


The Basenji has a reputation for not barking, although they are not completely soundless. Rather, they make noises similar to those made by a coyote or a wolf. Basenjis can scream, howl, growl, and yodel.

However, Basenji are not repetitive barkers, rather, their barks are very isolated. Their lack of barking is attributable to the fact that they descended from wild dogs during a time when silence and stealth were essential to be effective hunters and survive.


Newfoundland is relatively quiet, despite its enormous size. Some can weigh as much as 150 pounds. While the Newfoundland breed is not known for frequent barking, some will bark to alert their owners to the presence of an intruder or an unusual noise.

Final Thoughts

Whippets are small dogs that appear similar to Greyhound. Due to their calm and reserved dispositions, they rarely bark. As a result, they make poor security dogs since they may or may not bark at anyone approaching your home. 

Whippets aren’t known for being especially chatty. They may bark if there are animals outside or if the doorbell rings, but they usually keep their voices quiet. In general, Whippet owners only hear noises emanating from their dogs while they’re having fun or signaling a need.

Whippets can, however, bark when they see an intruder, which is a legitimate cause. Any intruder who tries to enter the residence is known to be attacked. This is owing to the fact that it has a natural impulse to defend its owners.

Another fact is that Whippets bark when they are bored. When this breed is spotted alone or bored, it is seen as a playful indication. It tries to communicate by engaging in activities such as going on a stroll or chasing a ball. As a result, the barking begins when the owner arrives home or is eating.

Overall, if you provide your Whippet, like any other dog, with enough exercise, stimulation, nutrition and love, their barking tendencies should remain quite low.