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Do Samoyeds Have Separation Anxiety? Dog Sadness Explained.

Do Samoyeds Have Separation Anxiety? Dog Sadness Explained.

If you’re reading this article, we can probably guess what’s happening. You’ve just adopted a Samoyed, or you’re just thinking about it. You work a full-time job, and you’re not sure whether you can leave your precious pooch at home for that long. Well, we have that answer, and even more!

Do Samoyeds Have Separation Anxiety? Yes, Samoyeds can often develop separation anxiety, due to their attachment and affinity for human companionship. They do not handle loneliness well, which is expressed through a range of bad behavior whilst you’re gone – so it’s recommended you don’t leave them for more than 8 hours. 

The Samoyed has a complex personality. When nurtured, it can be an exceptionally intelligent, compassionate, and loving pet. However, it’s essential that you don’t neglect your Samoyed, it’s for the best – for you and your Samoyed – that as much time is spent between you both. Lucky for you, we have all the information you need to nurture your relationship with your Samoyed as much as possible. Let’s get right into it!

How Attached, Clingy Will My Samoyed Get?

That mostly depends on how much time you spend with your Samoyed – and their individual personality. Samoyeds have spent their days surrounded by people for as long as they have lived. They were always acclimated to the presence of humans, and because of their kind nature, they like having people around them.

Samoyeds also may have a favorite individual or two. When that person leaves them behind to go to work or school, your Samoyed can become agitated. They will express it in a variety of ways, which we discuss in more detail in the upcoming sections, but none of them are healthy.

This shouldn’t be avoided of course! It is absolutely necessary to form these bonds with your Samoyed, or their emotional state may deteriorate even more. You should never welcome a dog into your life if you’re unwilling or unable to bond with it.

Do Samoyeds Have Separation Anxiety
Do Samoyeds Have Separation Anxiety?

How Long Can I Leave My Samoyed Alone?

The simple answer is – as least as possible. Each Samoyed will grow a different level of attachment to their owner, and so the time that they can be away from them differs. It should never be more than around 8 hours, but preferably, your Samoyed should not see you for a maximum of 4 hours.

The best way to gauge how long you can leave your Samoyed at home alone is by observing it alone, through a remote camera. If your Samoyed displays bad behavior after any number of hours, make sure to never leave it alone for more than that time, unless absolutely necessary.

How Long Can I Leave My Samoyed Puppy Alone?

Puppies require even more time with their owner – especially during the first weeks at home. Since you are still forging the bond between you and your Samoyed, you cannot leave your puppy alone for much time. Creating the relationship requires weeks of constant attention and affection.

I would recommend for the first few weeks, maybe 2 or 3, that you get your Samoyed puppy, take time off work. Your relationship will require 24/7 attention over those first few weeks, or the puppy will not create that bond with you, and that will be disastrous for the dog’s mental wellbeing.

What Separation Anxiety Behaviors Do Samoyeds Show?

It can vary for each individual Samoyed – their behavior cannot be predicted. There are common behaviors, but your Samoyed could display all of them, some of them, or even none of them! Here’s just a few:

Excessive Barking

When your lonely Samoyed knows you’re not going to return right away, they may start barking. Your dog may be an ordinarily calm, perfect angel who doesn’t bark much when you’re home, but once you leave, all bets are off.

This barking can soon weigh on the nerves of your neighbors. Someone may wind up ringing the cops if they have to listen to your dog bark all day.

Bathroom Related Accidents

Let’s imagine you couldn’t go to the restroom for seven or eight hours, or even longer. How would you fare? Probably not very well. The same is true for every dog. They have a limited bladder capacity and must relieve themselves throughout the day, and will tend to do so more often when anxious.

Restlessness and Destruction

Your Samoyed will become bored, and irritated if there is no way for them to exercise or be stimulated. They want to do something, so they glance about their house or apartment for ideas. It might be your new couch, with its comfortable cushions.

Your dog rips them apart, as well as the pillows, for good measure. Perhaps they will gravitate towards your new wooden dining table, nibbling on the table and chair legs. They might even begin with the sofa, then go on to the table, and then bite on everything that is nearby.

Separation anxiety can appear in any form. Your Samoyed might become dejected and lethargic. It might choose to destroy your house, it might bark, it might harass other pets you have at home, or it may not even show anything. Rest assured – if it’s alone for hours, it’s anxious.

I am not an expert either, so if you are left a little confused or unsure by the end of this article, go see your local vet. They’ll either have the information you need or know a fellow expert that does. It will never hurt to know too much about Samoyeds as a breed, and your own dog’s individual personality and behaviors.

Do Samoyeds Have Separation Anxiety
Samoyeds Can Suffer From Separation Anxiety

How I Prevent Separation Anxiety; Still Have Full-time Job?

I’ve convinced you to not leave your Samoyed alone for hours on end – that’s good. But you have a job to do, money to earn, life to live. That’s fair, so I’ve got some tips on how you can maximize time with your Samoyed, so they don’t get separation anxiety, and you keep living life.

Start Your Day Early

If you tire out your Samoyed early in the day, you will have satisfied their demand for activity long before midday. This may make them more tolerant throughout the day while you work, but you should still restrict the amount of time they are alone. Also, depending on how enthusiastic your Samoyed is, you may need to arrange a second play session in the evening.

Come Home for Lunch

Instead of having lunch at your desk for yet another day, go home and check on your Samoyed. You won’t have the time for anything more than a short walk, but it will make an enormous difference. If you leave your dog for 4 hours in the morning, walk them at lunchtime, and then return to work for 4 hours more, that’s a tolerable day for your Samoyed. 

Consider Hiring a Dog Walker

Maybe you work an hour or more from home and popping by in the middle of the day isn’t an option. In that scenario, you should consider hiring a dog walker. This professional can guarantee that your Samoyed takes care of their potty needs while still getting some exercise! Plus, your Samoyed might create a bond with the dog walker.

Keep a Dog Sitter on Standby

It may appear that having a Samoyed implies you can’t have a social life outside of the house. That is not accurate, but having a dog comes with responsibilities, and you must manage your life properly. If you’re going away for the weekend or longer, you’ll need someone to care for your dog. Perhaps it’s a friend or family member.

None of these techniques are guaranteed to work – just as you Samoyed isn’t guaranteed to even get separation anxiety. However, there is a high chance. If it’s not working, try something else, and if none of these methods work, consult an expert. Your vet is best equipped to handle your dog’s behaviors, and you can also consider a trainer.


Do Samoyeds Have Separation Anxiety? Samoyed’s most often get separation anxiety. Due to their long history as a companion to humans, the Samoyeds loyalty, affection, and love are exceptional. Close and strong bonds are created easily beyond dog and owner – as long as the time and effort are put in. If you’re adopting a Samoyed puppy, or indeed, any Samoyed, your first weeks together are essential.

I hope you have all you need to know about Samoyeds, whether you are thinking about adopting, or have already welcomed one into your life. You will not find many better companions, so if you have the time, please do grow your family with a Samoyed.