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Do Samoyeds Fart?

Do Samoyeds Fart?

No one likes bad smells, and when it comes to such things, dog farts happen to be a prime culprit. If you plan on getting a dog, you may be concerned about how often they’ll pass gas around the house, or if they pass gas at all. We understand this sentiment completely: as much as we love our furry friends, we’d like for them to not smell bad whenever possible.

So, Do Samoyeds fart? Yes, yes they do. Make no mistake, all dogs fart sometimes. While there may be some minute differences in dog breeds on this matter, a dog’s diet has far more impact on how much gas they pass (and how much it smells!).

Of course, while it’s true that all dogs fart, even pretty ones like Samoyeds, there is a bit more to it than that. Is it bad when they do that? What kind of diet would minimize it? Do some dogs really fart more than others? You can find out the answer to all of these questions right here.

Is it Normal for Samoyeds to Fart?

As stated above, Samoyeds most certainly pass gas, like any other dog. Most living creatures pass gas from time to time, usually dependent on what they’ve been eating, and Samoyeds are no exception. In fact, they are no different than people: how loud a fart is, and how smelly it is, has nothing to do with the dog, but rather, what it has been eating.

Nearly every living being farts. It’s just a fact of life that cannot be denied. Samoyeds don’t do it anymore or less than other dogs do.

Is it Bad for Samoyeds (or any Dog) to Fart?

Farting is pretty much a universal biological process. There’s nothing different about it when a dog does it compared to when a human does it. So, as to whether or not it is bad when a dog farts, ask yourself this: is it bad when you fart?

Sure, it may be bad in the sense that it’s a little embarrassing, but 99% of the time, a fart is not an indicator of any sort of health problem. In fact, farting is almost always good for your body, and that of your dog. 

When we eat, we intake some air and gasses into our digestive systems. When food is broken down in our bodies, that process also produces gasses inside of us. Some of that gas is naturally absorbed by the body, but not all of it. Excessive gas buildup in the body can lead to great pain and symptoms like bloating.

This is all true for your dog as well. The gas that isn’t naturally absorbed by the body needs to be released somehow so it doesn’t cause any harm. That’s why animals and humans fart. Naturally, how much gas gets produced by digestion depends on what you eat, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Do Samoyeds Fart
Do Samoyeds Fart? Yes – All Dogs Fart.

Other benefits of farting include improved colon health since internal gas can irritate the organ. Farting reduces bloating too. Naturally, these are both good things for your dog, so you want them to fart from time to time.

Now, there may be a few rare instances when farting is actually bad, but it’s not the fart itself, but what the fart is caused by. For instance, if a dog were to eat something it was allergic to or had an intolerance to, it could begin farting an excessive and noticeable amount, letting you know that something is wrong.

Excessive farting (dozens of times throughout a day) could also signify other health issues that are affecting your dog. So ultimately, farting is never bad for your dog, but an abnormal, excessive amount of farting may be a sign that something is wrong.

How Can You Optimize Your Samoyed’s Diet to Reduce Farting?

Before we get into this, please understand that your goal shouldn’t be to absolutely prevent your dog from ever farting. In fact, you really shouldn’t go out of your way to try and reduce farting from your Samoyed unless they are doing it an ungodly amount. If they are passing gas a few times a day, that is totally normal.

In fact, a healthy diet actually tends to promote more flatulence, as opposed to reducing it. A balanced diet results in a relatively moderate amount of gas buildup, which means more farting, not less. As we said before, farting is not a bad thing. It is actually very healthy and is only a concern if your Samoyed is farting an excessive amount.

Now, let’s assume that your Samoyed is farting an excessive amount and that there’s actually a problem to address. First of all, keep in mind that your dog’s diet is not necessarily the cause of excessive flatulence. It could be another health problem that a vet would have to identify.

But before jumping to that conclusion and rushing to a vet because your dog farted thirty times in one day, you can try to adjust its diet and see if that makes a big difference in the following days. 

The first thing to take into consideration is potential food allergies, though it can be hard to pinpoint which ingredient that your dog is consuming is causing them problems. A likely culprit is grains such as wheat, which many dogs are allergic to. Other dogs may be allergic to certain types of proteins, such as beef or chicken.

So if your Samoyed has excessive flatulence, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is look at the ingredients in their dog food and consider giving an alternative one with different ingredients a try. It’ll still be a lot of guesswork, but if your dog has less gas when you switch from dog food with wheat to food without wheat, that could be the issue.

Other likely problems include anything with lactose, as most dogs are lactose intolerant due to the way their biology works. If you feed them little treats that have dairy involved (such as cheese) that could be a source of excessive flatulence as well.

Failing that, low-quality dog food can be a major factor. Cheap dog food usually includes many ingredients that dogs have problems digesting properly. This can include peas, beans, soybeans, corn, starches, and carbohydrates. 

If you want to provide your dog with a healthy diet, you’ll have to invest in more expensive dog food that avoids those ingredients, and instead focuses on real meat as a source of high protein. Naturally, you should also avoid feeding your dog food that is spoiled.

Is it Normal for Samoyeds to Fart
Is it Normal for Samoyeds to Fart? Samoyeds most certainly pass gas, like any other dog.

Do Some Dogs Fart More than Others?

Believe it or not, there are actually some dogs that fart more frequently than others, all other factors notwithstanding. The breeds that do this are generally Brachycephalic dogs, which are dogs with flat faces. Think bulldogs, pugs, and similar breeds.

Now, why is this the case? Well, because of the shape of those breeds’ faces, they tend to intake more air when they eat and drink. And as we explained earlier, the air that gets taken into your digestive system when eating and drinking is a major source of flatulence. The more air you intake, the more gas has to be expelled.

Naturally, that comes in the form of farting. But this doesn’t mean anything particularly bad. If you drink more water than your buddy, you’ll probably have to go to the bathroom more often than them. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong, just that taking in more of a substance means there is more to get rid of.

All of that said, Samoyeds are not Brachycephalic dogs, so they don’t have any biological predisposition to fart more than other dogs. If your Samoyed is having excessive farting, the cause is not their breed, but either a health or diet issue.


Do Samoyeds fart? All dogs fart. There’s no getting out of that. If your Samoyed passes gas every once in a while, don’t worry: that’s completely normal and even healthy! You only need to be concerned if your Samoyed is passing noticeably excessive gas.

In such a case, the problem may be a health issue or their diet. If you want to test their diet to see if it is the culprit, switch to premium dog food that uses real meat as the primary protein source, and avoid grains, carbs, and starches. Some dogs are allergic or intolerant to specific things, like wheat, beef, or chicken.

If you switch your dog to a healthier diet and excessive flatulence persists, you may want to take them to a vet for a health checkup.