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Do Rottweilers Need To Be Groomed? [Answered] 

Do Rottweilers Need To Be Groomed? [Answered] 

Are you thinking about getting a Rottweiler? If so, it’s important to understand their grooming requirements so that you can provide your pup with the care and love it deserves.

Rottweilers require grooming. Luckily, the grooming requirements are only minimal, making this breed a good choice for individuals who don’t want to go to the groomers regularly. Regular baths are required for this active breed. You will also have to check out their eyes, ears, claws, and teeth. 

To fully understand the grooming requirements of a Rottweiler, keep reading. This guide fully explains what you need to do to properly groom and care for your Rottweiler.

Do Rottweilers Need to be Groomed?

Simply put, all dogs, including Rottweilers, need grooming. Grooming is required to keep the dog clean and healthy. You wouldn’t go your entire life without bathing. Why would you expect your dog to do so either? By bathing your Rottweiler, you ensure it has the healthiest and cleanest body possible.

Rottweilers only have minimal grooming needs. What this means is that Rottweilers do not need to see a groomer regularly. Instead, most grooming requirements that Rottweilers need can be overseen by you. Plus, you don’t have to have a daily routine to keep your Rottweiler clean and healthy.

On the contrary, grooming your Rottweiler on a weekly basis or whenever it’s needed will keep your Rottweiler healthy. Some weeks, you might inspect your dog and might find that it doesn’t actually need much grooming. Other weeks, your dog may need an entire doggy spa day.

In either case, your Rottweiler needs to be examined for grooming so that you can groom your Rottweiler efficiently.

How to Groom Rottweilers

There are four main areas where Rottweilers need grooming: their skin and coat, eyes, ears, claws, and teeth. Paying attention to these parts on your Rottweiler’s body will keep your Rottweiler clean and groomed. Here is how to groom each part of your dog’s body and their frequency:

Skin and Coat

The most obvious part of your Rottweiler that will need grooming is its skin and coat. Just like any other dog, Rottweilers can get into some messy situations. Only a good bath with a dog-friendly shampoo will get the job done. Baths are supposed to clean the dog’s coat and skin so that it is left healthy and shiny.

It’s best to bathe your Rottweiler every eight weeks or whenever your dog is dirty. Your Rottweiler does not need daily baths or even weekly baths. Bathing the dog too frequently will result in a lack of oils, which can damage the skin and coat. Sticking to an 8-week schedule will keep the Rottweiler clean without overdoing it.

Whenever you bathe your Rottweiler, make sure to use a dog-friendly shampoo. The shampoos we use on our heads are often too harsh for dogs. Dog-friendly shampoos are designed to be gentle enough to not irritate the skin while still being effective enough to get rid of all the dirt.

After you are finished bathing the Rottweiler, dry it off using a towel. Make sure to fully dry the dog or hair will get everywhere in your home. At this point, it’s a good idea to brush out the Rottweiler. Brushing your Rottweiler after its bath will help to minimize shedding and keep the dog’s coat clean.

You can always brush your Rottweiler more frequently if you want to. However, don’t overdo it since this can irritate the dog’s skin. The good news is that Rottweilers won’t need a lot of brushing due to their short coats.


Your Rottweiler’s eyes will not need a lot of grooming, but you should use a warm rag to wipe the eyes daily. This will help keep your dog’s vision clear and the coat around the eyes clean. It’s a great idea to do this after your dog wakes up when it’s most likely to have eye boogers.


Your Rottweiler’s ear canal is different from the one in your head. It is shaped like an L, which means a lot of wax can build-up, resulting in yeast infections. The flap of the dog’s ear doesn’t help. It increases moisture and further traps the debris inside the ear. Because of this fact, you will have to clean out your Rottweiler’s ears once a week.

To begin, get a partner to help restrain your dog. Most dogs hate their ears being cleaned, but it is a vital part of the grooming process. the partner will make the task go more smoothly. Look into your dog’s ears to determine if they are dirty and need cleaning. Some dogs need more cleaning than others. Checking weekly will help you know when ear grooming is needed.

Whenever your Rottweiler’s ears need grooming, apply an ear wash solution to the dog’s ear. Bring the flap back down over the ear and massage the base of your Rottweiler’s ear for 20 to 30 seconds. This will allow the solution to break up any debris. Use cotton balls to absorb any of the debris, earwax, and solution in your dog’s ears.

Do not use Q-tips to do this. Using a Q-tip could puncture and damage your dog’s ears. Only use cotton balls and ear cleaning solutions specifically formulated for dogs.


You will have to groom your dog’s nails as well. Grooming your dog’s nails involves trimming the nails, not declawing entirely. Never declaw your dog’s nails. Instead, trim the dog’s nails down so that they stay short.

There are many different types of nail trimmers available. Select a nail trimmer tool that is most comfortable for you. Scissors and grinders are the most common. You might need to slowly introduce your dog to the nail trimmer before they allow you to trim the nails.

Inspect the claws weekly to see if there are any that need to be trimmed down. Hold the paw firmly and extend the nail outwards. Clip the nails straight across. Do not clip past the curve, because you might hit the quick, which is the area that contains the nail’s blood vessels.

If you accidentally hit the quick, use a styptic powder. This powder will help to stop the bleeding in the case you nick the quick.

Note that many dogs hate the nail cutting process. If you are squeamish or are having trouble trimming your Rottweiler’s claws, you can take your Rottweiler to a groomer who will do it for you.


Believe it or not, your Rottweiler needs to get its teeth brushed. You will need to brush your dog’s teeth daily to prevent tartar buildup. 

You can go to any pet store to find a toothpaste that is made specifically for dogs. Never used toothpaste made for humans since your dog will try to eat it. You will also want a dog toothbrush, which is often a brush that fits over your fingertip.

In addition to brushing your dog’s teeth, invest in dental treats. Dental treats will help to remove any plaque and freshen your dog’s breath throughout the day. These chews are a great treat that your dog will love too!

Rottweiler Grooming Schedule

Here is a closer look at what your Rottweiler’s grooming schedule will look like:

Frequency Grooming Task   
DailyBrush teeth
 Wipe eyes
WeeklyInspect and clean ears if needed
 Inspect claws and trim if needed
MonthlyBrush coat
Every 2 MonthsBath

Do I Need to Hire A Groomer?

Many individuals are against getting dogs that require intensive grooming because they do not want to spend the money on a monthly or bi-monthly groomer. If that sounds like you, you will be happy to know that you do not need to hire A groomer in order to keep your Rottweiler clean and healthy.

All of the grooming your Rottweiler needs can be done from the comfort of your home. Brushing teeth, inspecting the ears, trimming claws, and brushing the coat are all super easy to do at home. Giving your Rottweiler a bath will require a bit more effort, but it can certainly be done. In fact, most Rottweiler owners bathe their dogs at home.

That is not to say that you can’t hire a groomer. If you are not comfortable bathing and grooming your Rottweiler, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

When to See a Vet

It’s a good idea to view your grooming routine as a time to check up on your dog and its health. Often, your dog’s ears, claws, and coat are the first sign that there’s a problem. If you notice that your dog has any weird symptoms, contact your vet to make sure there is no deeper issue at play.

Final Thoughts

Do Rottweilers need to be groomed? Yes, but the grooming requirements are minimal. Only get a Rottweiler if you are willing to do what it takes to keep it groomed and healthy. Pay special attention to your dog’s coat, eyes, ears, claws, and teeth. Creating a grooming routine will ensure that your dog is always healthy and groomed.