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Do Rottweilers Drool?

Every dog drools, but some breeds are heavier droolers than others. When it comes to Rottweilers, you may find yourself asking “do Rottweilers drool?

Rottweilers do drool, but they aren’t a breed that drools heavily. On the same page, Rotties aren’t light droolers either. While Rottweilers do drool, the amount depends on the individual dog and why it is drooling. 

Are you interested to learn more about whether Rottwilers drool? You’re on the right page. Today, we’re doing to discuss how often Rottweilers drool, some of the reasons these dogs drool, and what dog owners should know. Keep reading to learn more. 

Do Rottweilers Drool?

Rottweilers do drool on occasion. While they aren’t the heaviest droolers, you will need to occasionally wipe a bite of slobber from your dog’s mouth. To give you a better idea of how much a Rottweiler drools, let’s take a look at what causes heavy drooling vs light drooling in dog breeds. 

Dogs with heavy jowls drool a lot, while dogs with less jowls rarely drool. The jowl is what you see as the dog’s lips. These are the loose flaps of skin that hang beside the dog’s mouth. Rottweilers have a moderate amount of jowl on their mouths. If you’re familiar with the breed, you may have noticed that some Rotties have more jowls than others.

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Of course, the Rottweilers with more jowls will typically drool more than the dogs with less. It should also be noted that the shape of the dog’s head can also cause it to drool. This is why male Rotties are often heavier droolers than females. However, Rotties of either gender can be droolers. This is because dogs with larger heads will have more jowls. 

When Drooling is Normal

All Rottweiler owners can expect a bit of drool here and there. After all, there are certain occasions when it’s completely normal for a dog to drool. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons your Rottie will start drooling.

The Rottweiler is Hungry

One of the most obvious reasons any animal, including humans, drools is over anticipation of food. Rottweilers are just like us in that sense. When the dog smells that you’re getting its food out, the drooling will kick into place.

Drooling is actually very important to help Rottweillers with digestion. To begin with, the wetness from the saliva moistens the food, which makes it easier for the dog to swallow. Saliva also contains amylase, which is an enzyme that begins the digestion process by breaking down the food.

The Rottweiler is Too Hot

Dogs don’t sweat, so if a Rottweiler is too hot it will begin to pant and drool. On a hot summer’s day, you may notice that your Rottweiler is drooling more than usual. Always take drooling in the heat as a sign that your Rottweiler needs to cool down. Since Rottweilers have a thick black coat, they are prone to overheating in the sun.

Make sure the dog has access to fresh water so it doesn’t become dehydrated. It’s also a good idea to make sure the dog is in a shaded area if it’s outdoors. During heatwaves, your Rottweiler will be more comfortable indoors with a controlled temperature.

The Rottweiler Smells a Mate

An attractive dog can make your Rottweiler drool, sort of. If your Rottweiler hasn’t been fixed and smells a potential mate in the area, it may begin to drool out of arousal. Rottweilers have a very good sense of smell as well. The other dog in heat doesn’t have to be in sight to get your dog drooling. 

Drooling from arousal is more common in male Rottweilers when they catch a whiff of a female. However, if you have an unfixed female, she may have a similar reaction to the scent of a male. 

Additionally, the Rottweiler doesn’t have to be in heat for this to happen either. Some Rotties are known to drool simply when they smell another dog nearby. 

The Rottweiler is Stressed

Drooling is a normal response when a Rottweiler is stressed or has anxiety. While it hasn’t been discovered why dogs drool when they are worried, it has been noted that this is a common occurrence. If you have recently moved into a new home or brought in another family pet, your Rottweiler may drool a bit more than usual.

When is Drooling a Cause For Concern?

When it comes to Rottweilers, there is normal drooling and excessive drooling. Every Rottweiler will have its own level of normal for drooling. When drooling becomes a concern is when you see more than the dog’s usual amount of drools. This can make a dog owner worry because it could point to a health concern with the Rottweiler.

Always keep an eye on your Rottweiler’s drool level because when it becomes excessive, it could be a sign of one of the following health problems. 

Upset Stomach

Rottweilers love to eat. The problem is, that these dogs are known to overeat when they get the chance. They are also guilty of getting into things they shouldn’t when the opportunity presents itself. When a Rottweiler eats too much or something that doesn’t sit well, it can get an upset stomach.

Drooling is one of the signs that your dog has an upset stomach. Depending on what the dog ate, it could settle on its own. However, if your Rottweiler got into a poisonous plant or something your dog may be having a bad reaction. In this event, always get the dog examined by a vet as soon as possible.

Dental Problems

Excessive drooling is a key sign of dental problems in a Rottweiler. If your Rottweiler is drooling a lot more than usual, we strongly suggest that you examine its mouth. This could be caused by a tooth that is infected or damaged. It may also be due to an abscess. 

In some cases, the dog may be drooling a lot because it has something stuck between its teeth. When this happens, it can irritate the dog’s gums.

Heat Stroke

As we mentioned above, when a Rottweiler is too hot, it will pant and drool to cool down. Always monitor your Rottie’s activity on hot days. Drooling could be a sign that your dog is too hot and about to collapse. It can also be an early sign of heatstroke. Make sure your dog always has access to water and stays in shaded areas.

Respiratory Infection

If your Rottweiler has a respiratory infection, excessive drooling is one of the symptoms. Some other symptoms include a runny nose and sneezing. If you believe your Rottweiler may have a respritory infection, always get it examined by a vet.


Since Rottweilers are a deep-chested breed, they are at a bigger risk of suffering from bloat. Bloat is a big cause of concern and if you believe that your Rottweiler may be suffering from it, you will need to make an emergency visit to the vet. If bloat is left untreated, it could be fatal.

Bloat causes the stomach to knot up, which in turn can lead to gas building up inside. When bloat occurs, excessive drooling is an early symptom. 

Will Rottweiler Drool Stain?

For most dog owners, cleaning up drool is inevitable. While you might not mind wiping a bit of drool off of your Rottweiler’s chin, it’s a completely different story when it leaves a stain on your sofa. Unfortunately, dog drool can leave an unpleasant stain behind. Luckily, Rottweiler drool stains are very easy to remove from upholstery and you probably already have the items you need.

Rottweilers can drool on everything from your expensive area rug to your brand new jeans. While this is gross, your items aren’t ruined. You can remove the drool stains using a very simple and affordable solution. Start by mixing the following ingredients together.

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 white vinegar
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 to 2 drops of dish soap

Gently apply this mixture using a cloth or scrub brush to lift the drool stain. You won’t need to use a lot to get the stain out. Since there aren’t any heavy chemicals used in this mixture, it can be trusted to lift the stain without ruining the fabric. 

Final Thoughts

Do Rottweilers drool? Rottweilers do drool occasionally. This is because the shape of their heads causes them to have medium-sized jowls. How much a dog drools all depends on the size of its jowls. A good way to tell how much your Rottweiler will drool is by taking a close look at its jowls.

Rotweilers are known to drool for many reasons. A hungry Rottweiler will drool in anticipation of its food, while a hot Rottweiler will drool as a way to cool off. The Rottie may even drool when it smells another dog. In some cases, drooling could be a sign of a health problem. Rottweilers are known to drool if they have dental issues, an upset stomach, respiratory issues, or bloat.