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Do Greyhounds Need To Be Groomed?

Do Greyhounds Need To Be Groomed?

Grooming is an important part of your dog’s wellness, and it also allows you to bond with your dog and build trust between each other. With greyhounds having such short fur, do greyhounds need to be groomed?

Greyhounds need minimal grooming as these dogs keep themselves fairly clean. They will need occasional brushing and bathing, and their teeth and ears will have to be cleaned a little more regularly. Even though greyhounds don’t need to be groomed all the time, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on keeping them clean. 

There are some aspects of grooming that you’ll have to do frequently, and some you’ll only have to do occasionally. Knowing what your greyhound needs will ensure they stay happy and healthy while looking and feeling good as well. 

Do Greyhounds Need To Be Groomed?

Greyhounds do need to be groomed; just not as frequently as some other dogs. They are very good at keeping themselves clean and they don’t create a lot of mess. Their fur is also short and close to their skin, leaving little room for dirt and debris to get caught in it. Their fur is also typically silky smooth and soft. 

There are certain aspects of grooming that you’ll need to do more consistently than brushing and bathing. Keeping their teeth, ears, and eyes cleaned is a very important part of your greyhound’s health. You should also have their nails trimmed occasionally so they don’t get too long and catch on things or break. 

Keeping your dog groomed is a major part of responsible dog parenting, regardless of breed. While dogs groom themselves, they are only able to groom themselves in areas that they can reach. When they’re outside, they can get dirty and filth isn’t good for their health. Grooming also helps ensure that you catch any potential hitchhikers from outside, such as fleas or ticks. 

Dogs also have to be somewhat vulnerable to allow you to groom them, especially when you have to get into sensitive areas such as their mouths or ears. The type of trust your greyhound will develop for you to allow you to groom them is very meaningful. 

Are Greyhounds High Maintenance?

Greyhounds are some of the lowest maintenance dogs you’ll ever meet. They are really good at keeping themselves clean as they prefer living in a clean environment. Since they aren’t super active dogs, they don’t work up a sweat and aren’t prone to getting stinky and dirty. 

These dogs are frequently touted as couch potatoes, and have earned themselves the reputation for being somewhat lazy. However, they do need and like playtime and exercise; they just want to sleep for the rest of the day afterwards. 

Do Greyhounds Need To Be Bathed?

Greyhounds tend not to get very stinky so they don’t need baths a lot. It is a good idea to bathe them every now and then, especially if they get themselves dirty. You should be able to bathe them in a bathtub with warm water. Having someone help you keep them calm is recommended if the water makes them nervous. 

When bathing a greyhound, it’s crucial that you use shampoo specifically formulated for dogs. You should never use human shampoo on a dog. You’ll also want to dilute the shampoo before applying it to their body. Keep the water warm and make sure you rinse their bodies very well. 

During bath time, you should also check their ears and use a cotton ball to gently clean them out. Try to avoid getting any water in their ears. You can purchase ear cleaning liquids that are safe for that sensitive area. You can also use a warm, clean cloth to wash their face, making sure you check their eyes for any buildup. 

You will also need a large towel to help dry your greyhound. Be sure they get some nice treats for behaving. Once they are dry, you’ll want to give them a quick brush to help control shedding. They’ll likely want to curl up on the couch after getting their bath, and will likely let you cuddle them to help calm them down and help them get warm. 

Do Greyhounds Like Baths?

Every dog is different in terms of how they tolerate baths, greyhounds can usually tolerate water a little bit more easily than other breeds. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they will like baths; they may just be more complacent to bath time. Your ability to remain calm is going to be crucial in helping keep your greyhound calm in the bath. 

Thankfully, greyhounds don’t need to be bathed often. This is both a blessing and a curse, as it’s hard for them to get used to being in a bath if they aren’t exposed to it consistently. As long as you take your time, reward them, and give them a lot of praise, they shouldn’t be too difficult to bathe. 

Tools Needed To Groom Greyhounds

In terms of brushes, it’s best to opt for one with soft, short bristles, or look for a grooming mitt brush that is a combination between petting and brushing. Even though a greyhound has short fur, they still manage to shed quite a bit. Brushing them will help keep their shedding under control. 

You should use gentle strokes when brushing them, as you’re not going to have to work through any knots or matting with their short fur. It is also recommended to have a hound glove to use in addition to a brush. This can help keep your greyhound’s fur nice and glossy. 

You should also have a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste that is safe to use on a dog’s teeth. Keeping a dog’s teeth cleaned with the proper tools is a huge proponent of your greyhound’s overall health. Dental issues down the line could be costly for you, and more importantly, could lead to a host of health problems later in life. 

If you are going to trim their nails at home, you will need either a dog nail cutter or a Dremel tool that will help you sand them down. Since their nails do have to be trimmed somewhat frequently, it’s worth having a groomer or your vet show you the right way to do it, so you feel more comfortable doing it yourself. 

How Often Do Greyhounds Need To Be Groomed?

Since greyhounds tend to smell pretty neutral and don’t get super dirty often, it’s recommended that you bathe them every two to three months. Bathing can make your greyhound very nervous, so be sure you take your time, be patient, and give them a bundle of treats. Once they are dry, give them a nice snuggle to help them stay warm. 

When it comes to oral grooming, you should aim to brush their teeth at least three times a week. Implement dental care in their life early on to get them used to it. Brushing their coats should also be done a couple times a week. While they don’t get tangled, brushing helps remove any dead hair and encourages their natural oils to spread throughout their coat. 

You should have your greyhound’s nails cut once a month, as they can grow long pretty quickly. If you are concerned about cutting them on your own, a groomer can do this with ease. As mentioned, however, you should have them show you the proper procedures for nail cutting to help you cut down on costs. 

How To Help Greyhounds Relaxed During Grooming

Each dog is different in terms of how well they tolerate grooming. Your greyhound may be nervous at first when it comes to letting you groom them, and their anxiety may ease over time. It’s good to have some strategies to ease their tension, since greyhounds are notorious for being timid dogs. 

Keeping yourself calm and implementing a routine early in life are two common tips for helping your greyhound remain calm. Taking your greyhound for a walk can also help expend some of their nervous energy before you need them to hunker down and get a bath or get their teeth brushed. 

Keeping close physical contact throughout by giving them pets and kisses will also help ease their tension. Be sure to tell your greyhound how good they are being, as praise will encourage them to keep it up. 

Final Thoughts

If you struggle with grooming your greyhound in certain aspects, it’s worth going to a professional groomer occasionally. Some pet parents are worried about accidentally hurting their greyhounds by doing something wrong, and it’s not worth the stress for you or them to try it regardless of nerves. 

Do greyhounds need to be groomed? They definitely do, so get it done by a groomer if you can’t do it yourself. Since they don’t require a lot of grooming all the time, letting them get pampered by a groomer is a loving way to treat them to proper care. If you feel comfortable grooming them on your own, your greyhound will definitely thank you for it.