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Do French Bulldogs Run Away?

Do French Bulldogs Run Away?

One of the most lovable and loyal canines is the French Bulldog. Frenchies like spending most of their days with their owners and human family members. However, there are certain disadvantages to this species that you should be aware of, one of which is its proclivity to run away.

French Bulldogs are considered a timid breed that prefers to spend all their time cozied up next to their owners on the couch. As a result, when left alone, this breed is unfortunately prone to behaviors that help them escape and run away. While a majority of Frenchies run away due to fear or separation anxiety, they may also flee if abused, hungry, bored, or looking for a mate.

Continue reading to learn more regarding whether French Bulldogs run away, why French Bulldogs run away, things you can do to stop your Frenchie from running away and more.

Do French Bulldogs Run Away?

Since French Bulldogs are regarded as a very clingy breed, they are more prone to separation anxiety. They are not the sort of dogs that can be left alone at home for lengthy periods of time because they were designed to be human companions.

French Bulldogs are a shy breed that loves to spend their days curled up on the couch close to their owners. As a result, when left alone, this breed is prone to behaviors that assist them in escaping and fleeing. While the majority of Frenchies run because of fear or separation anxiety, they may also escape because they have been abused, are hungry, bored, or are searching for a partner.

Why Do French Bulldogs Run Away?

Your French Bulldog Could Be Scared of Something

One of the main reasons why French Bulldogs tend to flee is fear. In general, these dogs will leave when they are terrified in an attempt to locate a safe haven. It is typical behavior in this dog breed to defend itself from pyrotechnics, electrical storms, gunshot sounds, and other loud noises. In other words, any unfamiliar disturbance might frighten them and cause them to flee.

Furthermore, while French Bulldogs are recognized for being good watchdogs, some may become startled by the sight of an intruder and flee.

Separation Anxiety is Affecting your French Bulldog

Most dog breeds suffer from separation anxiety, which is one of the most frequent causes of running away. In reality, your Frenchie is probably trying to run after you if you’ve left the house without them.

 From their beginnings, French Bulldogs have been bred to be companion dogs, which has resulted in a close bond with humans. Since they have to go to work or do something else, many individuals don’t have time to spend with their dogs at home. 

French Bulldogs will feel abandoned if they do not spend a significant portion of their day with their owners. When this occurs, they will attempt to flee their house in order to locate you.

Your French Bulldog has been Abused

In general, French Bulldogs do not flee on purpose, or because they want to, however, this is not always the case. If a human has abused their dog with physical and verbal punishment, the dog may wish to flee.

Many individuals utilize aggressive tactics to train and communicate with their French Bulldogs. However, they should never do this, especially because these dogs are sensitive. Things like yelling at them, striking them, and locking them up should never be done.

Your French Bulldog is Hungry

The French Bulldog is one of the dog breeds that enjoy eating the most. These dogs will eat everything they come upon, even if it is rubbish. 

One of the reasons they suffer from obesity and other health issues is because of this. 

If your French Bulldog is alone at home and you haven’t left food for it, it may flee in search of sustenance. During a stroll, the same thing might happen. If your pet sees food in the distance or smells a pleasant fragrance while walking with you, it will swiftly flee from you in quest of that tasty meal.

Physical and Mental Stimulation is Required for your French Bulldog

Another reason French Bulldogs run away is boredom. These dogs don’t have a lot of energy, but they like exercising, especially walking. They are also incredibly lively dogs who would enjoy playing any game with you. 

If they cannot locate any type of amusement when left alone, they will flee in search of anything that will physically and psychologically engage them.

Your French Bulldog is Looking for a Female to Mate With

Keep in mind that at around six months of age, French Bulldogs attain sexual maturity. If your pet is not neutered and sees a female in heat, it will want to mate. You may have trouble with your pet when out on a stroll from then on. In these situations, it’s critical to keep your French Bulldog on a leash.

What Can You Do to Keep Your French Bulldog from Running Away?

Training Your French Bulldog from a Young Age

You can only educate your Frenchie to be obedient if you are consistent and start teaching him at a young age. When the puppy is between 8 and 12 weeks old, it is the perfect time to begin training classes. Also, remember to reward your dog whenever they return to you after playing fetch or performing other training exercises.

Never Chase a French Bulldog: They Will Think You’re Playing

If your leash breaks and your Frenchie appears to be on the verge of fleeing, don’t chase them. Your Frenchie may believe you’re about to play a game. Instead, remain calm and sit on the ground while showing them food or a toy.

Providing Your French Bulldog with Mentally Stimulating Toys

If you’ve noticed that your dog is prone to running away due to boredom, mentally stimulating toys to tire your Frenchie out might be beneficial. You may also experiment with other Interactive dog toys, in addition to chew toys for Frenchies. They will not only boost your dog’s IQ, but they will also keep them calm when you’re away.

Spaying or Neutering Your French Bulldog

If you have a male Frenchie, neutering is one option for avoiding your dog from becoming separated from you. Male canines may be prone to escaping and roaming in search of a female companion for mating due to periodic hormonal fluctuations. 

Fencing Your Yard

If you live in a home with a yard and frequently allow your dog to spend time outside, you should check to see if the fence is safe. Dogs have a natural desire to dig holes and examine their surroundings.

If you have an outside dog fence, thoroughly examine the actual fence for damage if your dog repeatedly escapes from the yard. Frenchies can fit into tighter areas than you would think. Look for areas beneath the fence where your French Bulldog has dug a hole. To prevent future escapes, fill any holes with timber or chicken wire.

What Should You Do if Your French Bulldog Runs Away?

Stay calm if your French Bulldog runs away. It’s critical not to worry since this will just terrify you and make it harder for you to find them. Therefore, if you have a missing Frenchie, begin your search as soon as possible to increase your chances of locating them. 

Your dog may even return on its own, guided only by smell. Even the most domesticated dogs are capable of travelling vast distances and surviving by foraging for food and water until they return home. So, not to worry. You have a strong possibility of reuniting with your French Bulldog. 

However, to eliminate the tension and concern, you can also use a GPS dog tracker, which will constantly show you where your dog is.

What is the Best Way to Keep Your Dog Safe if They Run Away?

A GPS tracking system for dogs is a simple method to keep track of your French Bulldog at all times. Simply clip a Tractive GPS tracker to your Frenchie’s collar and monitor their every step from the convenience of your phone. You may even set up a Virtual Fence around a safe zone, such as your garden, to alert you if your dog leaves it.

As responsible dog owners, you should be aware of the most prevalent causes of dog escape and how to prevent it. This prevention can stop your dog from going missing if you take the necessary steps. Even if they do, you’ll have the resources you need to find them and bring them home safely.

After all, even the most well-behaved dogs in the world are capable of running. Nobody likes to deal with a dog that has gone missing, or worse, a dog that has gone missing and is wounded. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, French Bulldogs are considered a shy breed that wants to spend all of their time on the sofa with their owners. As a result, when left alone, this breed is prone to behaviours that aid in escape.  While the majority of Frenchies run away because they are afraid or have separation anxiety, they may also flee if they are mistreated, hungry, bored, or searching for a mate.

Owners can try to limit their French Bulldog’s capacity to leave by training and neutering their dog, giving cognitively engaging toys, and fencing the yard.