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Do French Bulldogs Drool?

Do French Bulldogs Drool?

The majority of dogs drool and dribble. Being a dog owner comes with the territory. Are French Bulldogs, on the other hand, any different? Do Frenchies dribble and drool a lot? And, if so, might it be an indication of something more serious?

Drooling is common in French bulldogs, especially after eating or drinking. Excessive exertion can also cause drooling and uncontrollable slobbering. A Frenchie that dribbles, slobbers, and drools excessively, on the other hand, might be an indication of a more significant problem, such as a medical ailment or health issue.

Continue reading to learn more regarding whether French Bulldogs drool, why French Bulldogs drool, what drooling can indicate, health concerns that can cause excessive drooling and more.

Do French Bulldogs Drool?

While the French Bulldog is usually clean, they are also noted for slobbering and drooling frequently. They, unfortunately, actually drool a lot. This is typical in the breed, and it only becomes a worry if your pet starts drooling excessively, which might indicate a deeper underlying problem.

The French Bulldog‘s anatomy can also create respiratory problems, which are sometimes accompanied by excessive drool, compounding the situation. Laryngotracheomalacia, also known as Brachycephalic Races Syndrome, affects the breed. As a result of the illness, the dogs’ nasal passageways become extremely constricted, causing them to snore and drool.

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Why is My French Bulldog Suddenly Drooling?

First and foremost, don’t be alarmed if your French Bulldog suddenly develops a drooling habit. Drooling is, unfortunately, quite normal, and Frenchies are notorious for drooling, slobbering, and dribbling. They aren’t the ideal home guests, to say the least.

Dogs produce drool for a variety of reasons, but the most common include feeding and digesting. The slobbery dribble moistens their mouth, aids digestion, and prevents tooth decay and gum disease.

How Much Drool is Considered Normal for a French Bulldog?

The brachycephalic characteristics of the Frenchie breed results in short and broad snouts with overhanging lip folds and the rare underbite. That implies a lot of slobber on occasion.

There is, however, normal drooling as well as abnormal drooling. When the issue becomes extreme, you should pay greater attention. It’s important to investigate if your dog is drooling in situations that you can’t attribute to activity, eating, or drinking, and it’s becoming abrupt, frequent, and persistent outside of those activities.

Why is My French Bulldog Drooling Excessively?

Can a French Bulldog Drool Too Much Due to Excitement?

You should never encounter a French bulldog that isn’t thrilled, and once the food is on the card, that excitement multiplies. Overall, avoid putting Frenchies’ favorite meal in front of them for long periods of time. Allow them to eat once you’ve offered him food.

Can a French Bulldog Drool Too Much Due to Excessive Exercise?

If you have a French bulldog, avoid doing too many workouts. For this small companion, 10 minutes of activity is plenty. Give your tiny friend regular breaks if you go for lengthy walks. Avoid going for a stroll in hot weather and exercising on scorching floors.

Can a French Bulldog Drool Too Much Due to Motion Sickness?

Although not all dogs enjoy traveling in automobiles, most owners find it necessary to take their pets in the vehicle at some time. Motion sickness may affect any dog breed, although it is more common in pups who aren’t acclimated to traveling by car.

If your Frenchie is prone to motion sickness, build up to longer excursions gradually, carry some unique toys with you, and maybe switch cars to eliminate any associations with a past bad experience.

Can a French Bulldog Drool Too Much Due to Anxiety?

Drooling is another sign of a stressed dog. A change in their surroundings, loud noises, or anything they aren’t used to or anticipating are the most common causes of anxiety and panic.

In scary situations, your French Bulldog may also display various behaviors such as loss of appetite, hostility, apathy, hiding, and trembling, in addition to drooling profusely. If you see any of these signs, put your dog in a calm environment at home and surround him with things he knows and understands.

What Health Conditions Can Cause a French Bulldog to Drool Excessively?

Mouth Disease and Excessive Drool 

Frenchies, like humans, are prone to tooth and gum disorders. In addition to excessive drooling, you should look for red and swollen gums, receding gums, and poor breath. In other words, drooling, lumps in the mouth, aversion to having their head touched, and loose teeth.

All of these symptoms indicate oral illness, and the dog’s mouth will work overtime to attempt to heal itself by drooling on the region.

Heat Stroke and Excessive Drool 

Excessive drooling can be caused by heatstroke. Heatstroke is the cause of drooling, sleepiness, and numbness in your cute French Bulldog that has spent too much time outside playing in the sun.

Your French Bulldog helps to cool down its body temperature by drooling when they’re overheated. You may assist him in accomplishing this by providing them with plenty of chilly water.

However, to summarise this point, keep your Frenchie calm. When your French Bulldog drools because they’re overheated or overworked, it’s just their body attempting to cool off. However, you must reduce the heat as soon as possible.

Heatstroke may be avoided by making sure your Frenchie has easy access to water, not leaving your dog out in the sun on hot days, and not ever leaving your dog alone in parked automobiles.

Organ Disease and Excessive Drool 

If your French Bulldog is drooling excessively and you’ve ruled out all other possibilities, it might be an indication of a significant health concern. Excessive drooling and licking are sometimes the first signs of a kidney or liver issue. Have your dog to the vet as soon as possible, but also make sure they get regular health checks.

Rabies and Excessive Drool 

Rabies is exceedingly uncommon in the Western world. Thus, your Frenchie is unlikely to be infected. Rabies was eradicated from domestic animals in the United States and the United Kingdom in the mid-nineteenth century. Dogs, cats, ferrets, and other vulnerable animals that have not been vaccinated against rabies must, nevertheless, spend six months in quarantine before being allowed to enter the UK in order to preserve the UK rabies-free.

You should be aware that drooling may occur if your Frenchie has been overseas or come into touch with a probable rabies carrier. Fever, convulsions, paralysis, hydrophobia, the inability to swallow, and aggression are among rabies symptoms to watch for.

Poison and Excessive Drool 

French bulldogs eat plants to aid digestion, however, some varieties of plants can be harmful to your dog and cause excessive drooling. Azaleas, tulips, and chrysanthemums are the most common plants that cause poisoning in French Bulldogs.

These toxic plants are dangerous to your dog’s health, so call your veterinarian right away if you notice any of these symptoms.

Younger French bulldogs, especially, aren’t picky about what they eat. Cleaning materials, cosmetics, makeup, medications, deceased animals, another dog’s waste, and gardening poisons are all items to keep out of your pet French Bulldog’s reach.

How Should Owners Deal with Excessive Drool from their French Bulldogs?

If you detect a significant rise in your French Bulldog’s drool, you should take them to the vet right away. Take note of when the increase started, whether you’ve been cleaning with a new product or if you suspect they’ve been chewing on anything. It’s conceivable that your pet ingested anything harmful, such as plants, cleaning disinfectants, or shampoo, causing the drool.

In the summer, French Bulldogs tend to drool more as a natural means of decreasing their body temperature. You might notice a decrease in drool if you give them some cold water to drink or take them swimming.

Is it Possible to Stop a French Bulldog from Drooling Entirely?

French Bulldogs would not drool or create a mess in an ideal world, but we don’t live in one. Drooling is entirely natural in French Bulldogs, and it occurs in nearly every one of them.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to teach them out of it or convince them to stop, so you’ll have to live with it. The good news is that now you know the many reasons for drooling in French Bulldogs, you’ll be better able to recognize when and why it occurs.

Final Thoughts

Despite their drooling, snoring, and farting, Frenchies are incredibly affectionate and make wonderful pets. These features would undoubtedly be a turnoff in a human, yet they just add to the personalities of this type of dog.

Unfortunately, you’ll simply have to get accustomed to the French bulldog dribble. However, if your French Bulldog is drooling excessively and you can’t attribute it to food, excitement, heat, or worry, you should act and take them to the veterinarian.

Poisoning, something they ate, oral illness, internal organ issues, or internal obstructions might all be causes. Take care of your Frenchie because you know them best but keep an eye out for drooling more than normal.