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Do French Bulldogs Dig? 

French Bulldogs are so sweet, we couldn’t possibly imagine them having any bad habits. However, if you’ve ever seen the backyard of a Frenchie owner, you’ll definitely be wondering “do French Bulldogs dig?

The answer is a firm yes, French Bulldogs will dig when the opportunity presents itself. Many Frenchie owners have to keep an eye on when their dog is playing in the yard. If the French Bulldog is left unattended, there is a good chance it will begin to dig up the yard.

Are you curious to know more about a French Bulldog’s digging habits? Today, we’re going to discuss why Frenchies dig and how dog owners can prevent their furry friends from tearing up the yard. Keep reading to learn more.

Do French Bulldogs Dig?

French Bulldogs are diggers. If you leave yours unattended in the yard, don’t be surprised if you come back to find a new hole. These dogs are known to dig in yards, garden beds, and even drywall. Even a well-trained Frenchie will begin to dig when the opportunity arises.

Many dog owners would associate digging with destructive behavior. However, with Frenchies, there are a number of different reasons why they dig, and not all of them are destructive. There are many situations where digging is simply a natural instinct for the dog. 

Luckily, owners of Frenchies can curb this habit so their dog doesn’t dig up their favorite plants or makes holes in the yard.

Why Do French Bulldogs Dig?

Before you can prevent your French Bulldog from digging, you need to understand why it’s digging in the first place. While you may just assume the Frenchie is digging because that’s what dogs do, you will have a better chance of stopping the digging and keeping your dog happy if you determine why it wants to dig.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons you’ll catch a French Bulldog digging.

Your Frenchie is Too Hot

French Bulldogs get hot very easily. On a hot summer’s day, merely 5 minutes of romping around outdoors can have them overheated. Many dog owners notice that their Frenchie digs more frequently on hot days.

This is because they are trying to create a cool spot to lay down in. The dirt underneath the ground is cool and this is appealing to the dog.

There is an easy solution for you to help your dog in this situation. Simply bring it indoors where there is air conditioning or take it to a shaded area and make sure the dog has a dish of fresh drinking water.

Your French Bulldog is Frightened

French Bulldogs will dig to attempt to create a hiding spot. If something frightened or startled your dog, you may notice that it takes to digging. There are a lot of things outdoors that could frighten a French Bulldog, such as neighbors working on a construction project, another neighborhood dog, or even a loud vehicle that drove down the street.

Although you can’t control what goes on outside, you can remain in your Frenchie’s presence while it’s outdoors. This will give the dog a feeling of security and if you notice that there’s too much commotion outside, you can bring the dog inside to a calm environment. 

They Smell a Critter

Frenchies have a very good sense of smell, and they are also curious dogs. Even though the ground may not look like much to you, your Frenchie can smell what’s going on underneath. If there are moles, mice, or any underground critters in your yard, they will catch your dog’s attention and this can lead them to start digging.

If you’ve recently moved into the home you’re now living in and your French Bulldog is persistent with digging in a particular spot, it may smell something else underneath the surface of the ground that has caught its attention. Possibly, the previous owners may have had a dog that buried something in that section.

Your Dog is Bored

Digging is simply something that dogs enjoy doing. They have a funny fascination with dirt and it also brings them joy. One of the reasons your French Bulldog may have started digging is because it’s boring. The dog is looking for some entertainment, so why not dig a hole?

Unless you want your lawn to be full of patches, this is something that dog owners should curb as soon as they notice it. When your Frenchie digs out of boredom, it’s telling you that it needs more stimulation in its life. The dog may need a new toy to keep it entertained or you may need to set up a form of outdoor activity for the dog’s enjoyment.

The Frenchie Has a Secret

While your Frenchie may not have a juicy secret it’s keeping from you, it may have found an item that it wants to hide from everyone else. Remember what we mentioned earlier about French Bulldogs digging because they may smell something another dog buried? Well, they will also dig to bury an item they found.

This habit is a French Bulldog’s instinct because this is one breed that’s not fond of sharing. Frenchies were known to bury food and bones to keep away from other dogs. Even though a domestic French Bulldog has no shortage of food, it still has the instinct to hide what belongs to it. 

French Bulldogs Copy Owners

French Bulldogs are known to mimic their owners. While this is a less common reason for Frenchies to dig, it can still happen. This will usually happen with Frenchies when their owners are into gardening. If the dog was outside and saw its owner dig a hole in the garden bed to place a plant in, it will learn from them.

If you notice your Frenchie digging after you’ve planted a garden bed, then your pooch may simply be trying to do what you were doing.

The Frenchie Could Be Sick

If your dog is digging, pay attention to what they are doing as they dig. When a French Bulldog has an upset stomach or a mineral deficiency, it will be digging to eat the dirt. Always consult a vet for further examination if you catch your Frenchie eating the dirt as it digs.

Your French Bulldog Needs Exercise

One of the great things about owning a French Bulldog is that they don’t require as much exercise as large dogs do. However, they still need to go for a daily walk and have time to run around and play. If your French Bulldog isn’t getting enough exercise, it will take to digging for physical activity.

Adding a few extra minutes to your walk, or ensuring the dog gets at least two 20-minute walks daily, could be one of the easiest ways to prevent digging.

French Bulldogs Have Separation Anxiety

French Bulldogs don’t like to be left alone. If you have to leave for more than an hour, always leave your dog indoors. When a Frenchie has anxiety, it will dig as a stress relief. Many dog owners have made the mistake of thinking their dog would be okay in a gated backyard for an hour or two, only to come home and find their yard is a mess.

Additionally, if the Frenchie’s environment is creating stress for it, the dog may start digging outside to create an escape route. If you notice signs of stress in your French Bulldog, always approach them in a calm and positive manner. Try to give them more affection so the dog knows that it’s loved. 

The Frenchie is in Heat

Is your French Bulldog fixed? If not, it may start digging more when it’s in heat. Remember what we mentioned about the Frenchie’s good sense of smell? Well, that sense of smell also tells a Frenchie who is in heat when a dog of the opposite gender is nearby. Your Frenchie doesn’t even have to see the dog to know that it’s there. 

The scent of the other dog will have your Frenchie excited enough to tear up your yard and garden to get to it. This is why you should always keep an eye on your Frenchie when it’s in heat. Try to create more activities indoors so your Frenchie is tempted to dig once it gets the scent of another dog.

Final Thoughts

Do French Bulldogs dig? Yes, French Bulldogs do dig when they get the chance. While digging is a destructive habit, most Frenchies don’t dig because they are destructive dogs. Instead, there is usually a reason behind the digging. Once the dog owner knows why their Frenchie is digging, they can provide the right solution to prevent the dog from continuing.

Some of the main reasons a French Bulldog will dig the yard is because they smell something under the ground’s surface, they want to hide something they found, or they want a place to cool off. Frenchies may also dig if they are looking for an escape or are just simply bored. 

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