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Do Cane Corsos Swim?

When it comes to swimming, some dogs either love or hate the water. As you know, Cane Corsos are pretty agile dogs, but do Cane Corso swim?

While Cane Corso tends to have fun in the water, they actually aren’t usually great swimmers. They have a hard time being able to keep their large bodies afloat, even if they are trim and strong. When they’re wet, it can be even harder for them to try and float for a long time. Not all Cane Corso are bad swimmers, however, especially with the right training.

You don’t have to keep them away from water if they enjoy it; you’ll just have to find safe water-based activities for your Cane Corso and supervise them around water at all times. 

Do Cane Corsos Swim?

Cane Corso is known for having many incredible abilities, but swimming is not one of them. That doesn’t mean they can’t swim; they may not be able to swim well, and they likely won’t be doing laps in the pool. Cane Corso that do end up learning to swim can end up enjoying it, though a life vest is always recommended whenever they get into the water. 

Cane Corso’s parents will know that their dogs have a lot of energy, and they need exciting adventures and physical activities to help release some of it. These dogs can also be quite playful, especially with their human family. If you enjoy swimming, they’ll likely learn to enjoy it too since it’s one more thing they can share with you. 

Some dogs will happily get into the water, while others are nervous around it; this is regardless of breed or ability. You should never force a dog into the water, as this will just create more fear. 

Are Cane Corsos Good Swimmers?

Even though Cane Corso is built in such a way that they look like they could swim, they aren’t known for their swimming skills. Since they are big, they can’t hold themselves up to float on water for long. Their thick fur also adds some weight to their bodies when wet, so even if they physically know how to swim, they will likely tire out quickly. 

Since these dogs aren’t the best swimmers, they’ll likely want to just play in the shallow end or splash around in a large kiddie pool that’ll help them cool down on a hot day. They might feel safer if they’re at least able to stand up in the water while keeping their head above the water. 

There are exceptions to the rule, however. Some Cane Corso can become very good swimmers. This can be attributed to their ability to pick up physically demanding skills with relative ease. An especially strong Cane Corso may not be held back by their weight when it comes to keeping themselves afloat. 

Do Cane Corsos Like Water?

Every dog is different, but Cane Corso has been known to like playing in the water. There’s no guarantee that your pup will like water until they are exposed to it. Exposure should always be done very slowly. You need to work at your dog’s pace and make sure they feel safe enough with you that they know you won’t let them get hurt. 

It’s always a good idea to acclimate your dog to water, especially since you’ll have to give them a bath occasionally. Since you won’t be able to lift a Cane Corso into a bathtub, you’ll need to encourage them into it, and if they are scared of water, there’s no chance you’ll get them into a bath. 

If you take your Cane Corso for a walk or a hike and come across a river or pond, they may end up being curious about it. It’s better for them to feel safe around water as opposed to being scared of it, so be sure to praise them for playing in the water safely. 

Some Cane Corso may also enjoy swimming because they view it as a task to complete. These dogs were bred to work, and they enjoy feeling useful, especially if they know they’re going to get some pats and some praise for doing a good job. They’ll enjoy chasing around a pool toy that you throw around for them, as it’ll feel like they’re hunting it down. 

How To Get Cane Corsos Used To Water

As with anything you want to teach your Cane Corso, getting them used to water at a young age is recommended. The longer they have to get used to it, the more tolerant they’ll be of water. Getting them used to water will also make bath time a lot easier. 

You can start by filling a kiddie pool with shallow water at a moderate temperature and see if they’ll step into it. If you step into it first and hold them on a leash, they might be more likely to try it themselves. You can also throw some toys into the kiddie pool and see if they’ll jump in to grab it. 

You can also see if they’ll play in a sprinkler that isn’t too loud or too fast. They can learn to associate water with fun in this regard. If you have kids, they might even enjoy running through the sprinkler with young ones, especially on a hot summer day. Have some treats nearby so you can congratulate them when they make progress.

You can also bring them to the beach and see if they’ll walk into the water. Once you get a good gauge for how they respond to water, you can determine whether or not they’re ready to learn how to swim. It might take you quite some time to progress through these steps, so be sure to remain patient throughout the process. 

How To Teach Cane Corsos To Swim

If you want to try and teach your Cane Corso to swim to ensure they can remain safe in the water, you should get them a safety vest. This will make sure they don’t sink if they get tired while swimming. They likely won’t want to swim for a long time, so a safety vest will let them float when they need a break. 

Be sure that you take it slow with your Cane Corso when approaching water. You should have them on a leash unless you have a secure life vest with a handle. Let them step into the water at their pace, while you encourage them gently with your words and praise them when they try. Have lots of treats on hand as well. 

Once they get to the point where they can’t stand, be sure to hold onto their life vet securely. You might have to encourage their arms and legs to paddle, though many dogs will instinctively know how to do this. If they seem to panic, take them out of the water and try another time. 

Keep a hold on them as long as you can to ensure they feel safe while they learn the motions of swimming. Even if they become good swimmers and always have a life vest on, you should never allow your dog anywhere near water when you’re not there. 

Is Swimming Good For Dogs?

Any sort of physical activity that is done safely is beneficial for any dog. Cane Corso is prone to hip problems as they get older that can develop into arthritis. If they enjoy swimming or water-based activities, this can be a fantastic way for them to get the exercise that won’t cause them too much pain when they’re older and can’t walk as well. 

Teaching your Cane Corso a new skill is also an opportunity to bond with them in a new way. Their sense of trust in you is going to grow tremendously. Cane Corso loves it when their pet parents are proud of them and are happy with their progression in training and learning. 

Cane Corso puppies tend to want to try everything, so teaching them when they’re still young is likely to make training them to feel safe and comfortable in the water much easier. There should be a level of trust between you before you take them swimming, but otherwise, they can be trained to swim when they are between two and five months old. 

Final Thoughts 

Some dogs seem to gravitate towards the water and love nothing more than a romp at the beach, while others won’t even go near the water. Cane Corso doesn’t seem like they should be afraid of anything, so does Cane Corso swim? While they might, they aren’t always the best swimmers. That doesn’t mean they won’t try or won’t be able to learn. 

As with any dog engaging in swimming or any other rigorous activity in the water, they should never be left alone regardless of how well they can swim. Be sure your big dog has a safety vest and is only swimming by choice. Keep them safe in the water, and they’ll likely cuddle up to you to get warm after a day at the beach.