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Do Cane Corsos Smell?

Why is it that some dogs seem to stink almost all the time, while others can smell fine no matter how much they play? Do Cane Corsos smell, or does their odor remain neutral despite their propensity to stay active throughout their lives?

Cane Corsos do have a reputation for being smelly, but the odor can be managed. They will need pretty frequent grooming. Part of the reason they can work up a smell is because of their drool and their high activity level. In some cases, a stink coming from your Cane Corso could be an indicator that they have a health issue you need to monitor and treat. 

A good grooming regimen, with attention on their ears and teeth, can help eliminate most causes for a stinky Cane Corso. If their smell still remains, they may have an underlying problem that a vet will have to help you figure out. 

Do Cane Corsos Smell?

Not all Cane Corsos will smell all the time, but these big dogs can get stinky once in a while. Cane Corsos like to play and stay active, and so they’re bound to get sweaty and accumulate an unsavory odor. Additionally, their coats are very thick and layered, making it easy for sweat to get trapped inside. 

Bad smells are something to prepare for, to a certain extent, when you have a dog at home. It’s inevitable with such a big dog. You don’t necessarily have to get used to it all the time; you should keep them clean, which will eliminate a lot of it. If they constantly smell despite how clean they are, they may be ill and need to see the vet. 

Typically speaking, you should be sure to give your Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso a thorough once-over, even if they don’t stink, but especially if they do. If they aren’t due for a bath, you’ll want to be checking their ears, their mouths, and their bums. It’s not a pleasant job, but it’s the best way to know if they need a specific area cleaned. 

Why Cane Corsos Smell

As to be expected, insufficient grooming will result in a stinky dog. Grooming a Cane Corso can be a challenge given their size, but it’s necessary to maintain their health and settle your nostrils. Grooming involves more than just giving them a bath or brushing them, so be sure you’re giving them a thorough clean and check during grooming time. 

Apart from overall body odor, poor dental hygiene and ear cleaning can cause both areas to emit an unpleasant scent. Even though Cane Corsos have small ears, they can still get dirty, and ear infections often cause the ears to smell bad. 

A Cane Corso’s drool can also lead to an unsavory smell. When it falls out of their mouth, it can land in their fur. If it isn’t wiped up or isn’t taken care of, it’ll dry up in their fur and start to smell. 

A Cane Corso is also prone to having bloat, which can cause them to get gassy in order to relieve that bloat. Their current kibble or a recent snack could cause bloat, as can eating too quickly. 

Why Cane Corsos Stink All Over

A Cane Corso can also get yeast infections under their coat if they retain too much moisture and aren’t cleaned enough. Yeast infections are fungus that can grow in moist areas, and can cause an unpleasant smell, itchiness, and irritation. A vet can diagnose this and recommend proper treatment. 

Cane Corsos are susceptible to skin issues, and these can cause them some great discomfort. This is because of their thick, short fur and its ability to build up moisture, dirt, and debris. If you notice they are consistently scratching or grooming themselves in specific areas, it could be a rash, infection, or skin condition. 

You should make sure you do a look through their fur when bathing or brushing them to see if you notice any redness, swelling, or bumps. 

What A Cane Corso’s Smell Could Mean 

Cane Corsos can develop swollen anal glands. This is a fairly normal occurrence in dogs, and vets can take care of it easily. When the glands are swollen, they tend to smell very bad until they are dealt with. The smell is often likened to stinky fish. 

A Cane Corso can also get an ear infection. These seem to be common in dogs, especially dogs that enjoy their outside time. Your vet can double-check whether or not your Cane Corso has an ear infection and recommend a treatment plan. Keeping their ears as clean as possible can help prevent ear infections, which can smell until they are treated. 

Sometimes, Cane Corsos might just stink because they accidentally stepped in their own poop, or they rolled around in something dirty while they were outside. You can’t be upset at your Cane Corso for being playful. Thankfully, you can take care of this with a bath or some wipes. 

Preparing Your Cane Corso For A Bath

You can use your bathtub or an outside kiddie pool to bathe your Cane Corso. You should put down an anti-slip mat so your Cane Corso doesn’t fall when getting in and out of the tub. Opt for a gentle dog-safe shampoo and conditioner. You can use vegetable oil on a cotton ball to wipe out their ears. 

You may have to attach them to a strap of some kind if they are super fidgety in the bath. You’ll likely need to have someone help you bathe them, even if one of you just helps to keep them calm. Getting them some exercise before bathing them can help calm them down a bit. You should be gentle during the bath, giving them praise and treats. 

You don’t have to fill the entire bathtub or pool with water. Your vessel should be filled with about two inches of water, and the water should be lukewarm. The younger you get them used to having a bath, the easier it will become. 

How Often Should You Bathe A Cane Corso?

You should be giving your Cane Corso a bath at least once a month or every six to eight weeks in order to keep their stench at bay. If they get especially dirty after a romp outside, you may have to give them an additional bath. Giving them too many baths can dry out their skin, causing irritation, and it won’t help their smell. 

If you need to freshen them up between bath time, you can use some fresh scented wet wipes made for dogs. You should also be brushing them frequently. Mixing some wipes with some brushing to get off excess fur and dander can help freshen them up until bath time comes back around. 

How To Bathe A Cane Corso

When you bathe your pup, slowly pour water onto their body and be sure to get their skin and fur nice and moist. You want to make sure that, after you lather them up with shampoo and conditioner, you thoroughly rinse the product out of their fur. Don’t wash their face with these products; use a face cloth or face-safe dog wipe instead. 

When they are all clean and thoroughly rinsed off, you want to help them get out of the tub or pool. They will likely shake off some of the excess water, but you’ll also want to dry them off as much as possible with a large towel. If they are still a little damp, you can let them dry off or blow dry them on a low heat setting. 

How To Brush A Cane Corso’s Teeth 

You should brush your Cane Corso’s teeth at least once every couple of days, if not every day. Giving them dental chews can also help to freshen their breath in between brushings. Furthermore, dry kibble helps to clean a dog’s teeth as they chew, though it won’t help their breath smell any nicer. 

As with humans, a Cane Corso’s oral health needs to be taken very seriously. With any dog, bad dental hygiene can have impacts on their overall health. Tartar and plaque can stay on the teeth for a long time, causing inflammation, swelling, and bad breath among other things. 

You can purchase a dog-safe toothbrush and dog-safe toothpaste at any general pet store. There are also finger gloves you can purchase to brush their teeth if you find it easier. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s always a wonderful thing when your dog wants to cuddle with you, but it’s not so wonderful when they stink. Do Cane Corsos smell, or are they always cuddle-ready? Unfortunately, they can smell sometimes, but for the most part, you can reduce any unpleasant odors by keeping them clean and healthy. 

Too much bathing isn’t great, but bathing is necessary. Getting your Cane Corso accustomed to bathing and grooming early will make it less stressful for you. Afterwards, you can cuddle them up for as long as they’ll let you while they smell much fresher and nicer.