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Do Cane Corsos Fart?

Some dogs seem to never fart, while others are notorious for clearing a room with their gas. A certain level of gas is to be expected with most dogs, though some have it worse than others. Do Cane Corsos fart, or are they one of those dogs who seems to never pass gas?

A Cane Corso, despite being incredibly cute, is also very gassy and is prone to farting. Dealing with the occasional fart is something you have to accept as a dog parent. Excessive gas, however, could be a sign that something is going on internally. A lot of farting may be a reaction to food or eating quickly or can be because of a health problem you have yet to discover. 

As a Cane Corso parent, you have to monitor how they eat and handle their food, because bloat and gas are such common issues with these dogs and can lead to health issues if not taken care of. 

Do Cane Corsos Fart?

Cane Corsos can absolutely fart, as most dogs do. With how big these dogs are and how much they can eat, it’s no surprise that they can develop some gas. A few farts here and there, while stinky, aren’t a bad thing. Excessive farting can be a sign that something is going on in their tummies, however. 

Occasional farting is completely normal, and is actually a good thing. This means your Cane Corso’s intestinal and digestive tracts are working the way they are supposed to. When their bodies break down food, gasses can build up in the stomach, and those gasses need to be released. 

Outside of normal gas or abnormal gas due to serious health issues, the number one culprit for a gassy Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso is their food. It may be how they’re eating or what they’re eating. Cane Corsos have big appetites, so what you’re feeding them is extremely important. 

Why Cane Corsos Fart

Cane Corsos can have sensitive stomachs. If their food isn’t sitting in their stomach very well, they might be farting more as their body tries to digest it. A good sign that their stomachs are reacting to something they ate is an especially stinky fart. They will likely fart a little more when you’ve changed their food as well. 

When Cane Corsos eat, they often eat very quickly. These big dogs love their food. When they eat fast though, they are swallowing air as they are inhaling their food. This air builds up in their stomachs until it comes out of the other end, and it can be very painful before they manage to fart. Their short faces don’t help this issue of inhaling air during feeding time. 

A Cane Corso may also be farting as part of a reaction to their food. These pups, just like other dogs, can have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients common in dog food. However, Cane Corsos seem to have sensitivities quite often. Some of these ingredients causing sensitivities may be wheat or other grains, soy, corn, or even fish or a certain vegetable.

Why Cane Corsos Get Smelly Bums

Cane Corsos also have anal glands that are known to occasionally smell. This may bother the bum area, causing them to fart more and scoot around on their bums. They have to be expressed occasionally, which your vet can do if it makes you uncomfortable. 

Until their anal glands get expressed, the smell is likely to be constant, as is their flatulence. The odor is similar to the smell of fish, which isn’t very nice. Your vet can teach you how to do expression of the glands at home, as it’s pretty quick and relatively simple. It just smells very bad right after you do it. 

How To Help A Gassy Cane Corso

If you notice that your Cane Corso gobbles up their food quickly, consider giving them smaller, more frequent meals. This will help control how much they eat at once to help them avoid bloat, which makes them fart more. A slow feeder can also help them slow down when they eat.  You may also need to change their food in case it’s bothering their stomachs. 

Keeping your Cane Corso on a consistent activity regimen can also help keep everything flowing properly inside their bodies. This doesn’t mean you have to engage them in the same exercise for the same amount of time; just be sure they are getting their daily fill of movement. Make an effort to play with them and take them on at least a couple of walks a day at minimum. 

If you learn that your Cane Corso has a sensitive stomach, you should strictly limit any treats or human foods they taste. You should avoid potentially bothersome foods such as dairy products, eggs, processed foods, and wheat products. Even a small amount of these foods can make your Cane Corso’s gas worse. 

What Should Cane Corsos Eat?

A Cane Corso does best on a premium, high quality dog kibble that has some fantastic sources of animal-based protein and minimal fat. Cane Corsos also highly benefit from omega-3 fatty acids, which you can supplement under vet recommendation if it’s not in their food. Avoid foods with fillers, unnecessary chemicals, or too many animal by-products that offer no nutritional value. 

You should look at the calories on the packaging, as well as the brand to ensure it’s a premium brand with a solid reputation for making healthful dog food. Look for the AAFCO label on their food as well to know it’s a trustworthy kibble. Stay away from foods with gas-inducing ingredients, even if they are safe for dogs, like beans, peas, broccoli, and eggs. 

When To Change A Cane Corso’s Food

If they are having tummy troubles that are causing them to fart more than usual, you may want to chat with your vet to see if they can recommend some kibble. They might be able to give you advice on sensitive stomach formulas that should be easier on your Cane Corso

While a premium food isn’t going to stop them from farting, it can help to keep their gas and bloat under control. Try not to change foods too often, and ask a vet for a second opinion before making a switch. Switching foods too frequently may cause their stomach more upset, which won’t help their gassiness subside. 

When you switch their food, you want to mix their old food with their new food, slowly increasing the ratio of new food to old food. For instance, start with 25% new food and 75% old food. Every couple of days, change up the ratio until they have switched to eating all new food. Expect some extra farts as they adjust to their new kibble. 

How To Tell If Your Cane Corso Is Sick

If you feel like your Cane Corso is farting way more than they normally do, if their farts smell worse than usual, or they seem to be uncomfortable, taking them to the vet is always worth it in case they are going through something that you can’t see. You want to rule out blockages, gastrointestinal issues, or potential parasites that are making them ill. 

You should also monitor their stool to see if it has changed, if they are having diarrhea, or if they are going less or more than usual. If they are vomiting as well, take them to the vet when you can in case there is something serious going on. 

If their appetite has changed and they seem less energetic than usual, you should also be consulting with your vet to get your Cane Corso examined. While vet visits can be costly, the cost is worth it to know if your dog is okay and how to nurture them back to health. 

It’s very important that you don’t give your dog supplements or medication without your vet’s approval. It’s sad to watch your pup be uncomfortable, but you don’t want to make the situation worse. Even if products that say they can reduce gas can be found at a pet store, you shouldn’t take a chance on it unless your vet tells you to try it. 

Final Thoughts

Dogs fart; it’s just a part of their healthy body function. Do Cane Corsos fart? They definitely do, and their farts can be powerfully smelly. There is such a thing as too much farting, however, so any changes in how often they fart or how pungent their gas is could be a sign that something is going on with their health and wellness. 

It might sound yucky, but you should be aware of how gassy your Cane Corso is. You want to be aware of these habits so you can understand when changes happen, what the changes are, and how you can mitigate those changes from becoming a more serious problem. 

Your Cane Corso doesn’t want to clear the room with their farts, as they like being with you all the time, so you’ll have to get used to the occasional stinky fart here and there.

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