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Do Cane Corsos Drool?

As adorable as dogs are, they have some habits and tendencies that leave little to be desired. For instance, some of them seem to drool a lot. When it comes to a large dog like a Cane Corso, you might wonder; do Cane Corsos drool?

Cane Corsos do drool, and they drool a lot. They have very large and loose jowls, as you can see by the drooping around their mouths. Since those jowls can’t keep drool in check, it falls out of the mouth. They aren’t overproducers of saliva, but the saliva that does get made in their mouths has nowhere else to go but out of the jowls. 

Some dogs drool more than others, and Cane Corsos are one of those dogs that drool more. This shouldn’t cause you to avoid adopting one of these gentle giants; it just means you should learn ways to handle it. 

Do Cane Corsos Drool?

The Cane Corso, as adorable as their faces are, is a drooling machine. Their mouths can produce a lot of saliva, and the loose structure of their mouths means the drool usually falls out before they can swallow it. They drool partially because of their facial structure, but a lot of drool could also be the result of a host of potential issues. 

Cane Corsos, being food lovers, also tend to drool when they can smell something aromatic in the air. If it smells anything like their food, they’re likely to salivate until they’re able to eat something. These dogs have an incredible sense of smell, being able to pick up on particular food-related smells and other smells from far away. 

If they are anticipating a treat or a tasty meal, they may salivate without realizing it. These dogs are extremely smart and are able to retain routine with ease. For instance, if they get a treat when you come in from a walk, they might start to salivate when you both walk in the door. The drool could be something that they can’t control. 

It can be a bother dealing with drool, as it doesn’t feel very nice, and it can also smell. It’s one of those things you have to accept to a certain extent with these dogs. Drool is an important part of a dog’s functioning and helps keep their mouths clean. It also helps dogs break down their food and make digestion more of a seamless process. 

Why Do Cane Corsos Drool So Much?

The Cane Corso” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Cane Corso has a long, loose jowl, which you can clearly see when you look at their faces. The skin around their mouths is loose, making it appear as though the sides of their mouths are hanging open. They can’t lift this loose skin up, so those holes allow saliva to just fall out of those open areas. 

There’s a possibility that your Cane Corso is drooling frequently due to a dental issue. This is why oral hygiene is so important for your pup. If their gums or teeth feel uncomfortable or they are experiencing some kind of buildup, they may be prone to drooling more often than usual. 

Drooling can also be a sign that your Cane Corso is anxious. When a dog is anxious, they tend to pant, so the drool will fall out of their mouths more easily. Their saliva glands also become more active when they are stressed or anxious, so they’re producing even more drool than normal. 

Alternatively, if your Cane Corso is excited, they may end up drooling a little bit more than usual because their mouths are hanging open and they are panting. A little bit of slobber may just fall out of their mouth as a result. It may be unpleasant, but it’s just part of how dogs operate. 

Do All Cane Corsos Drool A Lot?

Some of these big dogs may drool more than others. Dogs always find a way to surprise us with their deviations from the norms already established by their breed’s history. Some Cane Corsos will only drool because their salivary glands are triggered by an enticing smell or in anticipation of meal time. 

Some Cane Corsos just seem to drool all the time, while others barely drool at all. You’ll never really know your Cane Corso’s probability of becoming a drool machine until you bring them home and observe their behavior. 

Those big jowls that Cane Corsos are recognized for have served a purpose for these dogs for a very long time. Having all of that extra skin around their mouths would help them when they would hunt. It helped to keep the sensitive area around their mouths protected and prevented any sort of damage they could endure while in combat. 

It may be worth investing in furniture protectors to avoid having your Cane Corso stain certain items in your home. Keeping them off of every surface other than their bed or the floor isn’t very kind, since your home is supposed to be their home too. That said, you don’t want them staining or destroying all of your furniture either, since it’s not cheap to replace. 

Can Drooling Mean Your Cane Corso Is Sick?

A little bit of drool is nothing to be concerned about. A lot of drool, or a change in how much your Cane Corso drools, may be a potential sign of illness. It’s nothing to necessarily panic about, but you should mention it to your vet in case they are sick so you can take care of the culprit before it gets worse. 

As mentioned, bad dental cleaning or insufficient oral health care could cause excessive drool. If this problem isn’t taken care of as soon as possible, they could develop oral health issues in the future that could become hard or impossible to cure. 

Dogs can also develop issues with their salivary glands, which are responsible for creating all of that drool. Your Cane Corso’s salivary glands can become irritated, inflamed, or abscessed, which can be very uncomfortable for them. Thankfully, this is often taken care of by some prescription antibiotics that your vet can assist you with obtaining. In rare cases, the glands have to be removed to eliminate the issue. 

How To Handle Cane Corso Drool 

You’ll never be able to stop your Cane Corso from drooling, as it’s a completely normal part of their facial makeup. They shouldn’t be punished for it. As much as it may be a nuisance to have to clean your furniture and other surfaces, it’s part of having a dog at home that you sign up for. 

It’s also important to remember that your Cane Corso isn’t drooling on purpose, and producing a lot of drool can be uncomfortable for them as well. Your Cane Corso wants nothing more than to make you happy at all times, so if they know you don’t like it, they may get nervous or upset when they drool. 

That all said, there’s a difference between normal drool and too much drool. Outside of their drool staining and stinking up your home, it likely means that there’s an underlying issue that you haven’t discovered yet. This may be a medical or behavioral problem that you need to deal with before it becomes worse. 

In any event, if you’re concerned about whether or not your Cane Corso’s drool is too much, it’s always worth a chat with your vet. Your vet will likely check their mouths during their yearly check ups, but you might want to make an appointment in between just to check that nothing serious is occurring. 

How To Reduce Cane Corso Drool 

One of the best ways to keep drool at bay – to a certain extent – is to implement a consistent oral hygiene routine. This should consist of daily teeth brushing, and you should give your Cane Corso dental chews to help clean their teeth and freshen their breath between brushing. 

To avoid any sort of stress-induced drooling, you should be sure your Cane Corso has human company as much as possible. When no one can be home with them, you should be sure to get them some exercise before you leave so they remain calm and nap the time away. You should also avoid putting your Cane Corso in situations that you know make them uneasy. 

Final Thoughts 

A little bit of dog drool is inevitable, and some dogs will inevitably drool more than others. Do Cane Corsos drool? They do, and they can drool a lot more than some other dogs. There are normal amounts of drool and abnormal amounts, and learning the difference comes with experience. 

The good news is that most issues that cause an abnormal amount of drool are able to be dealt with relatively quickly and easily. There are also some proactive measures you can take to avoid your Cane Corso’s drool becoming an issue. You may want to consider getting your cutie a bandana or a bib and just accept that these sweet dogs come with a side of drool.