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Do Boxers Smell?

Do Boxers Smell?

With boxers being such rambunctious dogs, you might wonder if they work up a stink running around and playing all day. Do boxers smell?

Sadly, these very sweet dogs can smell sometimes. Boxers are also known for their powerful farts, which can clear out a room easily. Generally speaking, boxers will tolerate baths so you can keep their stink under control. A well-groomed dog will smell much better than one who is able to just bask in their own filth. 

It’s also good to know that certain odors coming from your boxer could be an indicator that something’s wrong. 

Do Boxers Smell?

Boxers are dogs that are known for being stinky sometimes. When boxers play and walk around outside, they don’t really care if they get dirty or not. This carefree attitude is part of what makes boxers so endearing, but when they come home and want to cuddle, you might not appreciate their stink. 

Even if your boxer isn’t rolling around in the dirt every time they’re on a walk, they are still coming into contact with a lot of things that will build up in their fur and get mixed up with the naturally occurring oils in their skin.

Any moisture that lingers on your boxer will also lead to odors, so they should be dried off if they’re out in the rain or get wet at all when outdoors. A wet boxer is also an uncomfortable boxer, and can also become a boxer that develops an infection or gets sick. 

Have a large towel by the door so you can dry them off before they soak up your couch. 

Why Do Boxers Smell?

There are a few contributing factors to your boxer’s stink. As expected, running around outside and coming into contact with dirt and other debris will accumulate on your boxer over time, which could cause them to smell. Getting caught in the rain will also lead your boxer to smelling quite terribly. 

There are also certain parts of a boxer’s body that can emanate odors. For instance, if their ears become infected or overly dirty, it could cause the area around their ears to smell. Keeping their ears clean and checking for any physical irregularities within the ears can help circumvent any ear issues that could lead to stink. 

It’s important that you never make your boxer feel bad for stinking. You need to put in the effort to keep their odor under control so that they don’t feel neglected or insecure because you stay away from them when they smell. Boxers want to be close to you, and it’s hard for them to understand that their stink makes it hard. 

Why Do Boxers Have Bad Breaths?

Boxers can also develop bad breath, as can most dogs. Dental issues can also cause a boxer’s breath to smell much worse than normal. Frequent dental cleaning should be implemented into your boxer’s routine early so you can keep their teeth healthy for a long time. Dental chews can also keep their teeth and jaws strong, while also controlling their breath. 

A boxer’s diet can also make their breath smell better or worse, so be wary of the ingredients in the food that you feed your pup. Foods containing ingredients such as fish, eggs, and peas are known to lead to halitosis and other bad breath issues with boxers. This may also contribute to their gas. 

Brushing a dog’s teeth daily is always recommended. If you can’t manage to do it every day, every other day will suffice. Dog-safe toothpaste is easy to find at any pet store, as are dog toothbrushes or finger gloves that you can use to rub toothpaste on their teeth and gums. 

Why Are Boxers So Gassy?

Anyone who has a boxer knows they are prone to farting, and their farts smell absolutely awful. This is true regardless of their diet. Boxers tend to build up gas more frequently than some other dogs due to their brachycephalic breathing. They take in a lot of air, and that air has to leave their bodies somehow. 

Diet can also make their gas worse. You want to avoid feeding your boxer foods that are known to be potential allergens for dogs. This includes dairy, wheat, corn, soy, and egg. These foods might make their gas a little more uncontrollable as they may be tough for your boxer to digest properly. 

Boxers can also develop impacted anal glands which can eminate even more of an odor from their bums. If this is a current issue for your boxer, you might notice that their farts smell worse than before. 

They might also scoot their bums across the grass or on your floor. All you need to do to relieve this is have a vet or groomer express them, unless you feel comfortable doing it yourself; however, it’s really not a fun job. 

Why Do Some Boxers Smell Like Corn Chips?

An odor similar to corn chips has been associated with boxers. It sounds strange, but it’s an indicator that they have some type of skin issue. Boxers can develop skin issues quite easily, especially with constant contact with allergens, dust, and debris. 

If you are not bathing them too frequently, try giving them a bath to see if it helps. Otherwise, a vet visit is warranted to see if any particular product or remedy can be recommended to eliminate the skin issue. 

How Often Should You Bathe A Boxer?

You don’t want to bathe your boxer too much, as shampoo and conditioner can dry out their skin and fur if used too often. Of course, you don’t want to leave them without a bath for too long to the point where you have to deny them cuddles. If your boxer is prone to working up an odor, bathing them every three weeks or so is recommended. 

Introducing your boxer to baths early will help them build a tolerance for them. Water doesn’t usually scare them, but it’s possible you’ll struggle to get them in a bath at first. Make sure the water is lukewarm and the water level isn’t too high. You also want to make sure you rinse them very well to get all the product out of their fur. 

If you aren’t capable of giving your Boxer frequent baths for any reason, you should take them to a groomer. Groomers have setups and strategies that will make it much easier for them to bathe your boxer without making them uncomfortable or afraid of the water. Since boxers are big dogs, you may find you can’t keep them under control on your own while trying to bathe them. 

Try not to skimp on how often you bathe your boxer. Not only is the smell unpleasant for you, but boxers don’t like to be dirty. Keeping them clean through bathing will keep their stinks under control. Nothing will make your boxer sadder than you denying them cuddle time because they smell bad, since it’s not their fault they smell sometimes. 

Tips For Bathing Your Boxer

The ideal setting for bathing your boxer is a bathtub that has a shower head that can be removed from its holder or one that is attached to a hose. The water pressure should also be gentle, but not so gentle that the product doesn’t rinse off of your pup. It’s also recommended you use both dog-friendly shampoo and conditioner. 

You should have a soft scrub brush to help work in the shampoo and conditioner to make sure all the dirt and debris is coming out of your boxer’s fur so no odors linger. You also want to be sure to rinse both the shampoo and conditioner extremely well so no residue sticks around. 

You don’t want to get water in their ears, so you can place some dry cotton balls inside to protect them. You should also use damp cotton balls to wipe the inside and outside of their ears while bathing them. When the bath is done, let your boxer shake off excess water. 

Afterwards, you should wrap them up in a large, dry towel to pat off the rest of the water. It’s also recommended you use a dry washcloth to soak up water in between any crevices of their body. You want to dry them as thoroughly as possible. 

Final Thoughts

Do boxers smell? Thankfully, they don’t stink all the time, but they can be smelly dogs sometimes for a variety of reasons. Proper grooming, a healthy diet, and keeping up a consistent hygiene routine with your boxer will help decrease the frequency of their stink. 

Boxers are playful, cuddly, happy dogs, and they couldn’t really care less about whether or not they work up a stink during their day. However, since you do, they will care if it means they can’t jump on the couch with you. Keeping your boxer clean and free of as much stink as possible will make everyone happy, so it’s worth the effort.