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Do Boxers Need a Lot of Exercise?

Do Boxers Need a Lot of Exercise?

One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is making sure that they are enjoying the right amount of exercise every day. Some breeds need more daily exercise than others, but do Boxers need a lot of exercises?

Boxers are naturally strong and athletic dogs that need a good amount of dedicated physical exercise every day. These dogs should be getting between 90 and 120 minutes every day, which can consist of multiple walks supplemented by additional activities.

Getting out and about with your dog is one of the most enjoyable parts of any owner’s day, and Boxers are always happy to oblige. This article will go into detail about why a good amount of exercise is important for Boxers, how it affects their health, and what you can expect from your routine if you are raising one of these incredible animals.

Do Boxers Need a Lot of Exercise Compared to Other Dogs?

Individual dogs have different personalities and health requirements, but there are also general needs that you should expect based on a dog’s breed. Some smaller dogs that are generally less athletic, like Pugs or Chihuahuas, will be happy and healthy with around 30 minutes of daily exercise, but larger and more physical breeds tend to need a lot more.

Boxers are considered a medium-sized breed, and they are strong and physically fit animals that like to stay active. While they may not be as constantly high energy as breeds like Border Collies, they still need to get a lot of movement in throughout the day.

As a breed, Boxers were originally used as hunting dogs, so they have a background in intense physical activity. They love to run and play, and they need exercise to keep their minds active as well. Aiming for 2 hours out of every day is a good benchmark for making sure that your dog is going to be content, and fully tuckered out by bedtime.

While they are still puppies, Boxers will need significantly less exercise than when they are fully grown adults. During the first year, you should gradually increase the amount of activity that they are getting, as they will likely get tired after about 30 minutes, to begin with.

Why Do Boxers Need a Lot of Exercise?

There are many reasons why exercising is important for Boxers, and understanding the benefits that a good walk can have for your dog makes it so much easier to want to get out there with them.


Regular exercise is important to maintain a healthy weight for any animal, and Boxers are no exception. Alongside a healthy diet, daily exercise will prevent your Boxer from experiencing the dangerous side effects of becoming overweight. Overweight dogs have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, bladder stones, and many other debilitating conditions that can harm your dog or take them away from you before their time.

Mental Health

It may seem like common sense, but a well-exercised Boxer is a happy Boxer. The impact of daily exercise is not just in the immediate release of dopamine that gets your dog so joyful and excited, but it also reduces mental health problems as well. Exercise reduces stress and anxiety in your dog and will make them feel generally better overall.


Regular exercise is really important for fending off joint problems that can be incredibly painful for older Boxers. Osteoarthritis and degeneration in the joints make almost any movement painful and are a common problem among bigger dogs as they age. Frequent exercise keeps the joints moving and reduces the risk of these issues occurring.


Perhaps a lesser-known benefit of frequent exercise is seeing much better behavior from your dog. When they are happy and have used up their excess energy, your Boxer is much more likely to be relaxed and calm at home, and they will find it easier to listen to your commands. Regular exercise with your dog also gives you more time to bond and develop a loving, respectful relationship.

How Can You Tell if Your Boxer Needs More Exercise?

If you are not sure whether your Boxer is getting the exercise that they need, the first thing to do is observe their behavior. There are a few clues that indicate your Boxer may need to be a bit more active.

  • Overexcitement. If your dog is hyperactive and bouncy all of the time, they probably have some energy that they need to burn off.
  • Mischievous Behaviour. Digging indoors, chewing on the furniture, and generally making a nuisance of themselves are very common problems among dogs that are bored and pent up.
  • Making noise. If your Boxer is barking often for no particular reason, they may be frustrated and need to be doing something fun that will tire them out.
  • Running indoors. Most dogs will try to get themselves the exercise that they need, even if you’re not the one providing it. You might notice your dog running around indoors or jumping on the furniture in a bid to stay active.
  • Sleeping problems. If your Boxer is up at all hours of the night, it can be an indication that they are not expending enough energy throughout the day.

How Often do Boxers Need to be Walked?

Boxers need to be getting out for at least one decent walk every single day. 1 or 2 hours probably sounds like a large time investment to be making daily but remember that this can be split up into multiple walks and supplemented with fun, physical activities at home as well as outside.

Boxers don’t need to get all of their exercise done at once and they will prefer to have shorter, but more frequent, sessions throughout the day. Once they are fully grown, Boxers can spend 4 or 5 hours by themselves at a time, providing they are well trained, and all of their needs are met.

While it is certainly preferable to be able to take your Boxer out for a nice walk every few hours, that’s not often practical, so you can find other ways to keep them active and occupied during the day.

Do Boxers Like Long Walks?

Going for a long walk with your Boxer is a really great way to give them a good amount of exercise, and yourself too! Boxers will happily walk for many hours – the limit is often more about what you can handle rather than what your dog is capable of.

You do need to make sure, however, that you are able to provide your Boxer with enough food and water to keep them energetic, healthy, and safe during any long day out. It is also important to have a plan in place in case your dog can’t walk any further. 

Even if your Boxer doesn’t get tired, injuries can happen, so you need to have a safe exit plan in place for that possibility. 

What Physical Activities Do Boxers Enjoy?

To get your Boxer all of the exercise that they need, you will want to give them lots of different activities to keep them entertained and occupied. Boxers enjoy all sorts of different things that you might want to try, but some of the simplest and most common include:

  • Walking. Getting out for a walk will always be a big part of your daily exercise routine, no matter what dog you have. It’s a great opportunity for you to get some fresh air as well!
  • Jogging. Most boxers will enjoy running alongside you on a daily jog, but make sure that they are comfortable and safe on a leash – and start slow!
  • Catching games. Boxers love catching games, and there are honestly very few dogs that don’t. A game like a fetch or frisbee is great for giving your dog loads of exercise without having to move too much yourself.
  • Interactive toys. There are loads of different toys out there that can occupy your dog for hours. These are particularly great for keeping a Boxer mentally and physically active while they’re indoors.
  • Training. Training with your dog should be an important part of your day for many reasons, but it’s specifically great for exercising their minds and bodies.

Can Boxers Handle Intense Exercise?

It is important to note that Boxers are known as brachycephalic dogs, meaning that they have a relatively short snout. This can make breathing difficult if they become overexerted and can reduce the amount of oxygen that gets into their bodies. 

In general, this is not a big issue and most Boxers are perfectly happy with almost any kind of exercise, but they tend to be better suited to medium or low-intensity activities, or short bursts of high activity with equal periods of rest in between.

Particularly in hot weather, you want to keep an eye on how heavily your Boxer is breathing and make sure that they are getting the rest and water breaks that they need.

The Verdict: Do Boxers Need a Lot of Exercise?

So, do Boxers need a lot of exercise? Yes, Boxers need to be kept active and should be getting at least 1 or 2 hours of dedicated physical exercise every day. These are strong, physical dogs that need to stay fit to be happy and healthy.

There is very little in the world that is more joyful than seeing a Boxer exploring the world on a long walk, playing their favorite game in the park, or curled up on their bed, tired out from a long day. Boxers are the perfect dog for somebody who enjoys an active lifestyle and wants to spend lots of quality time with their pet.

If you’re looking for a companion that could encourage you to get more active, you can’t go wrong with a Boxer.