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Do Boxers Bark A Lot?

Do Boxers Bark A Lot?

If you’re looking for a good family pet, you can’t go wrong with a Boxer. Yet, when it comes to noise levels you might find yourself asking “do Boxers bark a lot?

Boxers do bark, but they don’t bark a lot. When a Boxer does start barking, it usually has a reason for doing so. After all, barking is how a dog communicates. If the dog needs to let you know something, it will bark to get your attention.

Before you adopt a Boxer, you should become familiar with the breed’s habits and barking is one of them. On this page, we’re going to cover if Boxers bark a lot. We will also talk about why they bark and what dog owners can do if their Boxer barks too much. Keep reading to learn more.

Do Boxers Bark A Lot?

On a scale from never barks to excessive barking, a Boxer would sit at moderate barking. We can’t say that a Boxer rarely barks, because they do bark at certain things. These dogs have a loud bark that is often accompanied by a few growls.

That being said, the Boxer breed only barks if it has a reason and it doesn’t carry on for long. Dog owners need to realize that their Boxer isn’t just making noise. Barking is its way of communicating with you. Most often, a Boxer will bark to signify that it needs something or to alert you of something it sees or senses. 

Boxers aren’t excessive barkers but they aren’t quiet either. They have a range of different vocals that they use when communicating what they need to get across. A dog owner may hear their Boxer let out everything from howls to whines in different situations. Luckily, they don’t carry these noises on for long.

Why Do Boxers Bark?

Barking is a form of communication, but there are several things that a Boxer will want to communicate with you. As dog owner becomes more familiar with their Boxer, they will start to learn what each bark means. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons a Boxer will bark.

You Have Visitors

Boxers are known to be protective of their owners and their territory. Since these dogs have keen senses, they can tell when someone is approaching the property, even if the visitor is out of your view. Since Boxers are excellent guard dogs, they will alert you that there is someone on your territory with a few barks.

Now, the level of barking will usually depend on how familiar the Boxer is with the person approaching. If it’s your best friend who stops by weekly, the Boxer may just let out a couple of barks to alert you of their presence. However, if it’s a new face that the dog has never seen, it is likely to bark a bit more excessively and let out a few growls.

If your Boxer has been socialized, you will not have to worry about it acting aggressively towards guests. Boxers are very friendly towards people. As long as the Boxer senses that you are calm and positive about the guest’s arrival, then it will be well-behaved.

A Grand Welcoming

If you’ve been at work for the day and get home, your Boxer is excited to see you. It will let out a bark or two just to let you know that. This is typically a happy bark, so it won’t be excessive or aggressive. You will also notice the dog’s tail wagging to show how happy it is to see you. 

Your Boxer is Bored

Boxers are smart and active dogs, so they need to be provided with mental and physical activity. If your Boxer is bored, then it could act out by barking. When a Boxer is bored, it can also become destructive and may chew on items around your house. 

All dog breeds were originally bred for a purpose that could help society. Boxers were always a breed that stood out to people because they were multifunctional dogs. They were bred for a number of different jobs, such as hunting, racing, guarding, and more. Boxers are meant to stay active, so they will become bored if they are laying around the house all day.

Boxers need to have at least 90 minutes of exercise every day. On top of that, they should also be provided with toys that require them to use their minds. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical activity. 

Your Boxer Needs Something

If your Boxer needs something, it can only tell you by barking. However, when it comes to figuring out what your Boxer needs, you’ll have to pay attention to it and learn its gestures. There are a number of different reasons why the Boxer is barking to get your attention.

  • Needs food or water
  • Needs to go outside to urinate or relieve its bowels
  • Wants to play
  • A toy is out of reach
  • Wants to go for a walk or run

Something Scared Your Boxer

Boxers will also bark if they are frightened. There are several things that could scare your Boxers, such as another person, animal, or loud noise. Many dog owners have noticed that their Boxer will let out a few howls if there are fireworks going off or an emergency vehicle drivers by with sirens on. 

Getting a Boxer to Stop Barking

There may be times when a dog owner doesn’t want their Boxer to bark loudly. If your Boxer likes to howl and growl at the mailman, it could scare your neighbor’s kids who are outside playing. Every Boxer barks at a different level, so if yours is a bit more vocal, you may be wondering how to get it to stop.

What Is It Barking At?

If you want the Boxer to stop barking, first you will need to figure out what it is barking at or why it is barking. Once you know what the problem is, you can apply the appropriate solution to get it to stop. If you notice that your Boxer barks at things outdoors, such as squirrels or people walking by, it could help to purchase good quality curtains or blinds.

Tend To Its Needs

The majority of the time there is a reason behind your Boxer’s bark. If you tend to what the Boxer needs, it won’t have a reason to bark. Always make sure your dog is getting enough exercise because if it has pent-up energy, it will bark more often. If the Boxer doesn’t need anything from you, it won’t need to bark.

Ignore It

Boxers love people and they love attention. Over time, your Boxer may learn that if it barks, you will pay attention to it. It may even start letting out howls simply to get a belly rub and some of your attention. This is a bad habit that some dogs can develop, so the best thing to do is ignore them. 

Eventually, the dog will realize that the barking isn’t going to get it the attention it’s looking for. 

Dog Trainer

There are some cases when a Boxer may bark more excessively. If you have adopted an adult Boxer from the shelter that wasn’t socialized as a puppy, it may have a tendency to bark a lot. For these situations, one of the most effective things to do is contact a professional dog trainer. They will have the knowledge and experience to deal with a compulsive barker. 

White Noise Machine

Does your Boxer bark during the night and you can’t figure out why? Many owners are baffled by this, especially if they take their Boxer out for a walk before bedtime. However, when you go to bed at night, you likely shut down everything in your home. This means that there is no background noise and the Boxer can hear noises from outside.

A gust of wind blowing leaves around your yard or a pesky raccoon sneaking around the garbage bins can easily set the Boxer off to start barking. If you place a white noise machine in the room with your Boxer, the noises will distract the Boxer so it can’t hear random noises outside.

Final Thoughts

Do Boxers bark a lot? Boxers don’t bark a lot. However, they are vocal dogs who will let out a few barks when they have a reason for it. In most situations, a Boxer won’t carry on barking for long. It will bark to alert you of someone approaching the property or bark if something has startled it. 

It’s rare for a Boxer to bark frequently, however, if the owner isn’t tending to its needs, it may start. Boxers tend to be more vocal if they are bored, not getting enough exercise, or have a need that should be tended to. Not all barks from a Boxer are bad. If a Boxer is happy to see somebody, it will let out a bark or two to say “hello”.