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Do Border Collies Shed? Shedding and Grooming Guide.

Do Border Collies Shed? Shedding and Grooming Guide.

Border collies are medium-sized canines that were initially bred as herding dogs. They are energetic, athletic, agile, kind, hardworking, and the most intelligent dogs in the canine kingdom. They fit perfectly in a family that provides plenty of exercises and mental stimulation.

But before adopting the Border Collie or any other breed for that matter, you have to know about their shedding tendencies. This is an essential factor, especially for allergy sufferers. You don’t want to regret ever welcoming a Border Collie to your home. So, read on and learn everything you need to know about Border Collie shedding.

Do Border Collies Shed? Yes, they do, like any other canine with hair. Border Collies are considered a moderate shedding canine all year round. But since they’re are double-coated, they will shed heavily during the seasonal shedding season. Don’t worry, though, because there are ways you can minimize their shedding, including brushing, bathing, and having a proper diet. We shall discuss all these later in the article.

Every dog lover knows coming home to the little creatures, wagging their tail as they eagerly wait for you, is the best feeling ever. Dogs give us so much happiness. The only disadvantage is that they shed, which can mostly inconvenience allergy sufferers.

But don’t let that discourage you from owning the amazing Border Collie. Many families have learned tricks to minimize their shedding, which I will share in this article to bring back some sanity into your home. So, stay tuned and learn how much Border Collies shed and how to manage and reduce their shedding.

How Much Do Border Collies Shed

Border collies are considered moderate shedders all year round. You will inevitably see some hair around your home since these canines are double-coated with two layers of fur. In addition, they shed more during the blowing of coat season. You can expect an increase in the fur they shed during the shedding season.

There are two types of Border Collies: the smooth-coated and the rough-coated. Both shed the same amount, although the rough-coated Border collie has long hairs that are easily noticeable. Extra grooming is necessary as the Border Collie’s cost adjusts for the big weather changes. 

Why Do Border Collies Shed?

All canines shed unless you have a hairless one. Your Border Collie will shed to rejuvenate their fur and maintain an optimal body temperature during the cold and hot weather. They shed to adjust and prepare for an upcoming seasonal change.

Your Border Collie will also shed to get rid of their old fur and regrow a new one. It is a way of renewing and maintaining healthy hair follicles. However, your Border Collie could also be shedding because of an underlying health issue. Being a good pet parent is learning the difference between normal and unhealthy shedding, so you can resolve the latter as quickly as possible.

Shedding Seasons and Frequency

When do Border collies shed? These canines are double-coated and will shed heavily during the seasonal shedding in spring and fall. For instance, they will shed their thick, dense fur and develop a lighter one to keep them cool in summer.

They will shed their light summer coats towards winter and develop thick winter fur to keep them warm. This period is called the blowing of coat season, which happens twice every year. Another shedding season for Border Collies is when they are transitioning to adulthood. They will shed their puppy fur to develop a new and permanent adult fur.

Some Border Collie owners say if your pup spends more time outdoor, they are prone to more seasonal shedding than those that stay indoors. 

Unhealthy Shedding

As much as you should expect shedding, there are cases when it could indicate a health problem. Therefore, you have to learn to differentiate between normal and unhealthy shedding. Here are some signs that show your Border Collie’s shedding is unhealthy:

  • When their shedding is accompanied by continuous scratching, face scrubbing, foot licking, and itching
  • When they are shedding in clumps and leaving their fur with bald patches
  • When your dog’s fur is dry and dull
  • When your pup has open sores, rashes, bumps, and scrabs on their skin

If you notice any of these signs and symptoms in your Collie, visit the vet immediately to help you determine what could be causing your pup to shed excessively. Your vet should be able to recommend the possible remedies so you can act on them faster.

Your dog’s fur is essential, and losing it is a big deal. Some of the causes of unhealthy shedding include a poor diet, stress, allergies, infections, parasites, and hormonal imbalances in pregnant females.

What Type of Coat Does Border Collie Have?

The Border Collies have a thick double coat that can be rough or smooth. A double coat usually constitutes two layers: the undercoat and the topcoat. Both smooth and rough-coated Border collies have a soft and dense undercoat that keeps them warm in winter and is waterproof. On the other hand, the outercoat has guard hairs that prevents the animal from elements like debris and dirt.

Both smooth and rough-coated Border Collies shed the same amount of fur, but the rough one with longer hair is more noticeable. Do not be tempted to shave their thick, dense fur because it is useful to them. It helps to keep them warm in cold months and prevents them from direct exposure to hazardous UV rays.

The smooth coat Borders have short hair all over, while the rough coat Borders have long hair with feathers around the chest, ears, and front legs.

How to Manage and Reduce Border Collie Shedding

It turns out that Border Collies shed, and there is nothing you can do to stop them from completely shedding. Owners are advised to accept that their canine will shed and learn how to manage and reduce it. Some ways to keep your Border Collie’s shedding under control include a proper grooming routine, an optimal diet, bathing your pup, and providing supplements. Let’s dive in and explore all these options.

Border Collie Grooming

Grooming is essential and part of caring for your Border collie’s fur. The best way to do that is by brushing his fur 2-3 times a week. During the seasonal shedding, you will need to brush them daily to keep up with the increase in shedding. Brushing helps to remove all the dead loose fur before they fall inside your house and scatter everywhere.

Brushing also helps evenly distribute the natural oils on the dog’s skin to promote healthy fur that sheds when necessary. Brushing can also help remove any parasite irritating your pup’s skin and making him shed more. Some of the necessary tools you will need to groom your Border Collie are:

  • Undercoat rake, which collects all the loose hair from your dog’s fur, thus reducing the amount of fur he sheds.
  • Pin brush helps remove all the dirt and dust from your Collie’s fur.
  • A de-shedding tool like the Furminator. This is the perfect brush for you to use on your Border Collie during the blowing of coat season. Its teeth ensure all the dead loose hairs are untangled and removed.

Border Collie Diet

Human beings always eat a balanced diet to remain healthy. Even dogs need an optimal diet with all the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy fur and reduce shedding. A poor diet affects their coat’s health and leads to excessive shedding.

So, ensure you feed your Border Collie a high-quality and nutritious diet. Choose a diet that includes essential Omega fatty acids since it is known for promoting healthier fur. You can also ask your vet to recommend the best canine food for your Border Collie. Remember, healthy fur will shed healthily.

Baths, Supplements…

Bathing your Border Collie is very important, especially if he spends more time outdoors, because he will collect dirt on his fur. Like brushing, bathing will also help to wash away all the dead loose hairs. Use high-quality dog shampoo to prevent oils from being washed away. While bathing is useful for reducing shedding, overbathing can have the opposite effect. Overbathing could strip off the dog’s natural oils and leave their skin dry and prone to excessive shedding.

Maybe your Border Collie isn’t getting all the necessary nutrients from their regular diet, and nutritional supplements are what he needs. Visit your vet to recommend the best dietary supplements for your Border Collie.

Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic

Mostly when people ask how much do Border Collies shed, they also want to know if they are hypoallergenic. Someone may be wondering, what causes an allergic reaction? The main culprit of dog allergies is a protein found in the animal’s saliva, dander, and urine. So, if a dog sheds less, drools less, or produces less dander, they are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, Border collies are not considered a hypoallergenic canine breed. These canines are double-coated and shed moderate to heavy amounts, producing more dander. So, if you are prone to dog allergies, then Border Collies may not be suitable for you.

Thankfully, there are things you can do minimize the chances of experiencing an allergic reaction from your Birder Collie. For starters:

  • Brush and bathe your pup frequently to reduce the amount of dander in your house
  • Invest in a HEPA air filter to help catch all the allergens released in the environment
  • Vacuum your home daily and switch from carpets to hard floors that are easier to clean
  • Do not allow your Border Collie to lick you
  • Do not allow your dog to sleep on your bed or couch
  • Seek allergy medication to help manage your symptoms

For those with severe allergies, I wouldn’t recommend this breed. There are many allergy-friendly options out there, including the Maltese, Poodle, Afghan Hound, American Hairless Terrier, Bichon Frise, Schnauzer, and Irish Water Spaniel, to name a few.