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Do Beagles Swim?

Do Beagles Swim?

Many dog owners dream about taking their dog to the beach and playing a game of fetch in the sea. However, you should remember that not all dogs are best-suited to swimming or even like it for that matter. So, it is important that you know the swimming strength of your particular breed as this will also help you with safety around water whilst out with your dog.

So, can beagles swim? Yes, although not bred for swimming most beagles do enjoy it. They have high stamina and are very playful, making swimming a good exercise for them. Remember that each dog is individual, so introduce them to water and see how they react!

Beagles were bred to be incredibly athletic dogs, although you may not think this by looking at them. But their history in animal hunting means that they needed to be to traverse all-terrain, including water. In this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know about beagles and water from how strong a swimmer they are to how to train them to swim. So, are a beagle and water a good match? Here’s the answer:

Do beagles like to swim?

Although beagles can swim, you will find that the vast majority of them are not fans of being in the water. Due to their history as hunting dogs, beagles much prefer to run on land than swim in the water – they are not exactly water dogs. Beagles are very energetic dogs and love to be on the move, so if they are not able to run then swimming is an acceptable replacement. 

However, you must remember that all dogs have distinct and individual personalities. This means that just because one beagle likes to swim you should not expect another to happily jump in the water. In fact, they may shy away from it altogether. 

If you want or need your adult beagle to swim then the best thing to do is to introduce them to water at a young age. This will allow them to grow accustomed to swimming at their own pace. However, you should never force your beagle into the water. Not only will they then grow to hate swimming but they may become resentful toward you.

Do beagles like water?

Beagles (like most scent hounds) definitely do not like water. In fact, their main problem with swimming is not the exercise or the action itself, but the water. So, you will need to teach them that the water is nothing to be afraid of and that it is perfectly fine. You may find that your beagle is hesitant and teaching them to like water can take a long time. But, if it doesn’t happen naturally then there is nothing that you can do.

One way that you can get your beagle to enjoy the water is by showing them that it is safe. You can do this by giving them encouragement and treats and maybe even a helping hand in swimming lessons. In fact, many dog owners swear by dog life jackets which will allow your dog to float easily in the warm water, taking some of the strain off of them. 

So, although beagles do not inherently like water with your teaching and encouragement you can teach them to like water. They will follow from your cues and so treats are highly encouraged as they will then think of being in the water as a good thing – although they may get a little greedy! 

If you have an elderly beagle who is not accustomed to the water then allow them to take things at their own pace and do not put them in situations in which they are not comfortable. After all, the most important thing is that your pet beagle is happy and healthy and not their ability to swim!

Are beagles, good swimmers – do they know how to swim?

The short answer is that yes, beagles are good natural swimmers…if you can get them in the water that is! They have wonderfully high stamina and can easily exercise for a very long time without getting tired and needing to rest. So, if you can convince your beagle to even get in the water then you may find that they are happy to play for hours.

However, before letting your beagle anywhere near the body of water, no matter what their age, you should ensure that they know how to swim. The odds that your beagle will inherently know how to swim are 50-50, so it is always best to check. You can do this by placing your beagle into a shallow pool of water, just enough that they are not able to stand with their head out of the water. 

Most dogs, if they have the natural instinct, will begin to paddle with their paws going into deeper water. However, if you notice that your beagle doesn’t do this then you will need to spend some time teaching them how to swim so that they can firstly be safe around water but also so that they can have fun swimming. 

Do Beagles need to be trained on how to swim?

Approximately half of all beagles will not know how to swim by natural instinct. This means that half of all beagle owners will need to take the time to teach their beloved pets how to become strong swimmers. Even if your beagle does have the innate ability to swim it doesn’t hurt to give them some extra practice to improve their skills. This practice means that you, as a dog owner, can have peace of mind when your dog is out playing near ponds, lakes, or even the sea. 

Nowadays there are many classes that dog owners can attend that can help to teach their dogs to swim. It is best to begin a proper training program from a very young age as your dog will be less afraid of the water and so they grow accustomed to it much faster than they would as an adult. 

If it is still early days for your beagle then make sure to put them in a life jacket as this will give them an added boost both in the water and in terms of their confidence. After all, a confident dog is a happy dog. Begin in very shallow water, no higher than their nose. A children’s paddling pool is a good example of how to do this and can even be done at home. 

You should always try to make the lesson as fun as possible as this will associate good and happy thoughts with the water in your dog’s mind. Once you are able to recognize that your beagle is comfortable in the water slowly increase the volume of water until they are no longer able to stand up. Their life vest will allow them to float and they will slowly begin to get used to the action of paddling.

Make sure that you are patient with your beagle and give them treats and encouragement as needed. If you notice that they begin to become panicked them take them out of the water for some much-needed rest. 

Benefits of swimming for Beagles

Not only does the ability to know how to swim provide a huge safety net for beagles but it also has great health benefits. Swimming provides dogs with a full-body workout which is a great choice for very active dogs such as beagles. Although beagles love to run they can run for ages. Just 10 minutes of swimming is equal to 50 minutes of running! This is a great benefit of swimming!

However, not only will swimming tire out your loved beagle, but it will also help them to increase their muscle strength and the paddling will workout their muscles without putting any pressure on their joints. So, if you train your beagle to enjoy swimming from the beginning then you can be sure that they are getting the exercise that they need without the added joint stress. But, if you have an older beagle, or simply just a dog with joint pain, then swimming is a great way to relieve this. 

If you live in a particularly hot climate then swimming will also help to keep your beagle nice and cool. If you live in an area near a lake or pond then making sure that your beagle knows how to swim properly will allow you to relax whilst they play and have fun without getting too hot in the summer sun.