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Do Beagles Smell?

Do Beagles Smell?

Being a dog owner means dealing with both the good and the bad. For Beagle parents, you get not only a good-looking dog but also a friendly, loving, and loyal companion. Beagles are cheerful, active, and highly energetic canines. But with all this cuteness, is there a downside to owning this dog breed? Beagle owners don’t talk about how they often smell despite it being common knowledge. And this is not from rolling in dirt/filth, rather its natural scent. All dogs carry that ‘doggy odor,’ but some stink more than others. If you’re planning to add a dog to your family, you probably don’t want one that stinks offensively. Let’s find out what category Beagles fall into.

Do Beagles Smell? Beagles have a distinctive smell that can seem unpleasant to some people, but it’s not that overwhelming. In fact, within a few days of bringing this dog home, most owners forget the smell even exists and stop noticing it. This is not to say that your Beagle should have an overpowering scent as it could be a sign of an underlying health issue.

Dogs have natural secretions that allow other dogs to recognize them by their scent. These natural dog odors are more prominent near the anus, around the paw pads, and the ears. But people don’t always appreciate these smells. Dogs also sweat, and when the sweat covers their coat, it makes their bodies smell. Beagles have that typical doggy smell that you’d expect from a hound dog. Let’s take a closer look at their potential to smell; we will cover the leading causes and what you can do to keep the smells at bay, both from your Beagle and around the house.

Do Beagles Smell and What Do A Beagle Smell Like?

While it’s true that all dogs smell, Beagles have a distinctive scent that most hound breeds possess. Since they were bred to hunt in packs, they gave off a particular scent to be tracked by other pack members. And, thanks to their powerful noses, they were able to locate each other easily. Though today’s Beagles are house pets, their scent still accompanies them.

We now know that these dogs have a distinct odor, but how exactly do they smell? Generally, they have a light musky scent that’s noticeable but not overpowering. It can seem stinky when you first meet a Beagle, but most owners get used to the smell in a couple of days. That being said, certain elements can heighten this unpleasant odor to intolerable levels, which should worry you.

So, Why Do Beagles Smell?

Beagles smell, yes, but it’s not normal for them to have an overpowering, putrid scent. Here are a few reasons why your Beagle smells more than usual:

Lack of grooming – Beagles has short, shiny hair that may look squeaky clean most of the time. However, a build-up of body oils, dirt, and debris can cause the coat to smell bad. Of course, your Beagle will start to stink if you don’t clean them.

Wet coat – Have you noticed that your Beagle smells much worse when they are wet (wet dog smell)? Well, that’s because they have a high concentration of bad odor-producing microbes lying on top of their skin. When these microorganisms come in contact with water or moisture, they are dispersed into the air, giving off a stinky smell.

Their diet- Beagles eat anything and everything, including poop. This will for sure cause bad breathe and endless amounts of gassy farts. Super stinky farts can also be indigestion caused by something your dog ate. Their diet also determines the general smell they emit.

Health issues – Smelling bad could also be a sign of an underlying health issue, including dental problems, ear infections, skin infections, allergies, anal gland issues, etc.

How Do I Stop My Beagle from Smelling?

You cannot eliminate the bad smell emitted in Beagles because it’s a natural chemical process. But you can minimize it and even prevent unnatural causes of a strong smell in your dog. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Bathe and Groom Your Beagle – The dirt, dander, allergens, and body oils that accumulate on your dog’s coat will cause a stinky smell. The single best way to keep your Beagle smelling fresh is with regular brushing, regular baths in warm water, and grooming. This will ensure the body oils are evenly distributed across the coat since excess body oils can cause a pungent smell. It also removes dirt, debris, bacteria, and microorganism that would otherwise cause a bad smell. That being said, avoid over-bathing your Beagle as it can cause skin issues; every 3-4 weeks should be enough.

Proper Oral Hygiene – Brush your Beagle’s teeth 2-3 times a week to prevent plaque and tartar build-up –leading cause of bad breath and gum infections. You can also feed them crunchy, healthy snacks like carrots or dental chews to help keep the teeth clean. Be sure to visit the vet regularly to ensure proper gum and tooth health and avoid tooth decay and any other dental issues.

Clean Their Ears – Dogs’ ears contain scent glands that can gradually build up with bacteria and start to smell bad. Additionally, Beagles’ big, floppy ears block airflow and sunlight, creating a moist environment. This makes them prone to ear infections, which can give off a strong and stinky odor. Ensure you clean your Beagle’s ears regularly using cotton pads with an indicated ear cleaning product for dogs. Be careful not to go too far as it can damage their ear canal or cause ear infection.

Prevent Anal Fluid from Building Up – Dogs have two scent sacks on both sides of their anus, which release a chemical odor. But if the glands are affected and cannot release the fluid normally, the fluids will keep building until they break open. Dark oil that looks like blood is released along with a nasty, intolerable smell. Proving a proper diet, exercising your Beagle, and taking them to the vet should help prevent any issues with their anal glands.

Additional Tips

  • Get treatment for skin issues
  • Regular vet visits. This will help identify any underlying medical causes of the foul smell in your Beagle
  • Provide a proper diet
  • Dry wet Beagles
  • Clean their beddings regularly

Why Do Beagles Smell Like Corn Chips Or Like Fish?

There’s no getting around the fact that Beagles have a distinct and stronger smell. We mentioned earlier that it’s a light musky smell. However, Beagles also tend to smell like corn chips or fish, which can be normal or a sign of an underlying problem.

What Causes The Corn Chip type of Smell?

Beagles have feet that smell like corn chips. Like any other dog, they sweat through their paws. The moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly Pseudomonas and Proteus. These bacteria have a scent that can mimic corn chips, which is why your Beagle’s feet smell like that. Additionally, dogs are on their paws 100% of the time and will step directly on dirt and all kinds of debris. They lick their feet, which adds even more moisture and bacteria.

A corn chip smell is usually not a problem, but if it never seems to go away or just keeps getting stronger, it could be a sign of a bacterial or yeast infection. In that case, bring your Beagle to the vet for treatment.

Why Do Beagles Stink Of Fish?

As mentioned earlier, dogs have two anal sac glands on both sides of their anus. They will naturally express these glands as they defecate, during which they give out a pungent fishy smell. However, some dogs have trouble expressing themselves due to anal gland issues resulting from being overweight. Also, dogs need to have a firm stool to apply enough pressure on the sac to empty naturally. Therefore, if your Beagle is experiencing soft, watery stool or diarrhea, it won’t be able to empty its anal sacs naturally. When the anal glands aren’t working properly, the fluids will build up and eventually break out, causing a more foul-smelling fish odor.

Your Beagle will need its anal glands manually emptied, which should resolve the fishy odor. Professional groomers and vets perform this service, and you can learn how to do it if you don’t mind the smell.

How to Get Rid Of Beagle Smell in My Home?

Chances are your dog spends a lot of time lounging on the furniture and carpet. Also, rubbing and rolling are ways to massage their skin and remove dirt where they can’t reach. No matter how diligent you are about cleaning your Beagle, those scent odors will get trapped in every part of your home that the dog visits. Here are a few tips and tricks for tackling pet odors in your house:

Clean the House Thoroughly – Your carpets, rugs, and furniture hold an incredible amount of hair, dander, saliva ( a Beagle can drool ), and other secretions from your dog, which builds up over time to cause an awful smell. The first step to keeping your house smelling fresh is sweeping, vacuuming, and moping. It would be best if you did this routine regularly, probably more often than you think.

Just about any fabric in your home can develop dog odors. So, for washable items like curtains and couch cushion covers, add a few shakes of baking soda and vinegar to your regular detergent to help eliminate those odors.

Let In Some Fresh Air – Sometimes the best solution is the most obvious one. Opening the windows will air out your home and remove those bad pet odors in the process. You can use scented candles, essential oils, or fresh flowers to offset the adult Beagle smell with a more pleasant flavor. Be careful not to buy things that are toxic to dogs.

Use an Air Purifier – These devices trap stale or stinky air, purify it, and push it back into the room. A high-quality pet-friendly air purifier with HEPA filters will filter dirt and dust from the air and kill bacteria and fungi as well. Ensure you find one that is strong enough to cover the entire area.

Change the Air Filters – Filters work best when they’re clean, so regularly change all the air filters in your home. While clogged air filters don’t contribute to the Beagle’s hound odor problem, they make the HVAC systems less efficient, thus reducing airflow and circulation. Stagnant air can be stinky air!