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Do Beagles Need Haircuts?

Do Beagles Need Haircuts?

Understanding how to care for your dog and what your dog needs are crucial aspects of pet ownership, and if you have a Beagle, it’s important to take some time to learn about its grooming needs. Many dogs have surprisingly complex and important requirements when it comes to keeping them fit and healthy, and if you have a Beagle, you might be wondering if you ever need to get its fur cut, or whether this is only for long-haired dogs on the whole.

Do Beagles need haircuts? Not really, no. Their coats are short and sleek, and they should not need you to cut the fur short unless there is some specific reason to do so (e.g. something stuck in it). However, you will need to get your Beagle groomed regularly and clean its ears and paws.

Today, we are going to look in more detail at whether Beagles ever need haircuts, and how often you should get your Beagle’s coat attended to by a professional groomer (or do it yourself). We are also going to cover techniques for general coat maintenance so you can keep your Beagle in top condition at all times, and we’re going to look at how you can groom a Beagle, step by step. Hopefully, this will help you ensure your Beagle gets everything it needs to keep its coat clean and shiny at all times.

Do Beagles Need Haircuts?

On the whole, your Beagle will not need you to cut its hair. Their coats are very short and will maintain themselves, and there is no reason to cut the fur away, even in summer. You will not make your dog cooler by doing so, and you may even expose it to the risk of sunburn because its coat protects it.

Beagles tend to be quite sensitive, so it is important to maintain their coat’s condition, but you should not cut the coat, or ask a groomer to do so. A responsible groomer will not do so.

Of course, there are exceptions, although these are rare. For example, if your dog has something stuck in its fur that cannot be removed with washing and this is causing a problem, it may need that area of fur cut away. Alternatively, a small area on the dog might have to be shaved for an operation.

If your dog does need its coat shaving for any reason, it is a good idea to discuss this with a professional groomer, or with your vet, before going ahead. Do not cut your Beagle’s fur yourself unless you know what you are doing, as you may hurt the dog if it suddenly moves.

In general, however, Beagles do not need haircuts and you should not cut your Beagle’s hair. If you have young children, make sure that you teach them this too, or they may decide to cut the dog’s fur, especially if they hear of friends’ dogs getting haircuts, or see this on television.

How Often Do Beagles Need Haircuts?

Beagles should not need regular haircuts under any circumstances, barring a health condition that a vet has prescribed haircutting to deal with. The only hair that you might cut regularly is hair that gets into your dog’s eyes. Again, this is rare with Beagles but may occur.

In general, although you won’t be cutting your dog’s coat, you will need to do some work to keep it in beautiful condition.

Beagles have fine, soft, stunning coats, and they are somewhat prone to skin irritation and discomfort if these are not well looked after by their owners. Too much washing, especially with shampoo, can make their skin inflamed, and this can lead to itchiness, shedding, and the dog worrying at its coat – which will only make things worse.

It is important not to fall into this trap, but instead to wash your dog only when it needs it.

You might be wondering if cutting your Beagle’s hair or shaving the dog is an effective way to combat shedding, but it isn’t. Shedding will start up again as soon as the dog’s coat starts to regrow – which will be almost immediately. It may be made worse by the shaving, so do not shave your Beagle unless you have no choice.

How Do You Maintain A Beagle’s Hair?

So, what should you do if you want to reduce a Beagle’s shedding and help its coat to stay glossy, thick, and luxurious? The simple answer is regular brushing. Brushing removes excess hair and dead skin, and it will make room for new fur growth.

This maximizes the young hairs in the dog’s coat, which helps to ensure the dog sheds less. It also makes the coat glossier and more lustrous, because the hairs will be fresh, new ones.

You should use a high-quality brush that removes as much of the hair as possible in a single session. Brushes with many bristles can help to snag as much dead fur as possible, getting it out of the way so there is room for new growth.

Brushing should not take you very long, and the more frequently you brush your dog, the less hair it will shed – so the less time you will spend cleaning your home. Because the coat is short, you can usually brush it in a matter of minutes, and you should find minimal snags or tangles that need to be worked through.

Brushing is a great way to remove dirt from the dog’s coat without having to constantly wash the dog. Because Beagles are sensitive to being washed, this is better for them, and will often result in less work for you.

You should aim to brush your dog every other day, especially if it spends a lot of time outdoors, rolling in the grass, or playing in the mud. 

Remember that the dog also excretes oils, and these will build up in the coat over time. Brushing will not remove all of these, but it will remove a lot, and this helps to ensure that the Beagle’s coat stays shiny and soft. You can supplement this by bathing the dog every two to six months, depending on how dirty your Beagle gets.

How Do You Groom A Beagle?

Next, I’m going to talk you through the steps for grooming a Beagle. Grooming should always be a positive experience for both of you. Never shout at or hit your Beagle when you are trying to groom it, even if the dog is misbehaving. Instead, work on good behavior and lots of positivity, using rewards to encourage the dog to behave.

You can use a dog brush or a mitt for grooming your Beagle. Sit down in a calm environment, with some treats in your pocket, and call your dog to you. A boar bristle brush is often a good tool to use.

Get your Beagle to sit or stand near you, and begin slowly working your way through its coat. Work in the same direction as the coat, rather than against the fur, and go slowly and gently so that the dog does not get panicked.

Do not brush your Beagle’s face. If dirt needs to be removed, use a soft, damp cloth and gently rub the fur until it is clean. Brushes tend to be too harsh, and Beagles may not like having the brush close to their eyes.

You will also need to regularly clean your Beagle’s ears, and clip its claws. These things can be done after a routine bath if you prefer, but it is a good idea to inspect them for any signs of issues while you brush your Beagle. This will help you to pick up problems early on if they occur.

When you have finished brushing your Beagle, give it a treat and lots of praise, even if it has not behaved perfectly. Making grooming a positive experience is the best way to help ensure that the dog cooperates next time. Make sure you do not directly reward bad behavior, though.

Finally, clean up the brush so it’s ready for use next time, and dispose of the fur. If you notice your Beagle is shedding heavily, increase the frequency of brushing to once a day.

So, do Beagles need haircuts? No, they don’t, but they do need frequent grooming, and they will benefit from being brushed plenty. You can reduce shedding, stimulate new hair growth, and make your Beagle’s coat beautifully shiny by making brushing part of your routine.