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Do Beagles Need a lot of Exercises?

Do Beagles Need a lot of Exercises?

Beagles are universally popular dogs. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, they’re the fifth most popular pet breed in the United States. These adorable, small to medium-sized dogs are known for their friendly and affectionate disposition as well as their never-ending energy. Whether you’re gathering information to choose the right breed for you, or you are simply interested in different types of dogs, you may be curious about the amount of exercise a dog breed requires. This is essential information as the answer varies widely from dog to dog. If you’re wondering, “do beagles need a lot of exercises?”, you’re not alone. I’ve created a complete guide on the question because its answer may help determine the next dog breed you and your family adopt.

Do beagles need a lot of exercises? The average adult beagle requires around 60 minutes of exercise daily which falls within the average amount for medium-sized canines. Beagles are full of energy and love food therefore, the importance of getting enough exercise is vital to maintaining their well-being. Exercise should include moderate walking as well as the short high-intensity variety achieved through playing.

I’ve created this exercise guide for beagles based on extensive research because exercising is undoubtedly crucial for the breed. In fact, the proper amount of exercise can help lengthen your beagles’ lifespan as well as improve their overall demeanor and health. While, on the other hand, too little exercise or incorrect exercise may lead to serious health problems, such as obesity and joint issues. Thus, the better you understand your beagle’s exercise needs, the better their life will be. Read on for my tips and tricks so your beagle is happy and healthy with its exercise routine.

Do Beagles Need a lot of Exercise?

Beagles do not need a lot of exercise in the sense that the amount required is above average when compared to similar dog breeds. However, the amount beagles do require is extremely important in terms of maintaining their well-being. 

Beagles are an energetic breed. So, if they are not getting the regular exercise they need, they tend to act up. For instance, a beagle left inside all day may start running through the house recklessly or jumping up on people for attention. They become stir crazy. Beagles are notorious for their friendly dispositions; however, if they are restless, they can act out. To maintain your pup’s sweet demeanor, simply provide them with the physical exercise they require. 

In addition to needing the proper amount of cardio exercise, beagles also need certain varieties of exercise. If you’re an exerciser, yourself, you must know the importance of diversity when it comes to activities. An avid marathon runner should supplement their jogs with yoga or train using high-intensity intervals to achieve their best results. The same goes for your beagle! 

Walks are one integral part. However, your dog also needs some activities that involve “bursts”. By this, I mean the short sprints that are excellent for their cardiovascular system. Two to three times per week, try taking your dog to the park where you can play catch or simply run them around. Alternatively, take them to a dog park and let them run free with other pups. Of course, be sure they have the necessary shots before doing so. These short bursts are great for their overall health, not to mention their happiness as they love to play. 

How Often Should a Beagle be Walked?

Taking your beagle for walks may be the key to its heart. Don’t be surprised if you happen to find your beagle waiting by the door with its leash in its mouth. These little rascals love their walks nearly as much as they love their food.   Walking is beneficial for beagles and for us too! The low-impact movement of walking helps maintain muscle mass and encourages proper metabolism function. Walking also works to stretch out one’s muscles improving overall flexibility and health. Keep your pup and yourself healthy and happy by walking daily.

One walk per day will suffice, however, your beagle will be even happier with two. It is generally recommended you walk for around twenty to thirty minutes each time. If you can only fit in one walk, make sure it is longer than that. In terms of pace, beagles like a brisk stroll. Their little legs move quickly, and a brisk pace helps with their energy release. 

When Should I Start Walking my Beagle Puppy? 

Your new beagle puppy may be full of energy, but you must be sure not to take it out into public until it has had all the necessary puppy shots. During the period before its shots, playing indoors will suffice. Run your pup around your home so they can get out some of that energy. Once your beagle puppy has had its shots, you can begin taking it for walks. However, bear the following in mind when doing so as the proper exercise a puppy requires is different from that which an adult does.  

It takes eighteen months for a beagle’s full skeletal system to form. This means that you must be cautious when exercising. Overexertion can impact how your beagle’s bones and joints develop. Overexertion can happen in several ways. Long walks are not necessary for beagle puppies. Begin with one mile per day as the total distance and try to spread this out across several short walks. This will help your puppy adjust to a walking pace without overexerting their little bodies.

In addition to regular walks, make sure your beagle pup is only doing low-impact activities. High impact, for instance, jumping about, could damage your puppy’s bone and joint development which can lead to issues later down the line. Finally, when you start, remember that your paces are different. If you enjoy a brisk walk, you will likely need to slow it down until your beagle is slightly older. A fast walk for you is a run for a little beagle puppy

Keeping Your Beagle Safe When Exercising

Our last order of business pertains to the safety of your beagle. An Intense Exercise is excellent for their health but there are some essential considerations to remember when doing so. 

The first of which has to do with the impact as mentioned with beagle puppies. High impact activities are not advised. Many dog breeds tend to suffer from joint issues as they age and unfortunately, continuous high-impact physical activity can aggravate these issues. When walking your beagle, try to frequent parks and forests if you are able. The softness of the grass and soil is far better for your beagle’s joints than pavement. 

The next safety consideration has to do with the temperature. If you live in a very warm climate or one with extremely hot summers, be sure you are exercising caution. If it is hot and sunny, you may be better off keeping your pup inside and exercising by playing. Beagles are susceptible to heatstroke, and they can be difficult to spot. If you have walked for too long on a hot day or your dog was left outside in humid weather, always check if they are panting or drooling excessively. These are signs of heatstroke. If this is the case, ensure they are drinking water and take them somewhere to cool off. If it persists, take your beagle to the vet. 

Lastly, watch your beagle closely on your daily walks and at the park. As mentioned, beagles are hunting dogs and love to chase things. If your pup spots a squirrel out of the corner of its eye, it could run after it before you have time to brace yourself. As many wild animals carry certain bacteria and illnesses, I recommend using extra caution when it comes to your beagle’s intense activities. If you allow them off-leash, take even more care.

Senior Beagles are cute, cuddly, and love to play. It’s no wonder they are one of the most popular breeds (Scent Hound) across the country. To take proper care of a beagle, you must understand the amount of physical and mental exercise they require to keep their fitness level, as well as which types of exercise, is the best. Daily Exercise (20-30 minutes)is an essential aspect when it comes to their health and overall wellbeing. Finally, the exact amount of time you should spend walking and play (maybe a fun game, scent games, or something where lots of energy is required) with your beagle depends on its height, weight, and genetics. So, I recommend asking your breeder or the center from which you adopt it for specific directions.