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Do Beagles Drool?

Do Beagles Drool?

As gross as it is, drooling is a normal occurrence for many dog breeds. While some dog breeds drool a lot, others are never caught drooling. This has dog owners wondering “do Beagles drool?

Beagles do tend to drool for various reasons. Most of the reasons why a Beagle is drooling are harmless, such as cooling off after exercise or smelling delicious food. However, if the drooling is excessive it could be due to a medical problem. 

On this page, we’re going to discuss the question “Do Beagles drool?” so dog owners know what to expect. We will also cover the main reasons why you may catch a Beagle drooling. Keep reading to find out more.

Do Beagles Drool?

Beagles are a breed that drools. In case you were wondering what drool is, it’s simply just saliva that’s pouring out of the mouth. Some dogs drool a lot (Basset Hounds and Bernese Mountain dogs drool the most), while other breeds hardly ever drool (Chihuahuas and Bichon Frise dogs aren’t droolers). 

It’s completely normal to catch your Beagle drooling. They aren’t heavy droolers, but there are occasions throughout the day when you’ll see your Beagle drooling. This is a completely normal reaction to certain things, such as food, excitement, and cooling down. 

If your Beagle is an excessive drooler, it may be a sign of a medical concern. When a medical concern has caused the Beagle to drool more than usual, there will likely be other signs that you spot as well (depending on the condition). 

Why Do Beagles Drool?

Beagles don’t drool for no reason. Once we discuss some of the main reasons a Beagle will start to drool, you’ll be able to pinpoint why your dog’s mouth is dripping. 

1: The Beagle Needs to Cool Down

Did you know that dogs don’t have sweat glands? If a dog gets too hot, it will cool down by panting. Since dogs still produce saliva while panting, it’s normal for a Beagle to start drooling. Dog owners often notice their Beagle drooling on hot days when it’s playing outside or when the Beagle is exercising.

If your Beagle starts drooling during physical activity, take this as a sign that it’s time for a break. The dog needs to cool off, so you should try to encourage it to relax in a cool or shaded area. It’s also a good idea to provide it with some water to prevent dehydration. 

2: Beagles Love Food

Beagles aren’t much different than humans. When a Beagle catches the scent of its favorite food in the air, its mouth starts watering. Many dog owners notice that their Beagle acts like it hasn’t eaten in days whenever they place a bowl of food down for it. These hungry pups get very excited when they smell a meal coming their way.

When a Beagle picks up the scent of food, its body signals that it’s time to eat. When a Beagle eats, saliva helps with digestion, so it’s natural for the dog’s body to create more when it’s anticipating food. The saliva will begin to drool out of the Beagle’s mouth because of the way the jaw is structured. 

3: Beagles Drool in Their Sleep

If your Beagle is snoozing away, it’s not uncommon to see a puddle of drool below its mouth. When a Beagle is sleeping, its entire body is relaxed, including its jaw muscles. As you may notice, your Beagle is likely sleeping with its mouth wide open. When this happens, it’s normal to see drooling as well because the dog’s jaw can’t catch it.

4: The Beagle is Excited

Some Beagles will drool when they are very excited. This may be messy, but it’s sweet and harmless. When you come home from a long day in the office, you may notice your Beagle drooling, among other signs that it’s happy to see you. It’s also common for a Beagle to drool when it’s excited over a new toy or playtime with its owner.

5: The Beagle Has Motion Sickness

Some Beagles will begin to feel nausea during car rides. This can happen during car rides or boat rides and leads to the dog feeling very uncomfortable. If your Beagle has motion sickness, along with drooling it may be whining to signal to you that it’s not feeling well. This could lead to vomiting if you don’t attend to the Beagle.

One of the best ways to prevent your dog from getting motion sickness is to use a booster seat or something to elevate the dog so it can fully see out the window. This will position the Beagle at the right level to see the motion, which reduces the feeling of nausea. 

For longer car rides, it’s recommended to feed your Beagle a couple of dry low-salt crackers before the journey to soak up stomach acids. It’s also recommended to stop every 15 minutes or so to allow the dog to stretch and have a drink of water. 

6: Your Beagle is Stressed

Some Beagles will drool when they are feeling stressed. This can happen if:

  • The Beagle has separation anxiety
  • Is frightened by an aggressive dog nearby
  • Too much noise or commotion in its environment
  • Fireworks are being set off

When Should Dog Owners Worry About Beagles Drooling?

While drooling at certain times is normal behavior for Beagles, there are times when owners need to be on the lookout because it could be a sign of a medical issue. Frequent or excessive drooling is often a sign of a health problem. Below are some of the top medical concerns that cause drooling in Beagles.

1: Dental Problems

It’s important to develop a regular dental care routine at home to prevent dental problems in your Beagle. If your Beagle is experiencing a dental issue, it is likely to start drooling more than regular. Dental problems in dogs can be very painful and lead to further problems. This is why it’s crucial to take your Beagle to the vet if you notice a dental issue.

What dental problems can cause a Beagle to drool a lot?

  • Tooth infection
  • Gum infection
  • Periodontal disease
  • Plaque buildup 
  • Tooth decay

2: Infections 

Drooling can also occur if the Beagle has a throat or salivary gland infection. Both of these infections can be very uncomfortable for the dog and must be treated by a vet. You may notice other signs of an infection by inspecting the dog’s face. 

Since salivary glands are high up in the face, some dog owners can tell there is an infection because the Beagle’s eyes appear swollen and there is discharge. 

3: Heat Stroke

Remember what we mentioned earlier about how dogs drool when cooling down? Well, if your Beagle gets too hot, it can get heatstroke. Along with the drooling, you will notice very heavy breathing. This is why it’s not a good idea to keep your dog out for long on very hot days.

4: Bad Reaction

Drooling can also be a sign of a bad reaction. This can happen if your Beagle bit a poisonous plant or ate food that is toxic to dogs. Drooling could also occur if your Beagle ate something that cause indigestion.

Beagle owners should be careful not to leave any type of food out unattended. These dogs will eat nearly anything, including shells and pits. It’s also important to keep an eye on your Beagle while it is outside so you can deter it away from any plants that could make it sick.

5: Distemper

Distemper is a disease affecting dogs that is similar to the measles virus. If a Beagle didn’t receive its early vaccines it is at higher risk of catching this disease. This disease is known to cause jaw movements and convulsions, which lead to drooling. If you believe your Beagle may have distemper, always contact the vet for antibiotics.  

6: Cyst or Tumor

If a Beagle has a cyst or tumor that is in the head or neck region, it may begin drooling excessively. Fortunately, this condition is very rare among Beagles. 

Final Thoughts

Do Beagles drool? All Beagles are known to drool, which is a normal bodily reaction for certain things. While Beagles do drool often, they don’t drool as heavily as other breeds.

In most situations, drooling is completely normal for a Beagle. When it smells food, the dog’s body will create saliva to make the digestion process easier. It’s also normal for a Beagle to drool when it’s too warm because dogs don’t have sweat glands, so they cool down by panting. Just like humans, Beagles are also known to drool in their sleep.

However, dog owners need to be aware of the difference between a regular amount of drool and excessive drooling. When a Beagle starts to drool more than usual, it can often be linked to a medical problem. When this happens, try to consult the dog’s vet as soon as possible. Conditions that cause drooling are often painful for the dog.