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Do American Bulldogs Shed? Dog Grooming And Shedding Explained.

Do American Bulldogs Shed? Dog Grooming And Shedding Explained.

The American Bulldog is a powerful, athletic, short-coated dog breed. Most people believe that since it has short hair, it probably doesn’t shed and is hypoallergenic. This is a myth because the American Bulldog sheds quite a bit. Before bringing the American Bulldog to your home, you must know how to reduce and manage their shedding. This is primarily vital to allergy suffers who love the American Bulldog and think of owning one. The American Bulldog breed is considered low maintenance because of its short hair. If you have the patience and time to care for your American Bulldog, it will probably be the most rewarding experience in your life.

Do American Bulldogs shed? American Bulldogs are considered average shedders but shed more during the seasonal shedding. These dogs’ fur can get a little overwhelming sometimes. But don’t let this stop you from adopting an American Bulldog. With a few tips and tricks, you can reduce your dog’s shedding and minimize allergies.

Dogs will be dogs, and every breed will shed, including the American Bulldog. But these dogs shed more than you can imagine for such a short-haired pooch. A quality brush, bathe, and lots of love is what your American Bulldog needs to minimize their shedding tendencies. Living with this breed won’t be a problem if you are not an allergy sufferer or have mild allergies. Allow me to take you through the American Bulldog’s shedding levels, their coat type, how to manage and reduce their shedding, and lastly, whether or not they are hypoallergenic.

How Much Do American Bulldogs Shed?

American Bulldogs are known to be average shedders. They have short, fine fur, making them shed less than other canine breeds. And when they shed, the cleaning is relatively simple because of their short, refined, and smooth coat. The American Bulldog does not have an undercoat, which reduces excessive shedding that you may experience with the double-coated breeds.

When answering the question do American Bulldogs shed, it is essential to know that certain factors can increase your pooch’s shedding. The good news is you can always reduce shedding with proper grooming and feeding your American Bulldog a healthy diet.

Why Do American Bulldogs Shed?

All dog breeds shed, but your American Bulldog shedding can be natural or health-related. The main reason why American Bulldogs shed is to remove their puppy coat. So, if your American Bulldog is a puppy, the shedding will be a bit more compared to an older one. Their shedding will decrease as they get older. It is always essential to understand why your American Bulldog is shedding before getting to the solution. The main reason why your American Bulldog is shedding may be because of genes. If your pup carries the MC5R or RSP02, it will probably shed more than dogs who do not possess those genes.

Secondly, all dogs shed to get rid of the dead hair and develop new hair. It is a normal process, and you only need to worry if your canine is shedding excessively.

Shedding Seasons and Frequency

Are you thinking of owning an American Bulldog and want to know their shedding seasons and frequency? This information informs you when the seasonal shedding for the American Bulldogs occurs. Your American Bulldog will shed the most during the seasonal shedding period that appears two times a year. You will notice some aggressive shedding in the spring and autumn season. This mostly happens when they shed their heavy winter coats. This is because the weather is warming up, and they probably don’t need much fur to stay warm. That being said, this breed does shed moderately year-round and will require proper grooming to stay clean and healthy.

Unhealthy Shedding

While shedding is normal for every canine, unhealthy shedding in your American Bulldog is a cause for concern. American Bulldogs have a short coat that sheds moderately throughout the year. The most obvious reasons that can cause excessive shedding in any pooch include food allergies, stress, underlying medical conditions, hormonal imbalances, parasite infections, or improper diet. Poor grooming can also contribute to unhealthy shedding. Therefore, you will want to check on that and make sure you brush your American Bulldog often. If your canine is shedding unhealthily, make sure you check in with your vet to know what exactly is causing your American Bulldog to shed excessively.

What Type of Coat Does an American Bulldog Have?

American Bulldogs have short, fine-textured hair typically wiry on their back and soft everywhere else. They also have short loose fur, especially on the neck, head, and shoulders. The head of an American Bulldog is covered with heavy wrinkles and has two loose folds at the throat from the jaw to the chest, which forms a dewlap. Their short, thin coats are shed consistently throughout the year but more during specific seasons. The American Bulldog doesn’t have an undercoat, thus eliminating extra shedding experienced with double-coated breeds. American Bulldogs tend to experience allergies and dry skin, leading to unhealthy shedding. They also get terrible doggy dandruff; therefore, you should keep their fur clean and moisturized to keep them comfortable.

How to Manage and Reduce the American Bulldog Shedding

After understanding the question do American Bulldogs shed, it’s time to see how you can reduce the shedding. You can’t possibly stop your American Bulldog from shedding, but you can minimize it. Most importantly, don’t shave your American Bulldog, as this will do more harm than good. Without their coat, they will not have any protection from outer elements, and they can easily overheat in summer or freeze in winter.

Managing shedding is crucial to allergy sufferers and doesn’t make vacuuming and generally cleaning a hassle.

American Bulldog Grooming

Grooming is the best technique you can apply to minimize the shedding of your American Bulldog. Getting the grooming right will positively impact the amount of fur they shed. You should consider brushing them at least once a week to catch loose and dead hairs. Increase the frequency to daily during seasonal shedding to keep up with the increased shedding. Be sure to use a good quality brush like a slicker brush.

By brushing your dog, you’re able to distribute their skin’s natural oils all over the body, thus encouraging a healthy coat. And, if the skin is left moisturized, the shedding will be minimal. Brushing removes the dead hair and allows your canine to develop new hair that keeps their fur healthy, thus minimizing shedding. While you’re grooming them, remember your American Bulldog will require regular maintenance in other areas like the ears, nails, and teeth.

American Bulldog Diet

What you feed your dog will highly affect how much they shed. Ensure you feed your dog a proper diet rich in proteins and high-quality ingredients that keeps the skin healthy. Here are a few things you can include in your American Bulldogs diet to minimize shedding and keep its fur healthy: high protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and limited carbs. Once you get the diet right, it should lead to healthier fur and reduce the amount of shedding.

Many American Bulldogs have food allergies, affecting their fur and eventually leading to unhealthy shedding. Therefore, if you notice abnormal shedding in your American Bulldog, you should check your diet. Always consult with your vet before introducing any new diet.

Baths and Supplements…

Bathing your dog once a month reduces shedding and removes dead fur hanging around their body. Also, who doesn’t love an odor-free doggy? Make sure you are using a high-quality shampoo when bathing your American Bulldog. American Bulldogs are prone to allergies, and if you use the wrong shampoo, you might irritate their skin. This will, in turn, increase their shedding.

Don’t bathe your Bulldog regularly because it will make their skin dry. But if they get especially dirty or stinky, which is quite common with outdoor doors, they may need an emergency bath in-between their regular bathing schedule.

In some instances, your American Bulldog cannot get all the nutrients it needs from the food you’re providing. This is where supplements come in. It would be best to ask your vet to prescribe the proper nutritional supplements for your American Bulldog. As I mentioned earlier, American Bulldogs are allergy-prone, so don’t just introduce any supplement you aren’t sure about. It might end up affecting their health and increase their shedding levels.

Are American Bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

No canine breed is completely hypoallergenic, and if you are a pooch lover with strong dog allergies, you may opt for a minimal shedder like a Poodle. Despite their short hair, American Bulldogs are not considered hypoallergenic. Their short, coarse fur sticks firmly to your clothing and furniture. While they aren’t heavy shedders, they still shed some dander and fur into the environment and may not be an excellent choice for allergy suffers. In addition, the American Bulldog tends to drool, and you may know that saliva is a significant source of allergens that causes allergic reactions. Another problem with the American Bulldog is that they cannot live outside if you’re experiencing allergy symptoms. They have a short nose and can experience breathing problems, especially in hot and humid weather.

How do you know you’re allergic to your American Bulldog? You may experience the following symptoms when you touch them or simply by being in the same vicinity with them:

  • Coughing
  • Chest tightness
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Skin rash
  • Itchy, red, and/or watery eyes

These allergies result from an over-sensitive immune system that reacts to harmless substances. If you have these symptoms, consult an allergy specialist or a doctor to confirm that your pet is the cause. Your doctor will do a skin test and identify the allergen you are reacting to. You can ask your doctor for some allergy medication if you are an American Bulldog lover and enjoy their companion.

If you have a mild allergy, you can bring an American Bulldog into your home with precautions to help minimize your exposure to allergens. Manage pet allergies by training and keeping your puppy out of the bedroom. Get your grooming routine right and bathe your pup to reduce shedding and the dander that falls into the environment. You can have someone bathe your puppy for you or make sure you wash your hands after interacting with your pet. It is also advisable to brush your dog outside to keep the house allergen-free. Use a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner to clean your house and invest in a HEPA air filter to capture both pet and environmental-related allergens in the air.