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Do Akitas Run Away?

Do Akitas Run Away?

If you have ever met or have an Akita at home, you have most likely noticed that they are typically quiet and docile dogs. However, Akitas do have a few interesting tendencies that can lead them to be slightly more aggressive towards other dogs, intensely loyal to their owners, and can even suffer from separation anxiety. While all of these characteristics are important to understand when taking home an Akita, you will also certainly want to know: do Akitas run away?

Akitas, just like any other dog, may run away if they are scared, excited, have discipline problems, or even if they are bored. The best way to stop your Akita from running away is to find the reason behind their escape and respond accordingly. 

The good news is, Akitas are known to be extremely responsive to your authority and leadership. It’s important and realistically essential to train them to not only listen to your voice commands but also respect you as their owner. By doing so, you can ensure your Akita will be well-behaved as they will be trying to please you. To learn how to train your Akita to stay put, we have all the information you need! 

Do Akitas Run Away?

Yes, Akitas can and might run away. Although Akitas are no more likely to run away than most other canine breeds. There are several reasons why your Akita may run away.

Fear. Running away might simply be a coping mechanism when your dog is scared! This could be from loud noises, such as thunder or a car backfire, if another dog is threatening them, they feel alone, or even if they are nervous for an undesirable reason. 

Excitement. One of the most common reasons why your Akita might run away is if they sense another dog is nearby. This is particularly true for male Akitas who smell a female. It is quite shocking how far their scent can travel, and an unneutered Akita can escape a fairly high fence if they think they have a chance at reproduction.

Discipline Problems. If your Akita does not understand that you are the alpha, they may be acting out when they run away. To properly train your Akita to stay by your side or within an open or closed area, keep reading! In the following sections, we are going to describe the best training tactics.

Boredom. Akitas are strong, athletic, and intelligent animals, and they need quite a lot of physical and mental exercise to remain happy, healthy, and entertained. While you may think that your dog’s personal entertainment isn’t that important, it’s quite the contrary. If your Akita is bored, they are much more likely to act out and consequently, run away to other, more exciting, adventures. 

Now, all of this information is important, but the true necessity is learning how to assess these possible problems so that you can ensure your Akita does not run away. 

Are Akitas Good Off-Leash?

One of the first “tricks” that most dog-owners want their dogs to learn is the ability to stay by their side off-leash. If you have ever had a dog, you know how frustrating and even scary it can be when they run off to unknown locations, across the road, or into places that they are not welcome. 

Training your Akita to behave and stay close when they’re off the leash is even more important than it may be with other dog breeds. Akitas, as you may know, are extremely large dogs, and they have a wolf-like demeanor that can easily frighten people, children, and other animals. Even if your Akita is extremely kind and gentle at home, others may not know that and respond poorly when they see a wolf-bear dog running towards them.

As with any dog, Akitas have the ability to be good off-leash, or they can be pretty challenging. Truthfully, your Akita may just be too big and excitable to spend time off the leash unless they are in a safe semi-contained area. 

Once again, training is essential if you ever want to be able to safely allow your Akita to roam off-leash without running away. So let’s find out what experts say are the best ways to teach your Akita not to escape or run off!

Are Akitas Hard to Train not to Run Away?

Akitas are known to be quite difficult to train. Although they were originally bred as pack animals and know how to respond to an alpha, they will try to be your leader, unless you prove them otherwise. 

When it comes to successfully training your Akita to follow your rules, instead of the other way around, it’s important to instill a feeling of respect. Akitas will be incredibly loyal to you and your family if they feel well cared for and understand the rules of the house. 

As you establish a healthy relationship with your Akita, it’s important to understand why they are acting out, especially if they are often running away. As we now know, there are a variety of reasons why your Akita could be making a run for it, and accordingly, there are several different approaches you could take, depending on the behavior. 

Fear. If you think your Akita is running away because they are feeling afraid, the most important thing to do is try to figure out just what they are afraid of, and then proceed to make them feel safe. If you already know that thunder bothers your Akita, or maybe fireworks, or any other possibly scary noise that you can anticipate, it’s best to keep them inside with you when storms or parties are happening outside. We also know that Akitas can suffer from separation anxiety, and are more likely to run away if they feel lonely or abandoned. A great way to combat this response is to call them to say hello or give them a pet every so often if they are spending a lot of time by themselves. You may never find out what is making your Akita so scared, but overall, the best way to aid your Akita and make sure they feel safe where they are is to create a secure place where they feel comfortable that they can go to instead of running away. If your Akita is usually escaping from the back yard, maybe a dog house, a little bed under the porch, or a doggy door that they can use anytime to get back inside might do the trick.

Excitement. It may simply be biology that is making your Akita jump the fence and sprint away from their perfectly safe home! Your dog is likely to smell another dog and want to either play, attack, or love, and the only real way to combat this problem is to make sure there is no way for them to escape. Maybe that means building a higher fence, making sure they can’t dig underneath, or if they are inside, keeping all doors closed and latched. 

Discipline Problems. As we know, Akitas need to be well trained in order to follow you as their leader and listen to your commands and rules. If you have not established this hierarchy in your home, your Akita may literally be running away just because they can! Unfortunately, if you are having trouble disciplining your Akita and they do not understand their role in the family, you may want to call in the big guns! Professional trainers can be extremely helpful at regimenting your training with your pup, and it really will make your Akita’s life and yours much more enjoyable.

Boredom. Your Akita can very easily become physically or even mentally bored if they do not have enough exercise or a variety of activities throughout the day, which can lead to running away to something that may excite them. It is essential that you take your Akita out for long brisk walks several times a day, but it’s a great idea to have a walk just before you plan to leave your Akita alone so that they will tire out and take that time to rest, instead of running. You can also ensure that your Akita isn’t bored by allowing them to smell different scents as you take your walk or before you leave, give them a puzzle or interactive toy to occupy them while you’re away or even inside. 

You just may be an Akita expert yourself now! Hopefully, these several tricks of the trade will help if (or most likely when) your Akita does run away.

Do Akitas Need a Yard? Will they Escape?

Akitas are big and also smart animals. They certainly need ample time outside in order to be content, healthy dogs! However, it does not have to be a yard. If you are consistently taking your Akita on long walks and out for frequent trips to the bathroom, they should be just fine living inside. 

But if your house does have a yard, and you want to allow your Akita to spend time there throughout the day, you will absolutely need a fence. 

As we have learned in this article, there are several reasons why your Akita may run away, and leaving them in an open space unattended is just asking them to run off.

All dogs have the tendency to run away when scared, provoked, excited, bored, or poorly disciplined, and Akitas are no different. If given the chance, they will most likely run away, at least at some point in their lives.

The best way to keep your Akita safe and secure at home, in a yard, or even at the park is to get to know them and train them well.