Why Do Samoyeds Howl?

Why Do Samoyeds Howl

Have you ever wondered what causes some dogs to howl more than others? Certain breeds of dogs seem to howl at the slightest provocation, while others never do this even when they are surrounded by howling dogs – so what prompts the howling? If you have a Samoyed, you have probably noticed that it spends … Read more

Do Samoyeds Get Cold?

Do Samoyeds Get Cold

Looking after a dog is always a learning curve, and if you have a Samoyed or you are thinking about getting one, you are probably wondering about those wonderfully thick coats, and how much protection they really offer to the dogs. It is important to be aware of how warm your pet is, so you … Read more

Do Samoyeds Run Away?

Do Samoyeds Run Away

Samoyeds are a particularly active breed of dog which can be prone to running away if the conditions in their environment and lifestyle are not right for them. They are physically strong and coordinated, so they are often able to dig under fencing or force their way out. They may also be prone to getting … Read more

Can Samoyed be Left Alone?

Can Samoyed be Left Alone

The Samoyed is an exceptionally social and highly intelligent breed of dog. Because of these traits, Samoyeds rarely cope with being left alone, even in their home environment. As well as being pack animals, Samoyeds were bred to work alongside communities of people, so they are more sensitive than some other dogs to being left … Read more

How To Stop A Samoyed From Biting?

How To Stop A Samoyed From Biting

Samoyeds are wonderful family pets and are known for their beautiful fur and loving demeanor. However, they are also an extremely intelligent and often stubborn breed who will take both patience and authority to train. If your Samoyed is biting, chewing, or tearing apart your furniture, there are certain recommended ways to discipline them, so … Read more

Do Samoyeds Play Fetch?

Do Samoyeds Play Fetch

If you are thinking of getting a dog, it is important to spend a lot of time researching the different breeds and their temperaments and habits. This ensures that you get a dog suitable for you and that you are suitable for your dog. One big question revolves around playtime, and if you are considering … Read more