Can Greyhounds Live in Hot Weather? 

Greyhounds are gentle dogs that make excellent family pets, but due to their short coats, they feel the effects of the weather more than other breeds. Before the summer temperatures begin to rise, you may be asking “can Greyhounds live in hot weather?“ Greyhounds don’t fare well in hot weather, but they can live in … Read more

Are Greyhounds Protective?

Are Greyhounds

Have you ever wanted to get a Greyhound, but been worried about whether this dog may prove difficult to handle, and whether you will be able to deal with it? Greyhounds are gorgeous animals, but it is important to fully understand the temperament and personality of the dog that you are taking on. Of course, … Read more

How Long Are Greyhounds Pregnant For?

How Long Are Greyhounds Pregnant

So, you’ve noticed a few changes in your Greyhounds behavior, the least of which is a huge increase in appetite. Congratulations – you’re about to have grand-pups! So, how long are Greyhounds pregnant for, anyway? Greyhounds are going to be pregnant for a period of approximately 63 days. During this time, pups-to-be are developing at … Read more

Are Greyhounds Good Family Dogs?

Are Greyhounds Good Family

We tend to think of Greyhounds based on what we have seen on TV – which basically just amounts to sprinting the moment that the gates open and very little else. This breed is much more complex than that, of course, but that leads to a bottom-line question: Are Greyhounds a good family dog? Yes, … Read more

Do Greyhounds Get Cold?

Do Greyhounds Get

Greyhounds are elegant, majestic dogs that are well known for their athleticism and stamina, but they can be vulnerable too. If you are looking to properly care for one of these wonderful animals, you’ll want to know: do greyhounds get cold? Low body fat, short fur, and relatively thin skin mean that greyhounds can suffer … Read more

Do Greyhounds Drool?

Do Greyhounds

When you think ‘dog’, you think ‘drool’, though if you try to pin a mental image for this, invariably you’ll think of breeds like Pugs, Bulldogs, or giant-jowled Saint Bernards in children’s cartoons. So, do Greyhounds drool? Greyhound owners may rest a little easier when it comes to drip and dribble behaviors seen in other … Read more

What do Greyhounds Eat?

What Do Greyhounds

Greyhounds are beautiful and peculiar dogs. Gentle, shy, and swift, they were bred to be racers and so it’s only natural to wonder… what do Greyhounds eat? Greyhounds do best on a mix of kibble and fresh meat – especially with a dash of vegetable oil to help keep their coat nice and shiny. Though … Read more

Are Greyhounds Cuddly?

Are Greyhounds

Greyhounds are gentle dogs and very particular about whom they like. Often becoming best friends with the softest-spoken person in the house, they can seem a little stand-offish at first to others and this begs a question. Are Greyhounds cuddly? Actually, yes, Greyhounds can cuddle with the best of them! While these little athletes can … Read more

Do Greyhounds Bite?

Do Greyhounds Bite

We know that Greyhounds are fast and playful, but do Greyhounds bite? Are these aggressive dogs? Actually, Greyhounds seldom bite, unless they have been weaned too early and don’t know any better or in cases where they are extremely frightened. Far from being aggressive, Greys tend to be shy until you get to know them … Read more