Are Beagles stubborn?

Are Beagles stubborn

When choosing the right dog to add to your family it is important that you know the dog’s characteristics. Will they need a lot of attention, will they be gentle around children, and even are they stubborn? Beagles are one of the most common family pets so it is important that you know exactly how … Read more

What Do Beagles Eat?

What Do Beagles Eat

Beagles are naturally very active and energetic breeds. They tend to eat a lot – and not only due to high energy expenditure, but because they have no appetite control and are, thus, prone to obesity. Luckily, they’re not a particularly picky breed. As long as you give them some yummy food, they’ll be satisfied, … Read more

Why Do Beagles Howl?

Why Do Beagles Howl

If you are a beagle owner, you have probably asked this question more than once – why do beagles howl? Beagles are known for being noisy dogs, and if yours is constantly making noise, you might be wondering why. What causes beagles to howl in such a distinctive and plaintive way? It can be both … Read more

Blue-Tick Beagle – Personality, Lifespan, Price

Blue Tick Beagle Personality Lifespan Price

The Blue-Tick Beagle is a uniquely colored member of the beagle family – so-named for its blue coat coloration and the ticking pattern on its coat that sets it apart from more traditionally colored beagles. Although many people believe that the Blue-Tick Beagle is a unique breed, this is not the case – nor is … Read more

Are Beagles Prone To Obesity?

Are Beagles Prone To Obesity

Beagles are an active breed of dogs driven by their strong smell sense. They are very friendly and cheerful to keep your spirits up. A beagle, however, will eat, not just to be satisfied but also to make sure nothing is left on the food bowl. If your beagle keeps eating unhealthily, obesity will be … Read more

Are Beagles Easy Or Hard To Train?

Are Beagles Easy Or Hard To Train

If you’re looking for an affectionate, loyal, active, good-natured dog, a Beagle often springs to mind. As pack-oriented dogs, they will usually get along with humans and other animals in the household. The key to having a well-behaved dog is through proper training. This also promotes security, comfort, confidence, and strengthens the human-animal bond. Some … Read more

Do Beagles Like To Cuddle?

Do Beagles Like To Cuddle

If you are thinking about getting a beagle, you are probably wondering about how friendly these dogs are. Do beagles like to cuddle? These dogs are known for being loyal and great companions to their people, but you might want to know how they feel about physical contact. Some dogs are known for being major … Read more

Are Beagles Protective?

Are Beagles Protective

Beagles are a very popular dog breed for families to have because of their playful nature and medium stature. As with any dog breed, you should thoroughly research the breed before committing to adding one to your family, making sure that they match your lifestyle and needs. So, not only should you consider the physical … Read more

Do Beagles Bite?

Do Beagles Bite

Anyone who is considering getting a new dog needs to do some thorough research first, and if you are thinking of taking on a beagle, you will need to find out about the habits of this particular breed. One of the absolutely crucial things to look at with any dog is its willingness to bite … Read more

How Do I Clean My Beagle’s Ears?

How Do I Clean My Beagles Ears

Beagles have been one of the most popular dog breeds for a long time, thanks to their friendly temperament, intelligence, and their generally robust nature. They’re also pretty cute and distinctive-looking dogs, and one of the beagle’s most recognizable features is its large, floppy ears. It’s important for you to clean your beagle’s ears on … Read more