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Can Samoyed Dogs Swim? Step-by-step Guide.

Can Samoyed Dogs Swim? Step-by-step Guide.

Samoyeds are big beautiful dogs with a fluffy white coat and a big smile, if you have ever seen one or already have adopted one, you know just how cute they are! But Samoyeds are more than just a sweet face, they are also known as kind, gentle, and loyal pets that are a great addition to any family or home. If you are considering adopting or have a new Samoyed in your life, you may want to know: Can Samoyed dogs swim?

Can Samoyed dogs swim? Samoyed dogs can swim! However, they may not want to. Because Samoyeds have such a thick coat, getting it wet can mean a lot of added weight, which may make swimming stressful instead of fun. 

While every dog is different, and even every Samoyed is different, there is a good chance that you can actually train your Samoyed to enjoy swimming, if you do so correctly. If you want to learn what you can do to help your Samoyed love life in the water, you have come to the right place! We are going to go through everything you need to know about how Samoyeds usually feel in the water and how you can encourage them to feel safe while swimming

Can Samoyed Dogs Swim?

While technically Samoyed dogs do have the physical capacity to swim, their hollow hair is not made for the water. In fact, it can add significant weight to their bodies and make them feel as though they are sinking. 

Because of a Samoyed’s big thick fur, they may feel as though they cannot stay afloat in the water, their survival instinct will kick in and tell them it is too dangerous to be in the water. In general, of course, it is a good thing that they understand their boundaries and do not push their body to do things it can’t and therefore jeopardize their safety. 

While it may seem like Samoyeds are destined to be land animals, now that you know that they can physically swim, you may be wondering if your Samoyed would even like to swim.

Can Samoyed Dogs Swim
Can Samoyed Dogs Swim? Yes!

Do Samoyeds Like to Swim?

Before we talk about how Samoyeds as a breed feel about swimming, it’s very important to mention that the typical tendencies of certain breeds do not ensure that your dog will feel the same way! 

Every dog is different, they are unique individuals who like and dislike activities, people treats, and toys simply depending on their distinct personalities. You need to pay attention to your dog, find out what if they like the water and if it seems as though they might enjoy swimming.

Most Samoyeds will actually enjoy getting their paws and even some of their body wet on an especially hot day, however, even if it seems they gravitate towards the water, it does not mean they will be especially keen to swim. 

If you want to find out if your Samoyed is going to like to swim, you should make sure they spend as much time as they can around water. Taking them to a local river or pond and letting them get their paws wet, or using a sprinkler in the backyard on a hot day to both cool them off and having them get used to feeling their fur all wet, are all great ways to help your Samoyed understand what water feels like on their body. 

You do not want to force your dog to do anything that makes them uncomfortable, but if it seems like your Samoyed could like to swim, but they are just not sure how to do so safely, that’s where you come in! In the following sections, we are going to learn how to train your Samoyed to swim!

Do Samoyeds Like to Swim
Do Samoyeds Like to Swim? Mostly Yes!

Are Samoyed Water Dogs?

So now that you understand that the answer to our original question, can Samoyed dogs swim, is a hesitant, yes, and you also now know that your Samoyed may enjoy a little dip to cool off on a hot day, and even that if you keep reading, you can actually learn how to train your Samoyed to swim, you have a pretty good idea of how Samoyeds do in the water. 

However, you may still want to know if this big beautiful breed is actually a water dog

You will probably not be surprised to read that Samoyeds were not bred as water dogs. In fact, when they were originally bred in Russia and Siberia, they were used as herders and sled dogs in the deep snow. 

Being raised in this geographic location meant that most of the ponds and lakes were frozen, so there was really no need for Samoyeds to learn to swim or even enjoy the water. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be trained to swim. 

How to Train a Samoyed to Swim?

If you have been excitedly reading along in the hopes of finding out how to train your Samoyed to swim so they can cool off on a hot summer day and enjoy the lake or pool with your family, it’s finally here! 

You do not actually need to teach your Samoyed how to swim, they have the necessary physic and their bodies will naturally begin to doggy paddle when their feet cannot touch the ground. However, just because they are technically moving their bodies, does not mean they are enjoying the activity.

Training your Samoyed to swim is more about making sure they feel comfortable, safe, and confident in the water so they can actually enjoy swimming. 

When training your Samoyed how to swim, we recommend doing so in the same manner that you would teach your child: with patience, kindness, attention, and most importantly safety. 

Are Samoyed Water Dogs
Are Samoyed Water Dogs? No!

How to Prepare for your Samoyed’s Swim Lesson

First, you need to ensure that you are teaching them to swim somewhere they can easily get out of the water if they become too scared. Either a shallow pool with stairs or a calm lake or pond where they can walk onto the shore work very well. 

Next, you should invest in a life jacket for your Samoyed. This is essential not only for their safety but also so that they feel comfortable. Remember, the first time a Samoyed is submerged in water is going to feel very strange to them as their body weight is going to increase immensely. A life jacket will not only make sure they stay afloat, but also give them the confidence to actually learn how to swim without fleeing for dry land. 

Last, but certainly not least, you should always make sure that there is fresh clean drinking water available for when they get out of the water. Swimming is hard work! Especially if you are swimming in a giant fur coat, so you need to make sure they are properly hydrated. 

Guide Your Samoyed Towards the Water

It’s important that you do not force your Samoyed to jump right in the water. You should get in the shallow water with them and gently guide them deeper until their paws come off the floor. 

If they seem nervous or uncomfortable, you need to be patient. In fact, it may take a few times of shallow play before they follow you out any further. 

Always Stay by Their Side

As your Samoyed begins to feel more confident in the water, they will naturally start swimming! 

During this time, you need to stay by their side at all times so that they always feel safe and of course, so you can be right there if they start to panic or slip under the water.

Your Attitude Matters!

Your Samoyed can sense your emotions more than a human can. It is extremely vital that you have a positive, excited attitude when you are in the water! 

If you are anxious or scared, they will be too. Remember, your emotions are contagious! So to show your Samoyed that swimming is fun, you actually need to be having fun. 

Final Thoughts

Can Samoyed dogs swim? Yes, they absolutely can. 

Although as you now know, they do not naturally love spending time in the water because it makes their fur so much heavier. If you want to encourage your Samoyed to learn how to swim, it will take patience and care, and you will probably have to spend a lot of time in the water with them!