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Can Rottweilers Live In Hot Weather?

Can Rottweilers Live In Hot Weather?

All pet parents know that extreme weather can scare some dogs, whether that’s heat, cold, or stormy conditions. For the very brave Rottweiler, it seems like nothing can phase them. But can Rottweilers live in hot weather?

Rottweilers can live in hot weather, and they can enjoy themselves in the heat. That being said, you need to keep safety in mind with any dog outside in the heat. While it might be hard to convince your Rottweilers to come inside on a hot day, there are ways to implement safety protocols so they don’t get sick. 

Rottweilers are very good at adapting to their current situation. Furthermore, they are intelligent, and won’t allow themselves to be in situations that are unsafe, including extreme weather. They should still be supervised when outside for your own peace of mind, as well as theirs. 

Can Rottweilers Live In Hot Weather?

With Rottweilers being such adoptable dogs, they can absolutely live in hot weather. They are not naturally built to tolerate heat, but that doesn’t mean they cannot handle it. All this means is that you need to make sure they stay hydrated and have ample opportunities to bask in the shade when they take a break from running around. 

One way to help your Rottie live comfortably in hot weather is to get them used to drinking enough water and providing shade sources. Their coats do change from season to season in preparation for the changing seasons, but that’s not enough to make them invulnerable. You also want to help keep your Rottweiler at a healthy weight as they don’t need the extra insulation. 

Don’t be afraid that they’ll get too hot by exercising; they will tell you when they’ve had enough, and keeping them hydrated will help tremendously. If you live in a particularly hot area that stays hot consistently, you should have some type of air conditioning in your home to assist your Rottweiler in cooling down after a walk or any other time outside. 

Do Rottweilers Enjoy Hot Weather?

Rottweilers can enjoy most types of weather, including hot weather. They tend to love being outdoors regardless of the temperature, as they have more freedom to run around, play, and explore their surroundings. They aren’t phased by the heat mentally but can be physical.

All that said, Rottweilers shouldn’t be out in hot weather for very long. You might have to take them on shorter, more frequent walks, or take them to an outdoor area with a large amount of shade. On the beach, you should bring an umbrella and plenty of cold water and treats. Rottweilers are also able to get a sunburn, so dog-safe sunscreen is a good idea. 

Rottweilers also tend to enjoy being in the water, so they’ll love running into the water at the beach or jumping in the pool alongside you on a hot day. Even though they love water, they are not naturally very adept swimmers, so they should be watched at all times when they are splashing away. 

Do Rottweilers Overheat Easily?

A Rottweiler, being so burly and full of muscle, is prone to getting hot quite fast. They are active dogs who love any opportunity to run around and play. It can also be said that they are more susceptible to overheating than other breeds of dogs. 

One reason Rottweilers get so hot is that they have black fur. Black fur will naturally attract the sun, and the heat just simply stays there rather than redistributing. Even though their fur isn’t long, it is thick, which can contribute to how hot or cold they might be. 

Additionally, even if your Rottweiler is at a healthy weight, they are naturally very large dogs. This, in and of itself, can make them prone to getting hot. This is because their size requires extra effort in order to be active. Consequently, Rotties can tire more easily, making it more difficult for them to get their body temperature back to a regular level. 

When Rottweilers were first bred, they would usually work on farms, spending the majority of their time outdoors. In their country of origin, Germany, the weather can get very cold, especially in winter. Because of this, they evolved to be able to retain heat more efficiently. 

Do Rottweilers Sweat?

Rottweilers can absolutely sweat; you just might not be able to see it. Sweat is a naturally occurring bodily function that is meant to help you cool down. Dogs sweat a little bit differently than humans do, making it hard to see unless you know where to look. 

Like most dogs, Rottweilers tend to sweat through their paws and throughout the rest of their body. Their sweat glands aren’t as effective at cooling them down as other dogs, and especially humans, but they do help. 

How To Know Your Rottweiler Is Too Hot

One of the most obvious signs that your Rottweiler is getting hot is panting and drooling. Many dogs do this for many reasons, but for your Rottweiler, it could be more exaggerated. This is because their face shape can cause some breathing difficulty, so they could have a harder time catching their breath when it’s hot outside. 

Your Rottweiler might also start to lose their energy and zestfulness when they are getting too hot. They also might seem as though they cannot get enough to drink, as they are attempting to relieve themselves of their warmth. Despite how much they drink, they might not go to the bathroom as much, as their bodies are holding onto that water. 

If you notice your Rottie is continuously and quickly panting while taking shallow breaths, and also seems extremely tired, they need to get out of the sun and cool down as soon as possible. If they start getting physically sick, it’s possible that they could have heatstroke. If you can, get them to cold water immediately or snuggle them in cold towels, and give them plenty of drinkable water. 

You will also be able to physically feel if your Rottweiler is getting warm, as they will feel hot to the touch. Your Rottie might also seem especially sluggish after a lot of time in the sun, and will probably want to take a nice nap indoors in the air conditioning to regain some of their energy. 

How To Keep Rottweilers Safe In The Heat

If you’re out in the backyard with your Rottweiler or have them at a park or the beach, be sure to scope out or create shaded areas that your Rottie can take a break in. They should not be out in the sun for too long. Your Rottweiler should also have access to water at all times. 

If you’re taking them out, be sure to bring a bowl and a water bottle that is able to keep water cold for long. You don’t want to have ice in the water, as that could be a potential choking hazard. You can also make them some frozen treats with frozen fruit, like blueberries or bananas, so they can refresh and replenish their energy.

You can also set up a kiddie pool or a sprinkler that your Rottweiler can run into when they need to cool down and refresh. They might even enjoy running through the sprinkler when chasing a ball as part of their fun in the sun. Cooling pads are also nice to have in or near their bed to help them cool down before taking a snooze. 

Can Rottweilers Live In Cold Weather?

As previously mentioned, Rottweilers were originally bred in a climate that is prone to getting cold. Their bodies are structured to be able to handle the cold. So, if you live in an area where the weather gets very hot in some seasons, and cold in others, your Rottweiler will be happy regardless. 

If you live somewhere that has cold winters and snow, your Rottweiler will most likely be overjoyed to jump around in the snow with you. Moreover, they can often get a kick out of participating in winter sports with you, such as sledding. 

Final Thoughts 

Even though Rottweilers aren’t naturally acclimatized to hot weather, they can live in hot weather very safely and happily. It’s good to know that they can get hot quite fast, which makes keeping them hydrated and healthy through activity all the more important. Rottweilers can be comfortable living just about anywhere, but they need a little bit of help to stay comfortable in especially hot climates. 

These active pups are not going to want to stay inside all day, even when it’s hot, so knowing how to cool them down and what signs to look out for that they’re too hot is a must for any responsible Rottie parent. 

So, can Rottweilers live in hot weather? Absolutely, but you should never chance it by letting them stay in the sun too long, but you shouldn’t deny them the joy of playing in the sun either. Finding a balance is key for both you and your Rottweiler’s happiness.